Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Jewish Controlled CNN Alex Jones Piers Morgan Staged Fiasco - My Views!

I have received a lot of email from friends asking me to give my take on the recent laughable fiasco show and absolute circus act on the Jewish controlled CNN "News Network" between corporate Jewish controlled shill, Piers Morgan, and equally Jewish controlled Gatekeeper, Alex Jones.  I figure I would take a shot and give my views in an article...

For those that have not seen this laughable and very staged performance by these two controlled fools,  I want to present the three parts of that circus act on CNN for everyone to see for themselves here:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III: 

NTS Notes:  OK, First, It must be aware to everyone that has any common sense that CNN itself is totally under the control of Jewish interests, and there is no way they would have a known gatekeeper such as Alex Jones on any of their shows unless it follows their agenda.

If you actually watch the body language of both Piers Morgan and Alex Jones in this farcical "Debate" you can clearly see that it was completely staged. 

For what purpose some may ask?  Well, it must be known by now that Alex Jones is not only a gatekeeper for the criminal Jewish interests, but they are carefully grooming this buffoon for their controlled Mainstream media.   This circus act on CNN is again being used to thrust Alex Jones into the limelight for their planned introduction of him on his own "talk show" on MSM which will happen very soon.

And of course, having Alex Jones rant and look like an insane person is part of their sick game to make everyone in the so called "truth movement" and those in what I call the REAL truth movement look like wild crazed insane lunatics.   To me this was carefully contrived to make us all look like nutjobs and to turn any of CNN's viewers away from the truths and the real criminals out for our enslavement, especially now in the hard push by these criminals to take away our guns..

Then there was also the carefully placed part in this debate about "Who do you believe did 9-11?".   That should have been the red flag for everyone that this was scripted.   It was also amazing to see the gatekeeper Jones give his usual answer about the "military industrial complex" and thus steering people away from the real perpetrators of that horrendous crime, the Jews themselves....

I also see how CNN brought in their ultra-Jewish shill, Alan Dershowitz, and a select few others, after the "debate" to make gatekeeper Jones look as bad as possible... Try telling me that this was not planned!

This was absolutely a staged act, and both Alex Jones and Piers Morgan played their parts very well... It is also amazing that the criminally Jewish controlled CNN network is playing this circus act constantly to make everyone in the alternative news and the real truth movement look terrible as they work rapidly to subject the American people to their planned gun control legislation.   It is my hope that everyone sees through this charade and is not fooled!

That is my take and I am sticking with it....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Perhaps true (about turning CNN viewers against the truther movement).
One might think they would have provided a venue that has more than a couple hundred thousand people (if that many) watch each day and with someone less soporific (and compromised) than Piers Morgan.

Greg Bacon said...

Better watch out, you 'globalist' you, Alex Jones is coming for you!!

Pardon me, I needed a laugh this morning and that sentence did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Good posting. Most ordinary people who saw that show all laugh at Alex Jones, while his idiot fans see this foaming rant as some kind of great victory over "treasonous red coat Piers Morgan".

David Blake Jones said...

Please stop blaming "the Jews." Blame Israel all you want, but not "the Jews." Israel does not equal "the Jews." I know many Jewish people who support 9/11 Truth, but this kind of collectivist thinking is not only unnecessary, it is also inaccurate. Jews are being used just like other religions have been. The banking interests gladly wrap themselves in Judaism to fend off critiques.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sorry, "David", but you really do need to read their Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion first and foremost, and then get back to me.... That is their blueprint for world domination and has been authenticated as real....Those protocols are written by "Jews" and not "Israel" as you may think...

And if there are good Jews out there who are disgusted by the criminality of their network, where the hell are they? They instead sit idly by and allow their own criminal element to destroy our world... That makes them accessories to the crime...

Banking interests wrap themselves in Judaism??? Gee, look up the history of Usury and exactly WHO is behind it....

I used to fall for the stupid idea that not all Jews are evil... I am no longer falling for that falsehood.

Anonymous said...

To David Blake Jones

Armenian genocide was done not byt the zionists, but JEWS known as young turks.
Soviet experiment was not lead by the zionists but JEWS.
Jesuit grand inquisitor Torquemada, who burned thousands of christians was not zionist, but JEW.
Founder of Illuminati, jesuit professor Adam Weisshaupt was not zionist, but JEW.
Those people who where kicked out over 100 countries in history for usury and speculation where not zionists, but JEWS.
Child and human sacrificing rituals and animal torture were not commited by the zionists, but JEWS.
The myth of "good jew" benefits only them, never us. No more mister nice guy, there has been trail blood and death everywhere they move.

Anonymous said...

Deep down everyone knows what is going on. The jewish elite run america,britain and israel. They are well on course to destroy the goyim as non jews are so fondly known! They are murdering millions of innocents every year and yet still we are the being persecuted every day for the holocaust. Wake up people jews are allowed to defame christianity islam and any other religion bt as soon as u ask critical questions on judaism your forever known as an anti semite! Go on prove me wrong......i am an atheist so im not biased.

Anonymous said...

Staged indeed. A big tip-off was the fact that Alex didn't know the ONE piece of information he should have known when going on a show about gun violence with a Brit- gun related homicides in Britain. Then, Piers 'corrected' Alex with an incorrect number! 35 as an AVERAGE? It's never even been that low- how could it be an average? I laughed incredulously through the whole thing!

Barney said...

Please DON'T send the revolting Piers MORON back to England after it took us so long to get rid of the obnoxious crypto-kike-scum. Put the bastard on an uninhabited island somewhere, or deport him to yidland (I refuse to call it Israel because it isn't).

Moron claims to be a Catholic, the same as Tony B-LIAR. As far as I'm concerned though, if it acts like a jew, whines like a jew, refuses to debate things honestly and smells like a jew, it IS a jew.

"By their fruits shall ye know them".

The word "Israel" refers to the Christians, the followers of Christ. It was NEVER intended to be applied to the devil-worshippers from Khazaria that PRETEND to be descended from the people of the bible.

"I know the lies of those that say they are jews and are not, but do LIE".

What do "jews" do every time they open their mouths? They LIE.

Anyone who wants to know what a jew really is needs to read the talmud, though the Protocols would be a good starting point.

The despicable Piers Moron (jew or not) argues that "guns commit murder". Perhaps he'd like to explain how an inanimate object can do that.

Guns don't commit murder. CRIMINALS do, and scum like Piers Moron are the worst criminals of all.

Here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again) guns have long been banned, but criminals still have them and use them all the time.

Who ever heard of criminals obeying "the law"? They wouldn't be criminals if they did that, and the shill Piers Moron knows that better than anyone. He's probably one of the bastards supplying the "illegal" guns.