Friday, January 4, 2013

The Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: Where The Hell Are The Sandy Hook Bodies?

I came to the conclusion very shortly after the Sandy Hook shooting was reported over the Jewish controlled MSM that it was all a massive psy-ops.   We all have watched as the Mainstream media brought out some very bad actors to play the parts of the victims' "parents", as well as officials that kept changing their stories.  It does seem now that this was a contrived episode for the sole purpose of brainwashing the already dumbed down American public into accepting horrific gun control legislation and a repeal of the 2nd amendment to the US Constitution.

I have received some very puzzling and damning comments for my assertions in previous articles about the "victims" of this massacre, as reported by officials and the mainstream media.   There have been many in what I call the real truth movement that have also said that there were NO victims at all, considering that this was a staged event from the get go.   I had also asked the big question previously about where the hell are all the wounded from this shooting?  We have a mass "shooting" that has a remarkable 26 out of 27 people dead and only ONE (?) reported wounded? That is not only fantastic, but darn near impossible!

For this article, I do want to again concentrate on the actual victims of this "massacre" and where the hell are all the bodies of the reportedly dead.... I want to bring forward an excellent article, from the Vatic Master, who writes the blog: The Vatic Project, at, that contains an article that was first written by Mark Brander, of the Before It Is News website at, entitled: "Where Are The Sandy Hook Bodies?".   I have that article right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to view and contemplate for themselves.  And of course, my own additional comments to follow:


Where are the Sandy Hook Bodies?

Vatic Note:  This fits with an observation we made on one of our blogs about this subject which was "Where is all the blood and bodies since reporters were there as fast as the police were?"   Because of that, I watched every single video of the grounds, the school and the cars, woods, etc and not one drop of blood.  Is this below how they are addressing the issue the lack of blood?

Remember, the perp was found with 2 handguns, and the assault weapon was in the trunk of a car and no where near the perp.  keep that in mind as you read this because they try to use the killings with an assault weapon as the justification for why the parents can't see the bodies. Well, its a fact that a dead man cannot get up, go drop his assault weapon off in the car and then come  back and lay down to finish dying.  Give me a break. THEY REALLY DO THINK WE ARE STUPID.  THEY SAY SO IN THE PROTOCOLS.

How strange. No autopsies?  No body identification by the parents that is needed in a murder investigation?  This is a week after the funerals and we are only just now hearing from the sold out MSM press, that the PARENTS HAVE NOT SEEN THE DEAD BODIES?  

Well, then who arranged for the funerals?  Didn't each family, do their own? What place does the gov have in telling them they can not see them?   Since the families each have different religions and ways to grieve?  And why is the press only telling us about this now?  Has "ownership" of the children now shifted from parents to the government?  How Subtle.... and clever.

SOMETHING REALLY STINKS HERE.  Why didn't the parents go to the alternative press to scream bloody murder about their  missing bodies of their children? Remember this is a  satanic community basically.  Given the reference below of a drawing of an Owl was the last thing a child did and it was given to the President, by the devastated grieving parents. 

I fully question if these are real parents at all.  What parent would give up the last thing the child made to a president who means nothing to them where the child is concerned.  Wouldn't they rather keep that last memory of her/his last act?  Or they were in on it and the drawing of the owl god was letting the President know, the deed was done.  

I am beginning to think these were potential kidnap victims for sacrifice ritualistically, to the Bohemian Grove Owl God, off campus. The Students are probably dead, but probably died later and a slit throat would have given the whole thing away to the parents.  It would certainly explain why no blood.

Where are the Sandy Hook Bodies?
By Mark Brander, Before It's News

The inconsistencies and the questions continue to mount in the Sandy Hook massacre. Why are parents being told they can not see the bodies? It is their right to see the bodies, officials have no right to tell them they cannot. Parents need to demand the bodies be exhumed, and they need to be there. 

From CNN transcripts…..


LYNN MCDONNELL, MOTHER OF GRACE MCDONNELL: I had said that to Jack that it’s OK to be angry because sure, we have anger and we are upset and we don’t know why, but I told Jack that he could never live with hate. Grace didn’t have an ounce of hate in her.

And so we have to live through Grace and realize that hate is not how our family is. And not — certainly not how Grace is. And I know all those beautiful little children, they didn’t have any hate in them either. So we’ll just take the lead from them and we will not go down that road, but we will let them guide us.


COOPER: They weren’t able to see Grace. They were warned not to see her, but they went to the funeral home and they told us that the little casket was white.

And they brought magic markers and she and her husband and son Jack used those magic markers and basically Jack said they graffitied the casket, but they basically painted all the things on the casket that Grace loved.

And they left — when they left that funeral home yesterday, they said there wasn’t any white left on the casket. Everything was colored in. That’s the way Grace would have wanted it.
  (VN:  This discussion below is not news reporting, its promotion and propoganda, just read it and see what I mean.  I honestly believe these guys have no idea anymore how to report the news or to question anything.)

BLITZER: Yes. I’ve — other tragedies I’ve covered, I’m sure you have as well, a lot of parents, they want the world to know about their child.


BLITZER: Who was needlessly killed.


BOLDUAN: How they know their child.

COOPER: Yes. And I want to emphasize, you know, we’re being very respectful. I am not knocking on anybody’s doors. They contacted us. Because they really do want people to understand what they have lost.

And what the world has lost. This bright little girl who had her entire future ahead of us and — ahead of her and last — you know, they met obviously with President Obama just yesterday.


