Monday, January 21, 2013

Shocking News: CANADIAN In Charge Of Deadly Hostage Taking In Algeria!

It has been a while since I have reported any news coming out of my home country, Canada... But today I came across a shocking report that puts my once proud and peaceful nation back in World news in a very disturbing manner...

I want to present a most important article, from the Toronto Star online news service, at, entitled: "Canadian In Charge Of Deadly Hostage -Taking Named By Algerian PM".    I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian in charge of deadly hostage-taking named by Algerian PM

Published on Monday January 21, 2013

ALGIERS, ALGERIA-A total of 37 foreigners and an Algerian died at a desert gas plant and five are still missing after a four-day hostage-taking coordinated by a Canadian gunman, Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal said on Monday.

Sellal also told a news conference that 29 Islamists had been killed in the siege, which Algerian forces ended by storming the plant on Saturday, and three were taken alive. Most of the gunmen were from various states of north and west Africa.

With some bodies burned beyond recognition and Algerian forces still combing the sprawling site, some details were still unclear or at odds with figures from other governments.
The siege has shaken confidence in the security of Algeria's vital energy industry and drawn attention to Islamist militancy across the Sahara, where France has sent troops to neighbouring Mali to fight rebels who have obtained weaponry from Libya.
Of the 38 dead captives, out of a total workforce of some 800 at the In Amenas gas facility, seven were still unidentified but assumed to be foreigners, Algerian premier Sellal said.
Citizens of nine countries died, he said, among them seven Japanese, six Filipinos, two Romanians, an American, a Frenchman and four Britons. Britain said three Britons were dead and three plus a London-based Colombian were missing and believed dead.
Norway said the fate of five of its citizens was unclear; in addition to seven Japanese dead, Tokyo said three were missing.
An Algerian security source had earlier told Reuters that documents found on the bodies of two militants had identified them as Canadians: “A Canadian was among the militants. He was coordinating the attack,” Sellal said, adding that the raiders had threatened to blow up the gas installation.
That Canadian's name was given only as Chedad. Algerian officials have also named other militants in recent days as having leadership roles among the attackers. Veteran Islamist Mokhtar Belmokhtar claimed responsibility on behalf of Al Qaeda.

The jihadists had planned the attack two months ago in neighbouring Mali, Sellal added. During the siege, from which he said they had hoped to take foreign hostages to Mali, the kidnappers had demanded France end its military operation.

Sellal said that initially the raiders in Algeria had tried to hijack a bus carrying foreign workers to a nearby airport and take them hostage. “They started firing at the bus and received a severe response from the soldiers guarding the bus,” he said. “They failed to achieve their objective, which was to kidnap foreign workers from the bus.”
He said special forces and army units were deployed against the militants, who had planted explosives in the gas plant with a view to blowing up the facility. Normally producing 10 per cent of Algeria's natural gas, it was shut down during the incident.
The government now aims to reopen it this week.
One group of militants had tried to escape in some vehicles, each of which also was carrying three or four foreign workers, some of whom had explosives attached to their bodies.
After what he called a “fierce response from the armed forces,” the raiders' vehicles crashed or exploded and one of their leaders was among those killed.
Sellal said the jihadists who staged the attack last Wednesday had crossed into the country from neighbouring Libya, after arriving there from Islamist-held northern Mali via Niger.
An Algerian newspaper said they had arrived in cars painted in the colours of state energy company Sonatrach but registered in Libya, a country awash with arms since Western powers backed a revolt to bring down Moammar Gadhafi in 2011.
The raid has exposed the vulnerability of multinational-run oil and gas installations in an important producing region and pushed the growing threat from Islamist militant groups in the Sahara to a prominent position in the West's security agenda.
Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has ordered an investigation into how security forces failed to prevent the attack, the daily El Khabar said.
Algerian Tahar Ben Cheneb—leader of a group called the Movement of Islamic Youth in the South who was killed on the first day of the assault—had been based in Libya where he married a local woman two months ago, it said.
Belmokhtar—a one-eyed jihadist who fought in Afghanistan and Algeria's civil war of the 1990s when the secular government fought Islamists—tied the desert attack to France's intervention across the Sahara against Islamist rebels in Mali.
“We in Al Qaeda announce this blessed operation,” he said in a video, according to Sahara Media, a regional website. About 40 attackers participated in the raid, he said, roughly matching the government's figures for fighters killed and captured.
Belmokhtar demanded an end to French air strikes against Islamist fighters in neighbouring Mali. These began five days before the fighters swooped before dawn and seized a plant that produces 10 per cent of Algeria's natural gas exports.
U.S. and European officials doubt such a complex raid could have been organized quickly enough to have been conceived as a direct response to the French military intervention. However, the French action could have triggered an operation that had already been planned.
The group behind the raid, the Mulathameen Brigade, threatened to carry out more such attacks if Western powers did not end what it called an assault on Muslims in Mali, according to the SITE service, which monitors militant statements.
In a statement published by the Mauritania-based Nouakchott News Agency, the hostage takers said they had offered talks about freeing the captives, but the Algerian authorities had been determined to use military force. Sellal blamed the raiders for the collapse of negotiations.
The siege turned bloody on Thursday when the Algerian army opened fire, saying fighters were trying to escape with their prisoners. Survivors said Algerian forces blasted several trucks in a convoy carrying both hostages and their captors.
Nearly 700 Algerian workers and more than 100 foreigners escaped, mainly on Thursday when the fighters were driven from the residential barracks. Some captors remained holed up in the industrial complex until Saturday when they were overrun.
The bloodshed has strained Algeria's relations with its Western allies, some of which have complained about being left in the dark while the decision to storm the compound was being taken.
Nevertheless, Britain and France both defended the military action by Algeria, the strongest military power in the Sahara and an ally the West needs in combating the militants.

