Sunday, January 20, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Yes, it is that time again...That time when once a week I take a look at what is really happening in the world, and tear it to shreds...

I truly cannot understand that in spite of all the evidence we see, the videos, and the fabulous articles written by those who I call the REAL truth movement, there are still many who cannot see the Sandy Hook "shooting" for what it really is... A criminal operation to brainwash the already dumbed down Americans to obediently give up their guns as their only defense against a very criminal government.   I really have been on the defensive with all the negative comments sent my way in articles that I have posted on this fiasco.   It gets to the point now that I truly have given up on those who cannot see the obvious.... They are just too far gone to convince otherwise...

But just late last week, I was in a coffee shop having my usual shot of caffeine, when I overheard something that caught my ears from the table right next to me.   There were several University students that were discussing a wide variety of subjects.  There was the usual talk about parties, boys, girls, etc, when suddenly one of them piped up and said "So what do you guys think about the shooting at Sandy Hook?".    My ears perked up, and what I heard next really gave me a warm feeling... One young lady said: "I have read some articles that show that it was a government psy-op.  You guys should really take a look at the stuff that is coming out now."   Then one young man replied: "Yes, I have seen those, and have you guys seen the videos?   The media is definitely lying about it!"   Then they proceeded to talk about some of the sites online that have been carrying the truthful information, and one of sites they rambled off was MINE!!!!!!   I just sat there, a bit red faced, and didn't say a word....

This conversation that I overheard gives me true hope that there is a chance we are making a difference.  I started this blog years ago, not as a popularity contest, or for personal gain, but to try to actually get people to listen and realize we are living in a truly sick world that has some criminal elements out not for the benefit of mankind, but for its ultimate enslavement.   I really thought over the last year that I was not reaching anyone, and even considered quitting this blog thinking that it was all folly.  But to overhear someone actually mention my site made me realize that I may actually be making a difference!  For that, I am truly grateful, and it gives me the onus to continue....

On to other matters.... I see that while much attention is still focused on the gun situation in America, the criminals went and invaded yet another innocent nation, Mali.    When I first heard about the French going into Mali, I had to think like everyone else... WHY Mali?   But as I stated in my last article, it does make sense if you consider that Mali has huge deposits of Gold laden ore.   Lets face it, readers... They do not invade nations for the sake of the people of those nations, but for some obvious evil plan.  And there is nothing more evil than invading Mali just to grab that nation's Gold!

The US has been in trouble for a very long time in constantly lying about Gold reserves that absolutely do not exist.   They have lied to everyone that there is Gold "bullion" in both New York, and of course Fort Knox, Kentucky.   The fact is again, readers, that all of the physical Gold bullion has been removed from the American vaults decades ago.  All of that physical Gold is now sitting in the private Rothschild vaults, mostly in Europe, for the criminal Jewish plan of eventually creating a world wide Gold based currency.  When these ultra-criminals implode economies and try to introduce their criminal Gold currency, they know they will have reached the pinnacle of their world power and control, because they alone will have all the Gold!

And of course, we have the reports these last few weeks that Germany has demanded all of its Gold reserves to be returned to Germany itself.   But the US and even France cannot admit that they do not have any physical Gold, other than some Tungsten cored frauds, so they are desperate to delay the German demands while they searched desperately for a way out of their mess....

This is where Mali came along....

The French and Americans are now lying to the entire world about their operations in Mali, stating that they are there to stop "Al Qaeda" from operating in that impoverished nation.  But we know that there is NO Al Qaeda, because Al Qaeda is phoney "terrorist group" that was invented by both the Mossad and the CIA decades ago, just for the convenient excuse for the fraudulent "war on terror".   So... The French are marching into Mali right now, just to seize the nation, and turn Mali's Gold production over to them and the Americans.  

And of course, we have the requested delay for shipment of physical Gold to Germany for the next 7 years.... That 7 years is exactly the amount of time to extract physical Gold out of Mali to meet the German demands... Is there any doubt now that is why Mali had to be the next nation to be destroyed by these criminals?

And... We see these same criminals trying to create a new war front, this time in Algeria.   What is not known by many is that after NATO destroyed Libya, they sought to make Algeria their next nation targeted for destruction.  It is only now that we are seeing the Jewish media spew lies about Algeria being the next "threat"... This is all by criminal design....

