Sunday, December 23, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

I have said before that I cannot always post articles every day of the week in this blog... Saturday was a day spent first with some last minute Christmas shopping, and then spending the evening with friends for our annual Christmas get together..Therefore my posting any new articles yesterday was delayed...

I must say that the items of conversations in the party last night were most interesting... We discussed the usual Sports, and then turned to some world and political issues.  There were a lot of people discussing the recent "massacre" in Newtown, Connecticut, and they showed the definite brainwashing of the media, when many said that firearms must be controlled.... Very shocking indeed, and again shows that our work is cut out for us in getting the real truth out...

Yes, much of my last few reports in this blog about the Newtown, Connecticut "shooting" showed that we are being played by the media, the government, and the officials involved.   After pouring over tons of material and watching some important videos on this event, I too have come to the conclusion that this has been a complete setup!   I can understand that many will not love that assertion on my part, but that is just too bad.... I am calling a spade a spade, and the official story on this tragic episode is so full of holes, it definitely now looks like swiss cheese!

Seeing the video with the poor actors that the laughable media has been passing off as parents of the children murdered, and watching the so called "coroner" look like a complete idiot was bad enough, but as I have said in  my last article; I am deeply troubled that few others have asked:  "Where are the wounded?".   Here we have a "Massacre" of some 26 people, and there was only ONE person wounded?  This "Lone Gunman" autistic shooter had either one heck of a kill ratio to wounded, that even the best sharpshooters cannot match, or we are looking at the work of professional hit men.  OR there is also the thought that there are NOT 26 victims as we have been told, but either a far fewer number.   Again, why is nobody asking these hard questions about the "wounded"?

I have been following other bloggers about this incident closely, and again I found John Friend's assertions in his blog ( articles, as well as Jim Stone's findings ( in his forum at his site, to be telling.   I may not fully agree with Jim Stone's conjecture that many of the surviving children are right now being sold off into slavery, or being used for harvesting of their organs.  But considering this entire massacre is now complete and utter bullshit, it does make you wonder.

I also have to wonder if the criminals behind this "massacre" had not thought this through with their push for gun control and an attempted repeal of the US second amendment.   Right now, gun sales have gone through the roof as a result of this "massacre"!   If these criminals thought the US public would swallow gun control as the result of having 26 people killed, they blew it, big time.... But now we need to watch if the criminals in the US Government will try to ram through gun control in spite of the anger of the American public that is increasingly dead set against any repeal of the right to bear arms!

We only need to look at other nations through out history that have suffered tremendously after their criminal governments imposed gun control over their people.  The Soviet Union, and even China are prime examples... Once the Jews in charge of the Communist government disarmed the Russian people in the early 20th century, we saw the slaughter of 10's of millions of Russians.  The Chinese also imposed gun control, and the same slaughter resulted.   Many of the gun control idiots look at Australia as a modern example of a country that imposed gun control.  But the results in Australia were also a massive increase in shootings, and even home invasions. 

One nation that sets the real example of the need to have guns is Switzerland. The Swiss are armed to the teeth, and have some of the lowest crime rates in all of Europe as a result.   A well armed populace is the best deterrence against crimes ever being committed.

The bottom line on this push for gun control in America is obvious:  The 2nd amendment was introduced by the founding fathers of the republic as a deterrence not against criminal acts against the individual, but is there to prevent the US Government itself from ever becoming despotic.   Take the guns away from the American people, and we could indeed see a repeat of the mass slaughter of innocent people that happened in the former Soviet Union!

While all the news across North America has been focused on this "massacre" in Connecticut, there has been news elsewhere... We are seeing the economic situation in Europe actually worsen.  The Greek "austerity" measures are definitely not working, and Spain is also on the verge of total economic collapse.  There has even been new reports that the situation in France could become critical come the new year.   I have long said that the European Union is a failure, and the member nations would be best to dissolve that "union" and go it alone. 

The criminals in NATO and the United States have also been moving a large force onto the border between Syria and Turkey, just waiting for the go ahead to invade Syria itself.   I am waiting for the eventual "false flag" attack by the NATO armed "rebels" to take place very shortly.   I do suspect, as others do as well, that we will see a "chemical weapons" assault by these so called "rebels" on some Syrian civilians, and the Jewish controlled media will lie their asses off that it was done by the Syrian president, Assad's own forces.   Watch for something to happen sometime at the beginning of the new year...

