Sunday, January 6, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, January 6th, 2013

It is 2013, and it is time for my first rant of the New Year!

First, I want to say to all those naysayers and idiots that are attempting to flood my comment section with their tirades against me for calling the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting a massive criminal operation, that they are barking up the wrong tree.  I and others have seen through this scam before and we are no longer fooled... Sandy Hook was a criminal operation for the sole purpose of convincing the already dumbed down American public to surrender their guns, period.   It was botched from the word go with all of the poor actors blowing their scripts and absolutely making fools of themselves.  However, again the American people are so heavily brainwashed by the chemicals in their diets and the lies that are constantly filling their heads courtesy of the criminal Jewish controlled media that they are too lobotomized and stupid to even notice!

I really wanted to stop putting up posts about the criminal operation at Sandy Hook, but it seems that as more and more information does come forward about this criminal operation, I am obliged to continue to post up articles that expose the lies.... So again, stay tuned.. This sad episode is not over by a long shot, and we do wonder what the criminals will do next!

While this "shooting" in Connecticut has been still taking over the Jewish controlled media headlines, there has been much news elsewhere.... I see that the ultra criminal, Hillary (Killery) Rodham Clinton has been released from hospital after recovering from her supposed "blood clot" and she is again due to appear at hearings concerning her involvement in the botched Benghazi ambassador shooting of last year.  Good luck to that... The criminals do not want this moronic psychopath to appear at any hearings at all, and I guarantee she will again fall "ill" and will be unable to go.   I do believe the criminal Jews that control America will continue to put off these hearings as long as possible while they plan their next big thing for the destruction of America.

I have noticed that the people behind the push for gun control in America as a result of the incidents at Sandy Hook and Aurora, are almost entirely Jews.... That figures, because once the United States goes to hell with the Jewish criminal bankers long planned economic implosion that will wreck the nation is set off (possibly this year), then the people affected will be wanting to go after the criminals responsible for their demise...The Jewish bankers themselves.  Taking away the public's guns will not make that possible, and therefore logically these Jewish criminals want their long planned gun control quickly in place!

One other note about Hillary (Killery) Rodham Clinton... I am astounded that the criminals are pushing for this psycho to be the next US President in 2016!   How short the American attention span is that I can guarantee that in the next few years, her involvement in the slaughter of innocents and her gloating about the murder of Muhammar Gadaffi will be forgotten by the public, and they will actually consider this mental case as the next President! 

I see that the renewed push for war on Iran is on again.... The US is continuing with its "sanctions" against that innocent country, and they are trying desperately to get other nations to fall in line with boycotts of Iran.  However, the Chinese are not fooled by the Americans at all, and are doing some great business dealings with that state.   And of course we have Russia with its defense pact with Iran and Syria.  If the Israelis or their stupid slaves in America attack Iran on the false pretext of non-existent nuclear weapons, then as I have stated previously, we could see this escalate quickly into World War III. 

And of course we have Syria, another innocent nation on the radar of the criminal Israelis and their puppets in the United States and NATO.   New articles have come out the last few weeks that show that NATO has been moving Patriot missile batteries into Turkey.   Once those batteries are in place, we can assume that NATO will call for a "no fly zone" over Syria, along the same lines that they did in Libya.   That "No fly zone" is just the pretext for an invasion of Syria itself.  But again, here we have Syria with its defense pact with Russia... Another escalation into World War III???

I have been watching some sports on the Talmudvision recently, and I saw that the criminals behind Hollywood are pushing their deplorable new movie "Zero Dark Thirty" which is due to be released in Canadian theatres on July 11th.   Every time I have seen their disgusting previews for this horrendous and bullshit movie, I have wanted to scream..... Osama Bin Laden died on or about December 13th, 2001, and was buried in the mountainous region of Tora Bora which straddles the Pakistani/Afghanistan border.   For the criminals to again try to push the totally false and farcical attack of May 1st, 2011 on the "compound" in Pakistan as their assault on the long dead Osama Bin Laden shows again how stupid and dumbed down the public has become....

One other note about Osama Bin Laden that I do have to reiterate from time to time... This man had absolutely NOTHING to do with the attacks of September 11th, 2001.   He was an American trained CIA agent named "Tim Osman" who was contacted shortly before the 9-11 attacks while in a hospital in Dubai by American CIA officials to leave the hospital and proceed to Afghanistan as they planned.    Once the ISRAELI attacks of 9-11 took place, he was made the fall guy almost instantly for the Jewish assault on America, and the "hunt for Bin Laden" and the equally false "war on terror" was turned on.... How gullible can the American people be to continue to believe for over 9 years that this man was still alive and a "threat" to America!

I finished putting up one video the other day about the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its affect on the children of Fukushima itself, and honestly, I almost cried.... I am deeply troubled still that the world's attention has been so focused on wars for Israel, while an apocalyptic disaster could still take place with those failed reactors, and their spent fuel pools that are still in danger of collapse.    It is logical that the radiation that is so prevalent in Japan now is finally killing its victims.  Children and the sick and weak will be the first to die from radiation poisoning, which we are now seeing happen.   So where the hell is the outcry???