COOPER: They gave him a drawing that Grace had done of an owl (AN OWL?) and that they gave me a copy of it as well and President Obama said he would cherish it and put it up in the White House and also put it up in my office or my home. And they’re just incredible family and their strength, I think, is something that will really inspire a lot of people
. (VN: only if you think they are stupid or inspire them in a way you would not like.)

(The owl drawing is either a kid’s ominous premonition of evil, or a deliberate satanic announcement of complicity, apparently Cooper displayed it on air) (VN: Grieving parents gave the "PRESIDENT" the last thing their child created before being shot?  Whoever produces this crap has no idea how humans react to the loss of a young child or they would not have even  written something like  that becuase it proves these parents are not parents.)

The following is from a Huffington Post article….(VN: A total disinfo rag)
Lauren Rousseau, who died last week at age 30, was born in the U.S.
Her Canadian-born father, Gilles Rousseau, told Radio-Canada that he wanted to see his daughter’s body but was informed by authorities that it would not be possible.

In a tearful interview, he said the rounds used were so powerful that they ripped through the school’s walls and left several holes in his daughter’s car outside in the parking lot.

“They told me, ‘You can’t see (the body),’” Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. “Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank.”

U.S. President Barack Obama has signalled that he intends to introduce gun-control measures. But he has not revealed details of his plans yet, and any such measures could face a number of political and legal obstacles.

In an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Mail newspaper, Lauren Rousseau’s brother called on the president to ban the sale of so-called assault rifles.

Bullets went through the walls of the school into her car? There are brick walls at the school. What are the chances that both her and her car would be hit with several bullets? Furthermore, does that sound like a statement you would tell a grieving father?  (VN: Not only that, but there is no way they went through brick walls.  No way and still had enough velocity to travel to a car and hit it with enough power to leave evidence of it.  its all BS)

It may be the bodies are being used in satanic sacrifice rituals! 
(VN:  I suspect the children were alive when they went on a probable field trip to the place of the sacrifice and were not bodies already dead, since that is not part of the satanic Ritual practice.   They either have to be alive for the sexual abuse, or they have to be murdered for the blood ritual so that they are releasing their spirit at the same time of death so it can be harvested. The blood they drink also has to be fresh and alive which it is within minutes of death.)

NTS Notes:  I again want to thank the Vatic Master for his efforts in exposing the lies of this Sandy Hook operation.

It is indeed disturbing to see the actions and reactions of all the families after this shooting.   Everything that the criminals in the US Government have done since this operation (Yes, again, I do look at this as an operation) absolutely makes no sense.....Again, where the hell are the bodies of the victims?

I also again want to turn to Jim Stone's forum at, and the assertions made there that the "surviving" children of this massacre, if there are any at all, have all disappeared, and/or are now being used for either child slavery, pornography, or the sick Jewish practice of human sacrifices and rituals.  Even though many may not agree with the points brought forward in that forum, it does make everyone stop and say... Hmmmmmm....

Lets face the facts.... The Barry Soetoro administration knows that the designed implosion of the US economy, that has long been planned by the criminal Jewish elements, is rapidly approaching.  They are desperate to get their gun controls into place so that when that designed implosion occurs, the American public will be helpless in going after the criminal Jews responsible for their demise.  It is therefore absolutely imperative that everyone that owns a firearm in the United States today do everything possible to prevent its confiscation by the criminals in their own government.  The right to bear arms is a necessity to prevent the fall of America itself!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Abducted for satanic rituals? There is the same amount of evidence for alien abduction, which is zero. There are a lot of questions about this shooting, but wild speculation just adds to that.

This is the first I have read that bullets went through the walls and into a car in the lot. Those walls are brick facade over concrete block (cinder blocks). .223 rounds typically fragment when hitting something as flimsy as plywood.

Northerntruthseeker said...

The idea of satanic ritualism is far more valid in this situation than what the poorly trained actors tried to pass off over the lying media any day!

Anonymous said...

If the children were real, they would have real parents living in Newtown. Thus far there have been no interviews with the real parents, just alleged parents who appear to be actors. Reportedly each family who lost a child was placed under guard to protect them from media inquiries. So either the real parents of supposedly real children are part of a vile conspiracy, or they are imprisoned and/or threatened by special ops controllers. They either remain silent or their kids/families will be killed if they aren't already. Our government has proven that it can perpetrate the worst crimes and get away with them, especially since the MSM is under the same control. It is no longer possible to know what is authentic news and what is Hollywood performance created.

Anonymous said...

Just do the research with an open mind. Plenty of hard evidence exists. The Jews have a long history of satanic ritual abuse, so it is entirely reasonable to assume the sandy hook children were used for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

Since it would seem Sandy Hook
is a jew infested town, I can
see how this staged event was
enacted. Several people from
Sandy Hook not connected with the
jew nest have stated they have
never heard of any of these people
involved in the event. Even the
medical examiner, Carver II, stated
on camera "it was a magnificent

Anonymous said...

Has any outside agency of sleuthers gone out to see this school? whether in fact there was a shooting?

It definately is suspicious, all crimes that have victims get to ID there bodies, why is this city being allowed to have bodies ID'd with pictures? Wheres the logic behind that?

Were there even children killed? Can anyone infiltrate the archives? Do these children even exist?

How do stop this?
Satanic rituals? Where do they take place?
Can we save the children?
How do we know for sure?

Anonymous said...

I agree, wild speculations and hyping up fear and hysteria is something what Alex Jones likes to do. Let's stick what we can prove on.