Thursday, February 7, 2013

Does Truth Exist?

When I started this blog over 5 years ago ( I cannot believe I have been at this for that long?), I was at a quandary on coming up with a name for this blog... It took a while before I settled on "Northerntruthseeker" due to the fact that I live in the frozen north tundra of Canada, and I wanted to seek the real truths about our sick world, our true history, and exactly WHO the true criminals are that are out for our enslavement....

But the question has come forward in all these years... "Does Truth Exist?".... To help answer that all important question, I want to turn to an amazing article that was originally written by Todd Beal, who writes the blog: Truth Behind Reality, at, and was recently posted by my friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the blog: Pragmatic Witness, at  It takes a hard look at that important question, and is a must read by everyone... Therefore, I have that article right here for my own readers to view for themselves, and of course my thoughts and comments to follow:

Does Truth Exist

If Truth exists it is wholly true and irrefutable. If it does not exist, its nonexistence is not true, therefore truth exists, and must exist to say it does not.

Todd Beal
I struggled for many years to independently find proof of truth. As stated in My Story, I have sought truth my entire life.

I will never forget the moment I first heard that some people believe that at best truth is relative, and at worst, truth is non-existent – my heart sank. I initially thought, “How could someone truly believe that?” So, for years I tried to argue that “this” or “that” is true and “this” or “that” is untrue, hoping that somehow, someone would see the reasoning in my examples and put two and two together, but eventually I accepted the inarguable, “Truth is not widely accepted.”

I instantly became angry. I suppose one could say that I faithfully followed all 7 stages of grief. I felt helpless, asking myself over and over, “How can I prove that truth is not only absolutely true but also irrefutable?” Of course, not being versed in formal philosophy, I was unaware that proving God’s existence and proving the existence of absolute truth has held a captive audience since before the time of Jesus. Even Pontius Pilot, the Roman governor who ultimately decreed Jesus’ crucifixion in approximately 33 AD, rhetorically asked Jesus in John 18:38, “What is truth.”

I immediately made it my mission to see truth wherever it manifested: logic, reason, scripture, fact, philosophical discourse, everyday statements, work methods, religious doctrine, mathematics, physical construct, astrology, personality, etc. I told myself, “If truth is absolute, I will eventually find its unbreakable signature.”

To my shock, even “Christians” deny everyday truth. For instance, I could ask, “The object that lies in front of us, is it a table or a door?” Someone will inevitably answer: “It is a table if I perceive it as a table, a door if I perceive it as a door.” So, even Christians sometimes believe truth is relative and not absolute. By convincing ourselves that truth is relative to our perceptions, we let ourselves believe we are the makers of truth, not the other way around.

I made my first breakthrough with the following definition of truth: “Truth is the source of all non-contradiction, the wellspring of life.” This showed me that truth contains no contradiction because Life contains no contradiction; the reason being, contradiction leads to death because no two things can occupy the same “space” at the same time, even ideologically. I made my second breakthrough in discovering the law of perception: “The ability to perceive is non-existent if something cannot ‘be what it is’ separate from perceiving it.” This proved to me that something ‘is what it is’ whether I perceive it as such or not, hence it removed human intervention from the equation.

To accept this fact, and this is the scary part, we must admit that truth “is what it is” and we have no say in the matter, but naturally we reject this, because to do otherwise means we lose our perceived control over truth. Ah, but just the point we need to reach in order to receive truth. Truth reigns supreme over all things, why… because Truth created everything – literally everything – and continually sustains the existence of everything. Truth is, and all it is not within (including us), isn’t, and soon will have never been. Isaiah 65:17 [ESV] says, “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.” Whether you believe in truth or not, whether you believe it is relative or absolute, ‘it is what it is’ separate from our ability to perceive it as truth, and it will do what it will do separate from our approval.

This awesome reality makes you, you, and me, me, a table, a table, and black, black. It gives us 1 + 1 = 2, the geometrical equation of pi (π) – the constant ratio of any circle’s circumference to its diameter (3.14, or 1/7) – and also the constant ratio of time and space (Einstein’s equation, E = mc2: Energy = Mass x the Speed of Light (approximately 186,282 miles per second) squared).