I also see that the criminal state of Israel is about to select between two and three mass murdering psychopathic candidates shortly for the office of Prime Minister.   What is troubling is that some of the candidates are now calling for the full annexation of all of the Palestinian lands, which is in direct violation of every UN resolution imposed on Israel itself.    But lets face facts here... These monsters do not care about world outcry about their actions.   They have their puppet slaves in America to watch their backs while they continue to steal land from, and continue to murder the Palestinians.   I have said many times that there is still no hope for the Palestinian people themselves other than to fight for their rights and freedoms, or die....It is definitely far better to fight for even a slimmer of hope of freedom, rather than to live as slaves....

The world economic collapse that I and others have warned about is now on..... The crap about the "fiscal cliff" in America has been complete and utter bullshit.... America went over the fiscal cliff years ago, and since that time the criminals have been picking what is left of the carcass clean.    I also see that there has been talk about paying off the criminal banksters with "Trillion dollar coins"....I still say the better option is to tell these criminals to take their debt and shove it up their asses!    And while they are at it... End the damn Federal Reserve once and for all and restore the printing of money and coinage to the US government itself.  But since the criminals control the US government, it does appear that again I am only blowing smoke....

One thing that I have finally noticed happening is that it does appear that more and more people are finally awakening to the dangers we are all facing, and are also realizing that the criminal Jews are responsible for our impending demise through their notorious and evil criminal Usury banking systems.  The question is then... Are we too late to stop them now as they plan to set off a new false flag attack somewhere (possibly in the United States itself) and get their wars and planned total worldwide economic destruction going?   Lets be vigilant, because that could happen very soon....

Well, I do guess that is enough for now.... But again, I will close with my usual last minute tidbits... The Global Warming scam artists are definitely pushing for their Carbon Taxation legislation in America as planned.  Be warned, America, because this will cost your dearly...... I am still waiting on NASA for its long planned "announcement" of what they have found on "Mars" with their phony Curiosity mission.   I still say they are waiting for just the right moment to tell the world they have found evidence of "life" on Mars.   That moment could happen just as the world wide economies begin to fully collapse and will be used as their usual distraction.....I see that the NHL Hockey impasse and lockout is officially over, and the millionaire Ice Hockey players will begin play very shortly.  It does seem that gullible fans that are forking over hundreds of dollars to watch this sport have already forgiven them for their greed!.....I have been in some conversations with John Friend and others about doing podcasts/shows very soon.  I am trying to fit them into my very tight schedule with both work and home activities.  I will let everyone know if and when they occur...... And finally, I received an email that America's sweetheart, Kim Kardashian is pregnant again.  Isn't that just great. More crap to distract American minds from more important issues!   And people wonder why I keep saying Americans are so dumbed down while their nation goes to hell?

More to come



Anonymous said...

Thank you,The best front page ever, NTS! Every story was very interesting and terribly important. I read them all. Fukushima is forgotten by American (Jew) media, Mike Stathis' article is remarkably accurate and forthcoming, and John Friend tops it all off with first-rate writing.

Thank you and keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Anyone who continues to blame the Sandy Hook alleged massacre on one lone drugged gunman is an outright liar. It isn't psychotropic drugs that make killers, it is mind controlled patsies and black ops teams. Not exposing government sponsored involvement aligns with the Jews' criminal agenda.

It isn't just chemicals in the water and TV brain-washing that affect Americans' mentality. It is also the ELF cellphone towers transmitting directly into brains. As for the TV/entertainment media, one can observe the quality of mental subliminal power along with the overt degenerate and persuasive powers they are constantly presenting by just looking at the extremely obese and sex-obessessed Americans there are. Mind, stomach, and behavior are connected. It is very obvious that many Americans are NOT thinking for themselves. Self restraint and rational analysis are not functioning. Entertainment and gluttonous pursuits have been well-planted in their thinking as basic priorities of living.

As for Americans ever being provoked to righteous anger--not likely. Whites especially. The only ethnic group to ever become violently aggressive in recent times has been blacks. For generations most blacks have been thoroughly indoctrinated with hatred for and active aggression needed towards whites. Since they have become the most catered to by the government and cannot survive without the free handouts, and with no work or societal ethic, that is most likely going to be the source of the most explosive uprising. And that will not be based on anything patriotic, but just greed and white hatred. There is no loyalty to America's civil survival among them. It would be strictly selfish demands that would be met by any means. Black power subsidized by a black dictator and Jew-powered government. TSA is just one example of the least qualified having the most power.

Anonymous said...

Michael Rivero, government psyoper shill won't admit black ops and mind control; sticks to lone gunman on drugs. He is the alt-news liar leading his cyber-spook rangers about Sandy Hook.
January 6, 2013
The Governmnet Doesn't Looking At The Real Cause Of The Killings, The Psychiatric Drugs - Gerald Celente - Lew Rockwell Show
By: portos

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your hat:
I just knew you'd want to know! (Hah!)