I also see that the criminal Israelis are again ramping up the lies about Iran..... Again they are harping through their controlled media that Iran is "close to building a nuclear bomb".   But they have been spewing that lie for the last 20+ years, and I had hoped by now people would see through that deception.   Apparently not, because the US puppet media is again telling the already dumbed down American public that something must be done about Iran.    I can guarantee that something is coming that will see this war on Iran heat up very soon.... Possibly even a new false flag attack to conveniently blame on the Iranians!

One thing that I have found simply amazing is how the criminal Jewish bankers have been able to delay the impending collapse of the world's economies to this point of time.   It does appear now however that they can no longer delay the obvious.... The economic collapse and a super Depression is definitely coming!    It is also amazing that few are willing to stop this disaster from happening by simply telling these criminals to take their ill-gotten Usury debt and shove it up their asses!   Sadly, it does appear that the brainwashing is still too strong, and few will do anything until it is way too late!

OK... What the hell is going on between China and Japan?  These countries are willing to go to war over a few spits of land situated in the Pacific Ocean between them.   Yes, these small islands may be sitting on a wealth of natural resources including Oil, but is it worth it to go to war?   I truly hope that cooler heads will prevail and their governments will actually sit down and negotiate some type of compromise.    War is not needed, and is the last thing that anybody wants!

And speaking of Japan... I am still amazed at to the few reports these days coming out about the disaster at Fukushima.   Yes, that disaster is still ongoing, with the failed reactor cores still spewing out their deadly radiation.   But it seems that few people care any more, which I find not only disturbing but down right criminal!    I am doing my best by putting up articles about Fukushima from time to time, and my request is still open to anyone that has been able to obtain any new readings on radiation levels in fallout here in North America... I suspect those readings are still well above normal.....

One other note... I heard a disturbing report earlier this week that John Kaminski, who I admire for his fine work in this, the real truth movement, was in the hospital.   There was chatter over the blogosphere that John had been poisoned, which is the usual Jewish method of disposing of their enemies.   But John finally put up an article and emailed everyone that he is recovering and that he believes that he was not poisoned.... That is good news.... We have lost a great many in this fight over the last few years, and I hope that John sticks around for a while yet.....

Well, I guess that is it for now... But of course I cannot conclude this rant without my last few tidbits... The criminal selection in Israel is this week.  Wonderful to see that the Israelis are choosing between mass murderers for Prime Minister.  And sad for the Palestinians that have to endure more years of murder and torture from these maniacs.....It does appear that an invasion of Syria is off the table.  But don't get your hopes up yet, because the criminals never concede defeat and I can guarantee they have something diabolical up their sleeves....On a side note, NHL hockey is back.  I am shocked though that the fans are so willing to forgive and forget what they had to endure from these overgrown children fighting over money....... It has been absolutely freezing up here, and there is tons of snow on the ground around here.   I guess that is the imaginary snow that Al Gore keeps saying is now a thing of the past.  I really would love to have that numb skull come up here so that I can bury him in a snow drift...... And in closing, nothing new on the Kardashian front, which is great news.  If anyone has anything for me, send me a comment.  Not that I care!.....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Don't you ever give up,,you're a vital positive force in this world,,mr kaminski is too

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanred to comment about the gold being gone from America. My brother-in-law was in the Army back in the 70's and stationed at Fort Knox,Kentucky. He told me back then that he believed the "vaults" were empty and that they carried weapons with no ammunition when on "patrol". Kinda makes me think ya know.Anyway,you have a great site here- very informative. I appreciate your work and thank you for it.

Anonymous said...


I just wanted to thank you for being a true truth-teller on the Sandy Hook issue. It's been a bit frustrating to see some in the so-called movement trying to tell the rest of us to be quiet and go along w/the offical narrative for fear of the jewish media making fun of us--give me a break!! And I have to say, they have done such a sloppy job on this one that the people who are questioning the official story extend beyond the traditional "anti-zio" and 911 truth-movement, just as you observed with that conversation in the coffee shop. Anyway, I hope that you and other truth-tellers like John Friend, Charlie Guiliani and your friend Greg Kalina continue to speak out on this. As far as I'm concerned, this is a litmus test for who the real truth-tellers are!