Quite simply, truth provides us with irrefutable constant certainty, including the ability to know the experiential difference between the façade of kind action and the truth contained within selfless love.

Contrary to popular opinion, we are not in control over truth; truth reigns supreme over us. If you were God and at some point created something, your existence would not depend on whether or not your ‘intelligent created being’ believed that you in fact created it. You created it, period; that is a fact independent unto itself.

So, ultimately, does it really matter if we believe in absolute truth? If truth exists, regardless of whether we know it exists or not, what does that mean for us in everyday life? It means everything. If I walk in front of a school bus – weighing in at an average of 14,000 lbs – my life does not depend on my belief or disbelief that the impact will kill me dead; the bus simply kills me. If truth exists, if truth created everything and is therefore absolute, then my eternal life does not depend on my belief, or disbelief, that truth possesses sole power over my immortal/mortal existence. It simply possesses that power; it is what it is, a fact independent unto itself.

My final breakthrough was the discovery that truth’s existence is arguable only in favor of itself. I found that truth is self-proving and is therefore irrefutable: “If Truth exists, it is wholly true and irrefutable. If it does not exist, its nonexistence is not true, therefore truth exists, and must exist to say it does not.”

So, in the end, truth is not an intellectual proof, albeit it exists as intellectually provable. Its existence is not dependant upon our belief, or disbelief, that it does or does not exist. Truth does not pause to ask your approval before continuing to exist. Truth is what it is, and through your own free will you have two choices from which to choose; accept it or reject it. And consequently, before leaving this world, your ultimate answer will determine whether truth makes you whole or destroys you forever.

I have at last found my proof of truth – it is within my heart, within my mind, within my soul; it is my life, my very breath of existence. Truth lives absolute and I accept it as is. Truth is forever, for even time itself exists as truth wills it.

I pledge my life to Truth! At long last, will you?

NTS Notes:  The answer to the question, "Does Truth Exist?" is a definite YES in my opinion....

We all should allow the truth to guide us, and we should accept those truths on our path of discovery and greater knowledge.  I agree with the statement that we do NOT control the truth... The truth reigns supreme over us...

And for those "Judges" who recently falsely claimed in fraudulent "kangaroo" courts of law that "The Truth is NO Defense", I say to these "Judges" in these courts of "law"  that they are promoting falsehoods and lies and have allowed themselves to be hijacked by agents of pure evil....

As a seeker of the truth, I will continue my quest for knowledge and will always do my best to tell those truths here for everyone to see for themselves.... I have no need to lie or promote falsehoods, and I will never allow this blog or myself to be hijacked by evil criminals.... I cannot and will not be bought!

More to come



Anonymous said...

there is only one "religion" that hates truth..and Jesus.

they have so many manifestations of inverted logic catalogued they call it the talmud...

a cult member must be willing to plumb the nadir of bad faith...

- literally a bottomless pit -

to be a cult leader in the stool sculpture deity cult that hates the truth as a religion...

curiously more than 90% of the cult members don't have to remain in the cult compound...

they could come out

Todd Beal said...

Northerntruthseeker, thanks for passing my post along to your readers. Thank you very much for visiting Truth Behind Reality.

Todd Beal

Penny said...


Does Truth Exist

Yes, it does

Under my heading at the blog
you can read this

"Truth exists; only lies are invented"

Because truth does exist, it just is.

While lies have to be manifested or conjured then they have to be bolstered and spread

Truth exists

Northerntruthseeker said...

Thanks, Todd... Great job at that site.. I will keep tabs on your work...

And Penny, I fully agree... There is also the old saying..."Truth never needs laws to support it, only lies do"....Which is so true today in our sick world...

Anonymous said...

John 18;38...9 11, Jesus died at 33, the 33 points of Pi to which the cypher is encoded, the truth is hiding in the middle, 3.14159265358979323846264338327950

Jason Reinhardt said...

"Even 'Christians' ignore truth" is an understatement. Way too many Christians are massively deceived and in full support of the Zionists! 1/4 Americans (not just Christians in America) consider themselves to be a Zionist Christian according to Rev Jerry Falwell. One mission in my blog is to get those who are Christians to seek the truth behind their Zionist support of Israel. Check out my blog entries at .