Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Very Interesting Video: Debt Slaves, American Plantation, The Truth Beyond The Illusion!

I just concluded a long conversation with my good friend, Whitewraithe, who writes the excellent blog: Pragmatic Witness, at www.pragmaticwitness.com.   I want to let everyone who is a fan of her work know that she is doing a lot better than she has in quite a while.  She was suffering from some burn out, and from a very hard work schedule.  But she is back and has returned to putting up new articles at her Pragmatic Witness blog.

She told me that she came across a most amazing video that I definitely had to listen to and to let her know what I thought.  I said I would gladly have a listen to the video, and place it here for my own readers to listen for themselves.  It is entitled: "Debt Slaves, American Plantation, The Truth Beyond The Illusion", and I have it here in its entirety.    I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Greg Hallett has some amazing facts in this video that definitely leaves a lot of people to ponder..

I may not fully agree with the idea that the Vatican and the Queen (who is Jewish herself) are the roots of all evil.  I still look upon the Jewish elitists as the real criminals responsible for the crimes against humanity, and is clearly evident if anyone digs deep enough....But there is a lot of evidence that backs up the fact that the US Government and the British Crown are still definitely intertwined today.

It is also a fact that the United States did officially become a "corporation" in 1871, which basically stripped its citizens of true freedom, and instead made them all servants of the state and workers for the corporation!  It is sad that most Americans are absolutely unaware of this fact.

I also want to link in Whitewraithe's own comment about this amazing video that sums it up nicely:

According to former New Zealander, Greg Hallett, America is not a sovereign nation and hasn’t been since 1788 when it became a bankrupt country.  The war of Independence and the Civil War were Rothschild-British created wars to obligate America to Britain through debt which still continues to this day.  Per Hallett a large portion of our social security taxes are still paid to the crown.  He also explains why the American government owes no allegiance to its citizens, which further explains why our leaders will not comply to the demands of the American people.  He goes on with how the government can legally take our children, force us to fight their wars and why we have no rights in the judicial system.  The most explosive revelation is that pedophilia is more widespread than most would ever imagine.  We are paying taxes to fund our own demise and the Queen can order a 9/11 ‘like’ attack on our shores and it’s constitutional since the country was originally formed as a military state.  This is a must listen if you want to know the truth behind the formation of America, its actual relationship to Great Britain, the Vatican and more importantly, Israel and Judaism.

Greg Hallett’s website: The World of Truth


Very interesting indeed!

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