PS- It would be great if you and Greg could call into Charlie's show again to talk more about Sandy Hook

Thanks again for all you are doing!

Anonymous said...

I am "blown away" at the total neglect to cover Fukushima. That neglect qualifies as criminal, as you suggested, NTS. Your thoughts as to why this issue has been downright buried would be welcome.

And I'm impressed at the control you displayed at that cafe where your site was mentioned. Myself, I'd have approached their table and done some serious orating.


Anonymous said...

Eustache Mullins' "The Secrets of The Federal Reserve" is an excellent source to learn more about the Federal Reserve,how it came about,and how it operates.
Mullins wrote alot of excellent books about historical matters that greatly shaped our present day situation.
His books were very difficult to find before the internet. His works contain too much truth for Madison Ave.
"The Secrets of The Federal Reserve", and Mullin's other works, can be found online now, all in pdf.
Perhaps most of the readers of "Northerntruthseeker" know of Mullins. I mention him for those who may not have heard of him. Mullins is an excellent source.
Some say the gold was stolen out of Fort Knox during the depression of the 1930's, when FDR declared a bank "holiday" in 1933. [Some holiday ]. That has the ring of truth to my ears, [though I'm not an expert].
A study of FDR's presidency during the 1930's will uncover alot of information about how greatly usurped the US truly is. The great usurpation came about under Woodrow Wilson,with the passage of The Federal Reserve Act in 1913. FDR's presidency was a continuation of what happened in 1913.
Google: "FDR +" for more info.
"" contains alot of truthful historical information about a wide range of subjects.It's a good source for unabridged historical information. Joe

Anonymous said...

Stop all this talk about conspiracies, the economy, guns and politics at once! There are much more important things going on! Didn't you hear the breaking news? "THE KARDASHIANS TARGET OF FAKE 911 CALL OVER THE WEEKEND" The horror! The shock! What has the world come to? If we're lucky, they'll all be taken to where the rooms are padded, for a long time, to get over their shock. And we can try to right the real wrongs our Zionist Masters have created for us.

Anonymous said...

"I really thought over the last year that I was not reaching anyone, and even considered quitting this blog thinking that it was all folly."

Well I'm very glad you didn't.

If no-one who is "awake" was out there telling the truth and informing others, then where would we be? All of us who are "awake" have the DUTY to spread the word, inform others, and shout the truth from the rooftops.

COLLECTIVELY, we are growing this truth movement, and we ARE having a HUGE positive effect. MILLIONS of people ARE waking up due to our collective efforts. It's just not always so easy to tell, mainly because the "mainstream" media keeps this mass awakening "on the hush."

The "powers-that-be" are trying to condition us to believe that the "anti-NWO" and "Truther" community is some "extremely small lunatic fringe". IN REALITY, we are EXPLODING in numbers, and may actually now be in the MAJORITY.

The public reaction and skepticism regarding this Sandy Hook psyop is prime evidence of this. For example, I know that at least two of my co-workers (in an office of just 5 other people) have heard of info questioning the official story. And I haven't talked to the other 3. This is because the videos/articles questioning it have gone "viral." We are reaching a stage now where the "anti-NWO" view has enough "grass-roots" support that enables it to quickly go viral and gain traction.

I think the Sandy Hook psyop is backfiring BIG TIME, and real polls are showing Americans' support for gun rights is gaining momentum, and is sky high. For example, I saw a recent USA TODAY online poll with over 100,000 votes that showed 99% of respondents supported the fact that the 2nd Amendment guarantees and individual right to keep and bear arms.

The so-called "scientific polls" peddled by the "mainstream" media are bogus (for example, claiming that "54% support gun control", or that "Obama has a 55% approval rating"). These "polls", as well as the so-called "election results", are PURE FICTION. They are doctored and outright fabricated.

Also, Northern, don't worry about the negative comments you recieve. Most of those are probably from paid shills (literally). The government, Mossad, and others actually have armies of people they pay to troll message boards, blogs, etc to post pro-Establishment info.

Thanks again for all the work you put in on the blog. Your blog is read and appreciated much more than you may think.