Saturday, January 26, 2013

Great Site For Research Into The Truth About Sandy Hook: "Sandy Hook Shooting Research"

A fellow truth seeker, Sherrie, who writes the blog: "Sherrie Questioning All" at, has recently started a new blog specifically for the exposure of the truth about the Sandy Hook shooting operation, called "Sandy Hook Shooting Research", at

I do recommend that everyone take the time to look over the important information that Sherry has accumulated over at that important site, and to support her in her endeavours in getting to the bottom of this criminal operation!

I for one will not give up in my own search for the real truth about what exactly happened at Sandy Hook, in spite of all of those in this so called "Truth Movement" that have suddenly labeled myself and others as nuts and "tin foil hatters".... I am glad to see that Sherrie and others feel the same way....

Again, take this link:, and add it to your own sites for reference.  I already have!

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Sherrie Questioning All said...

Thank you!

Also you won't believe what I found! They told us ahead of time Sandy Hook was a Hoax! Both the media and the government.

Video of the information:


Anonymous said...

A good video to consider NTS: