Sunday, January 13, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 13th, 2013

I have been busy the last few days taking care of some family and personal business... Only now have I actually had the time to sit down, surf the Internet, and write my weekly rant....

I have done a large number of articles about the Sandy Hook "shooting", and everything that I have seen now points in the direction that it was an entire Psy-Ops and an operation of pure deception.  I must point out the amazing videos about this fiasco that show clear evidence that we are dealing with actors, although very poor ones at best, that were hired to promote the lies and deception that some 26 people "died" during this operation.... One video in particular that shows the supposed dead Emilie Parker suddenly magically alive three days after the shooting and in the arms of the criminal US President for a photo-op.... That alone should have had many people's heads scratching and realize that they have been played as suckers...

But in spite of all the evidence that shows it was a criminal operation to scare the US public into surrendering their guns and repealing the 2nd Amendment of their Constitution, there are many in what I call the real truth movement that are still believing that an actual shooting took place, and the "lone gunman", Adam Lanza, committed the crime under the influence of SSRI drugs.  I still hope that many of them eventually come around to the facts that it was an operation of pure deception...

I have been attacking the fraudulent "Zero Dark Thirty" Hollywood fantasy movie in several articles, and I will continue to ask people to NOT see this hunk of pure garbage and deception.   We all know by now that Osama Bin Laden died in December, 2001, and NOT as the criminals in the US Government and the Jewish media promote falsely as May, 2011.    I have said it before and I will say it again... These criminals are now out to create a totally false history, and sadly too many people have fallen prey to that deception.   It is also remarkable that this hunk of pure garbage and lies is up for several "Academy Awards" including the "Best Picture" of the year.   How dumbed down have the American people become?

One subject that I have not covered for a while is of course the fraud of man made "Global Warming", and I am still disturbed that so many people actually believe the false information brought out by the shysters behind the scam.    We only need to use common sense and take a hard look around us.... The world is NOT warming at all, and in fact is entering a period of Global Cooling.  

Even the criminals behind NASA have had to admit that all signs now point to a period of intense cooling on this planet, a repeat of the Maunder Minimum that affected this planet during the 17th century.   The Maunder minimum was triggered by the disappearance of sunspot activity on our Sun and right now we are seeing the same lack of sunspot activity on the Sun..... The result of the Maunder Minimum then was a long period of intense cooling on this planet as less solar radiation hit our world, and we are definitely seeing a repeat of that event happening today with levels of solar radiation hitting this planet diminished.   But fear not... For this is only a natural Solar cycle, and the world will definitely recover in about 20 years or so.....In the meantime, nations on this planet should be preparing for long periods of Global Cooling instead of Global Warming.   It is sad that the shysters behind the Global Warming fraud have already done their damage in convincing some nations, such as the UK and Australia, to accept fraudulent Carbon Taxation and to prepare their infrastructure for a period of Global warming.... These nations will be ill prepared for the onslaught of Global Cooling, and the result on their citizens could be catastrophic.

I must say that I have not seen any "Global Warming" here where I live on the prairies.  In fact, we have just experienced a blizzard here with high snow fall, followed now by a long period of intense cold.    I would really love to have the main shyster behind the Global Warming fraud, Al Gore himself, come here and see for himself that his prediction that snowfall and cold temperatures would be a "thing of the past" is indeed a laughable statement.  

I see that the criminal state of Israel and their puppets in the United States are again ramping up their false rhetoric that the innocent nation of Iran is on the "verge" of attaining and building nuclear weapons.   We have seen this same statement made about Iran for the last 20 years now, and the result is always the same....Experts on Iran's nuclear capabilities, and even Inspectors that have visited Iran's nuclear power facilities have shown again and again that Iran is definitely NOT building any nuclear weapons, period.