I see that criminal and terrorist state of Israel is still moving forward with its building of more illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.  Well, so much for any recognition of Palestine as a state... There will be no viable state for the Palestinians to have once these new and future "settlements" are put into place.   But that has always been the plans of these criminals.  To them, the entire region of Palestine is theirs and theirs alone.  In their sick and twisted mentality, they still believe that their sick and evil Torah and Talmud has their "god" giving them the land of Palestine.   I have always said that there is no hope for the Palestinian people themselves under such twisted and sick mentality, and they have no other choice but to fight for their own survival.

I see that gosh darn Global Warming is definitely happening right before our eyes... This last week alone has seen record COLD temperatures reported over large areas of the Northern Hemisphere.  We have reports of intense cold in Russia that they have not seen in some 70 years, that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent people.   Even here in Canada, there has been near record amounts of snow in the western Provinces, with more coming.... And with all this intense cold happening, I do wonder what the Global Warming hucksters have to say about it, including the major swindler himself, Al Gore?   I warned in many previous articles that we are not about to enter a period of Global Warming at all, but will be entering a long period of Global Cooling instead.   It does look like I and others have been proven right.

I also see that the world did not end on Friday as the Mayan Calendar had "predicted"....So I guess now the "end of the world" clowns will be looking for excuses.... Lets face it, there have always been "end of the world" predictions throughout history, and there will be more to come.    Yes the world will eventually end... Either by our own stupid hands, or when our Yellow Dwarf star, Sol, runs out of its fuel, which is not expected for at least a billion years from now.

One other note... Many have asked why I do not answer comments in my posts right after they submit them.  I have so much on my plate these days, that I have not found the time to go over the comments submitted until either later that day, or even the next day.   I also sift through many of the garbage comments by trolls, and members of my favorite fan club, the JIDF agents themselves, and reject them outright.   Patience, everyone, because I do read all comments and do post them accordingly.

Well, I guess that is it for now... But in closing, I will conclude with my usual last minute tidbits.... The war against the innocent nation of Iran by the criminals in both the US and Israel has been momentarily "delayed".  However, we will see things heat up again come the beginning of the new year.   Israel wants this insane and unjust war, and I have come to the conclusion that if they are so adamant to launch it, then let them go it alone, and let them suffer the consequences..... The war against Christmas by the Jewish criminals is still ongoing, especially when I see less people say "Merry Christmas" and instead try the generic: "Happy Holidays".  This is Christmas, and people should not focus on the materialistic ideas planted by the criminals, but instead focus on the true meaning, which is to love, share, and show compassion for our fellow man.... I still see many people lining up to take poisonous vaccines into their bodies, in spite of efforts by many including myself to warn them.   I guess the brainwashing effect of big Pharma, our criminal governments, and the media, to convince the gullible public that vaccines are "necessary" has been too strong.  Therefore, when it comes to the truth about Vaccines and their deadly side effects, the question becomes: Are we fighting a losing battle?....At this time of year, the most important question for the dumbed down American public must be: When are we going to see "Christmas with the Kardashians" on our Talmudvision?  I can hardly wait!.....And in conclusion, I really want to wish everyone a truly Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.  The upcoming year will be tumultuous indeed.

More to come



Anonymous said...

The Talmud is the toe of Ra...?

[printed 500AD]

[Proselyte Khazars/Gog & MAGOG - 740AD]

the fact that many don't want to know is that the Children of Israel have never been "Jews"...

FACT : so-called "jews" are not israelites...!

pretty much the heart of the Issue

the zionazi TALMUDIC VAMPIRES lust for the blood of the innocent...

300 million in the last century

operate a toxic asset KOSHER BROTHEL called Congress

so when should the braindeadgoy stumble out of the FOG of ZOG and find some TRUE INFORMATION

what is the value of truth

who determines value

Merry Christmas


Anonymous said...

I was also anticipating a chemical attack in Syria, and it looks like it may have happened according to PressTv

John Friend said...

Merry Christmas buddy! May truth and long overdue justice prevail in 2013!

brian boru said...

Naturally, the kikes hate to see a well armed goy population. They want their victims to be defenceless. For that reason alone the right to bear arms must be upheld at all costs. With regard to general crime, the vast majority of it is committed by niggers and other sub-humans. If only whites were permitted to own guns most crime would cease once the apes had been disarmed. This is something the kikes and gun-grabbers are fully aware of.