Saturday, December 29, 2012

Who Are The Jews, Really?

For years, there has always been a question that has plagued myself, and others in this fight against the criminal Jews out for our enslavement:  Who exactly are they, and where did they really come from?

To help answer that important question, I want to turn to two most interesting articles from my friend, Noor, who writes the blog: Snippits and Snappits (, entitled: "Who Are The Jews, Really?".   Her article comes in two parts, and due to the long length of both articles, rather than enclose them within my own blog, I have placed the links to both parts right here for everyone to view for themselves.   Please take the time to read both parts carefully, you will not be disappointed.  I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Part One:

Part Two:

NTS Notes:  I want to thank Noor for her efforts in putting this fabulous piece of work together.  It is definitely a must see by everyone, so please spread it around...

I have always been under constant fire from some commentators that come into this blog site and state that the Jews are a totally UNIQUE race of human beings, and that they have the "proof" to back it up.  I have always answered these critics by stating that all they have to do is put a Sephardic, an Ashkenazim, and an Ethiopian Jew, side by side and tell me that they are all of the same "race" when they most obviously are absolutely NOT!

I have also been troubled by the constant usage of these criminals in calling themselves a "race" and "Jews" first and foremost.  I have always wondered why a person who converts to Judaism suddenly gives up their true racial background, and suddenly calls themselves "Jews" first and foremost.    Does the conversion to the religion of Judaism suddenly change their DNA????  It is another mystery that needs answers....

The evidence clearly speaks for itself that the majority of those who call themselves "Jews" were originally Khazars who converted to Judaism back in the 9th century AD, and originate from the central steppe region of present day Russia.   Their conversion was done out of necessity for their own survival, and the world has paid a very bitter price ever since by their criminal actions against the rest of humanity.

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