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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiichi

I have been surfiing the Internet for a while now, and have been watching for any important updates or information coming forward about the REAL situation in regards to the still ongoing nuclear disaster at Fukushima Japan.   The fact is that in spite of the media "blackout" of ANY new information, the disaster is absolutely NOT fixed, and in fact the damaged facilities at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are still pumping out massive amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and into the nearby Pacific Ocean!

I came across an interesting article that best summarizes the Fukushima nuclear disaster as it stands today.  It comes from the Rense website, at www.rense.com, and is written by Richard Wilcox, PhD.   It is entitled: "The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiich", and I have it right here for all of my own readers to view for themselves... I have my own comments to follow:

The Disastrous Status Of Fukushima Daiichi

 From Richard Wilcox, PhD
 By PhilipUpNorth

Workers can't work in Buildings 1, 2 and 3 because the radiation is too intense.

Steel is corroding from saltwater, threatening pipes and pumps which cool the remains of three destroyed reactors.

Radiation is crumbling concrete onto dust.

Zirconium cladding is so corroded from seawater that it is doubtful that SFP 1, 2, 3 and 4 can ever be emptied.

Corium under Building 4 has cracked the foundation and the building is sinking unevenly.

Ground water contacting corium in the mudrock below Buildings1, 2 and 3 becomes highly contaminated, and flows directly into the Pacific Ocean, killing the Pacific Seafood Industry.

Hawaii milk is so comtaminated that farmers are feeding boron to their cows.

Two US cities on RadiationNetwork.com right now measure over 60cpm of radiation in the air.

TEPCO seems to have lost track of the corium from 3 nuclear plants.

And then there are the two earthquakes of 6.2 and 7.3 which hit just offshore since midnight...

NTS Notes:  I could expand on all of the points stated, but for now I will concentrate on just a few....

Yes, it is a fact that NO workers have been able to approach any of the failed reactor cores, simply because the radiation is absolutely too intense.   The few workers that have volunteered so far to go in and try to help with the situation are now dying of radiation poisoning!

Part of the problem with the steel corroding from salt water is due to the fact that in the vain attempts by TEPCO to cool the reactors by pouring sea water from the nearby Pacific Ocean, they have allowed salt from said sea water to react with the steel within the facility!  This corrosion is only adding to the horrific possibility of the Spent Fuel Pools collapsing.  Also, the entire facility is deteriorating due to not only sea water corrosion, but to the radiation that is slowly turning most of the concrete walls of the entire facility to dust....

The reason why TEPCO has lost track of the "Corium" from the failed reactor cores, is simply because there is the strong possibiility that the "Corium" has broken through the bottom containment barriers of each of the failed cores and is burrowing into the Earth slowly as we speak.  This is a very slow "China Syndrome" that has always been feared to catastrophically happen with this facility....

Radiation levels are still well above normal all over the Northern Hemisphere from this disaster, and I am troubled that there have been NO new videos or new reports of exactly how high that radiation level can be.  Two US cities now measuring over 60 counts per minute of fallout radiation is bad enough....

There are scattered reports coming out that the 7.3 (some places say 7.4) magnitude Earthquake did considerable damage to the already crippled Fukushima facility.   But it is only as a stroke of luck that the failed Spent Fuel Pools did not collapse as a result of this quake!   If that would have happened, then it could have spelled the end of Japan, and possibly much of the Northern Hemisphere as well....

I cannot emphasize that this disaster is absolutely not over by a long shot.   Sadly, the world's nations are presently working on new wars of aggression in the Middle East for Israel,  while totally ignoring this planet threatening disaster in Japan.   Does anyone else besides me see the problem here?

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PhilipUpNorth said...

Many thanks for the post of my comments, originally posted to ENEnews on 12/7/2012. Keep getting the word out to your readers that Fuku is not an event in the past that is now over. The Fukushima disaster will be with us for many years.