Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Connecticut School Shooting: Something Seriously Does NOT Add Up. Evidence That There Were MULTIPLE Shooters!

I have spent this evening going over a multitude of videos and articles pertaining to this latest senseless shooting and killing of some 27 innocent people in Connecticut, and from what I see, things just do not add up.. In fact, I am now smelling a rat, and am seriously looking at this as an operation conducted for the sole purpose of scaring the crap out of the American people so that they will blindly accept new Gun Control Legislation and surrender their right to bear arms.

I came across a fascinating article from a fellow researcher named Sherrie, who writes the great blog: Sherrie Questioning All, at  It is entitled: "The Sandy Hook School Shooting In Newtown Connecticut....2nd Shooter, Guns, Etc., The Story Is Not Adding Up.  Here Are The Facts Proving That.", and I have the link to this very important article for everyone to see for themselves. Yes indeed the facts do not add up.... I have my own comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes: Sherrie has done her homework quite well... Indeed there is evidence of at least TWO shooters at the scene of this horrendous crime.   This is therefore sounding more and more as a major operation by some very evil individuals!

The evidence of there being a second gunman, as Sherrie reveals, is amazing enough...But thanks to an email from John Kaminski, the plot thickens... I want to present the following video that comes from the Conspiracy Cafe website, at, that is quite revealing...It is entitled: "Emergency Conspiracy Cafe Bunker To Bunker Broadcast, that has again some of the actual Police broadcasts that were taking place during the time of this massacre.  Here is that video:

I for one am seriously now smelling a rat..... This has all the earmarks of being an operation for the sole purpose of indeed scaring the public into accepting Gun Control and a repeal of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution!

Again, as I stated before, I do feel for the families of this massacre.  But the truth must be told, and if we are being played again as suckers to surrender our rights, then there is definitely hell to pay!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know about there being possibly more than one shooter.But I have a lot of other questions.Who would smash their computers to smithereens before committing such a deed? Why would two brothers who supposedly not spoken for at least a year have their identification information mixed up?Why did this all happen now and why is it so perfectly "tailor made" to incite the public?

Anonymous said...

It's even more suspicious when the father of one of the 'victims' laughs, before putting on a sombre face to make his press statement

There's lots of good stuff at:

Anonymous said...

It's tailor made to scare the population and sell more weapons (40% increase). This is the NRA work.