Friday, January 25, 2013

John Friend's Realist Report For Monday, January 21st, 2013

With all the hectic work that I have been doing over the last few days, I have had to let this blog slide a bit, and unable to keep up with what has really been happening around the world... Now that I have most of that cleared up, I can finally do some catching up.....

I did miss John Friend's ( Realist Report Show on Truth Militia Radio ( for last Monday, January 21st, due to family needs...  At least now I have been able to listen to it in the archives.... John had Jim Conduit as his guest to discuss World War II history, especially concerning Adolf Hitler himself.    I have the audio link to that show right here for everyone that has not heard it yet to listen to:

NTS Notes:  OK, I personally do not agree with many of Jim Conduit's findings and his views of history.   I have studied Adolf Hitler for years, and I have never been sold at all on the idea that he has "Jewish" roots.    I do strongly believe that Jim Conduit is wrong in that assertion... But he is entitled to his own opinion.

John will have a great show this coming Monday, January 28th, 2013, where he will have Charles Giuliani on to have a debate with Eli James... I know this will be one broadcast that many people will be interested in, and I will request that everyone tune on this coming Monday to listen in.... I will finally be able to hear it live for a change, and may even call in... Stay tuned..

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