I am still troubled by the rush to war against Iran, but it does make sense if you look at the economic demise of the United States.... The criminals in charge of the US Government are absolutely terrified as more and more nations now move away from the US Dollar as their method of trade for petroleum, the so called "Petro-Dollar".   Iran is now trading most of its petroleum, in spite of the phony US trade embargoes on Iran, with nations such as China and Russia in currency other than the US Dollar.  As more nations now are aware that they no longer have to be slave to the US and their dollar when they trade in Petroleum, it is creating a nightmare scenario for the US Government. The criminals in the US Government are absolutely frightened about the possible scenario that US currency held as reserves by many nations will no longer be used for trade and be sent flooding back to the US itself.  Such a flood of US currency back to America would be a disaster for the US itself and quite possibly trigger the long predicted economic collapse of the US that has been feared for years....It is then no wonder that the US wants this war on Iran, just as much as the criminal Israelis do, for the sole purpose of keeping their fraudulent dollar's grip on the world, as the world's primary reserve currency, alive a while longer.

In spite of all the delays, it does now appear that the impending collapse of the US economy and the long feared Greater Depression will indeed happen very soon.    I have long said that the US went over the "fiscal cliff" several years back, and now the criminals responsible for its demise are actually picking at the corpse.     Sadly, most Americans are still unaware of their impending demise and will be ill prepared for its consequences.   But we all know who is responsible for this mess, and it is no wonder that these criminal Jews are desperately trying to get gun control in place in America.   If and when the economy of the United States collapses, many people will finally awaken to the criminals responsible for their doom and rightfully go after them with their guns loaded.  Taking away their weapons will make that impossible....

I see that the impending assault on Syria by the criminals behind NATO is beginning to fall apart.   More and more people are finally awakening to the truths about Syria, and especially about the murderous mercenaries known as the "Syrian Rebels" and their criminal assaults and murders on the Syrian people.   The US itself seems to now realize that their attempts to remove President Assad from office in Syria will not happen, unless done through outright murder, and are now willing to"negotiate" with Syria itself.  This does appear to be a victory against criminal aggression, but appearances can be deceiving... I still suspect that these criminals will not give up on their want to destroy Syria much the same way that they destroyed Libya.   Therefore the people of Syria must stay vigilant.

In other news, I have been in long conversations with my friend, Gregg Kalina, about the fraud known as Project Apollo.   I had hoped that we all would have realized by now that the American government and the criminals behind NASA faked the moon landings, but there are still those out there that are continuing to be played as suckers.   The facts are simple.. They could not land men on the moon back in the 1960's and in fact still cannot do it today.   Gregg himself has been under constant fire and criticisms for his stance on the fraud of Apollo, and his videos under his "pt1gard" name on Youtube.   He will also be a guest on Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz radio show this coming Wednesday, January 16th, at 7am CST (, to discuss not only the lies of Apollo, but the Sandy Hook fraudulent shooting. I do recommend that everyone have a listen to the show live, or take a listen over the archives.   I will also be calling in to the show!

One other note about the con artists behind NASA... I am still waiting for their long prepared findings from their equally fraudulent Curiosity Rover on "Mars".... I have long predicted that they will announce their discovery of evidence of "life" on "Mars", but I am troubled by their long delay... Are they having problems with their fraudulent presentation?    One thing that I truly want everyone to know is that I am not against the idea of discovering life on Mars, but I want that discovery to be done by a REAL mission to Mars, and not this fraudulent piece of crap called Curiosity.

Well, I guess that is it for now, but as usual, I will close this with my usual last minute tidbits..... Israel is still a criminal state armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons....... The citizens of Israel are about to select their Prime Minister on January 22nd, 2013, and it does not matter which criminal psychopathic murderer is selected, it does not look good for the poor people of Palestine!.....The European Economic Union is falling to pieces and rightfully so.  The Rothschild attempt at a one government for Europe is a dismal failure, as more nations are realizing that they are better off being separate and independent....The disaster at Fukushima Japan is still ongoing, and it does appear that fewer and fewer people give a damn these days.  That to me is absolutely shocking!.....I see people are still lining up for Flu Shots.  As I said, it is indeed an uphill battle in trying to convinced a brainwashed and lobotomized public that taking poisonous vaccines into their bodies is horribly wrong.  But I will continue to try.....And finally, I have seen more and more reports coming out linking the intake of Fructose in our diets to not only an increase in obesity, but also to decreasing intelligence.   I guess that finally explains the American love affair with criminal skanks and idiots such as the Kardashians......

More to come


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