NTS Notes:  This is indeed alarming... All of the attacks on those Algerian Oil installations have all been claimed to be conducted by "Al Qaeda", and now we find news that the main criminal involved in this deadly assault was a CANADIAN !!!

I have also seen a subsequent report from the Daily Mail online (link here) that shows that there were TWO Canadians supposedly involved in this deadly assault, due to two Canadian passports recovered in the aftermath....

Now everyone should be asking the hard question... What the HELL are "Canadians" doing leading a supposed "Al Qaeda" assault on an oil installation in Algeria?   I have my own thoughts....

We all know by now that "Al Qaeda" is a totally fraudulent organization.  It is actually run by both the American CIA and the Israeli Mossad.  I do suspect that just as happened in Dubai several years back, we may have Mossad/CIA phony "Al Qaeda" operatives using faked Canadian passports carrying out this assault in Algeria.   Why is it that Canada seems to be the country of choice for the usage of faked passports by supposed "terrorists"?

I truly want some answers... I have noticed that the Canadian government is not saying much in this matter.  I  really do not want to suspect that they may have been directly involved in this criminality,  but finding Canadian passports on these "terrorists" in Algeria does indeed leave that as a strong possibility.  It is therefore essential that everyone in Canada should be going after the criminal Harper government in Ottawa for definite answers!

With my previous article showing Canadian involvement in Mali, and now this incident in neighbouring Algeria, it does appear that Canada is indeed no longer the peaceful country that it used to pride itself as being.  Has Canada become another nation wrecker just as the United States has turned into?

More to come



Anonymous said...

NTS, as usual, your keen observations and deductions would make Holmes and Watson proud. Canada, now firmly occupied by the Zionist plague, actively cooperates with its Satanic masters in Tel Aviv. The relinquishing of national sovereignty to 'israel' (spit!) is treasonous just on the face of it. The Mossad's use of Canadian and other Commonwealth passports to access hot-spots like this, and to commit crimes like in Dubai and elsewhere is a given. During the Christchurch NZ quake they even found their agents scouring the rubble to steal foreign and NZ passports for their nefarious crimes. One has to ask what benefit is promised to Harper (spit!), Kenney (spit!) and gay-goy Baird (spit!) for their selling Canada's dignity to such a hateful entity? It's time to take Canada back, and make it the 'True North Strong and Free' again, not some settler outpost of the Khazari empire, run along the tenets of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (spit!) instead of the Canadian Constitution! Vive Canada Libre! Vive NTS Toujours!

Anonymous said...

'blue eyed, blond haired converts' are allegedly involved in this scam. in other words, white european agents are pretending to be converts in order to further demonise muslim nations.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to make the same observation, what do the US and Canada have in common? Both are foreign occupied countries with leaders who have sold out to those foreign occupiers for whatever reason. That is why we all look more like Palestine than like the US and Canada as we have known them.

Israel can't do squat with the country given to them by the British, not in 60 some years, so they come over here and ruin our countries. My goodness, someone should take soveriegnty away from them. If they can't get along with their neighbors, mind their own business and keep their noise out of everyones business, then they should have their charter taken away until they can grow up.

Anonymous said...

And let us not forget that one of the hostage taker demanded the release of Dr. Aafia Siddique, a Pakistan-born US citizen, serving 86 year sentence in US jail for criticizing US invasion of Afghanistan. Her sentence was pronounced in 2011 by a Zionist Jew Judge Richard Berman.

Canada under Stephen Harper is no doubt the most obeident servent of Israel in the world. Canadian media (CTV News) reported on December 10 that Stephen Harper government has developed a contingency plan to help NATO invasion of Syria. However, it’s unlikely Harper will send CF-18 fighter jets over Syria as he did in Libya to enforce a no-fly zone or put combat forces on the ground. Canada’s cooperation will be limited to combating the possible usage of chemical by Syrian forces against the rebels (who cares?).

It’s interesting to note that while Washington, London and Paris have recognized the rebel umbrella group, the so-called “Syrian” Opposition Council (SOC) as the ”legal voice of Syrian people” - Harper government has not blessed the SOC as yet. Why? Canadian Jewish journalist and blogger, Eric Walberg, provides an answer to the question.

“The Canadian government has no foreign policy anymore, doing exactly as it is told by its Israeli advisers, so the reason for Harper’s coyness must be found there. Israel itself is in a quandary about Syria,” says Walberg.