Sunday, December 16, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I have been suffering today from what appears to be Influenza like symptoms... My son caught it from someone at his school (It is sad that in today's economy, working parents send sick kids to school!), and he suffered from it earlier this week.  I was crossing my fingers that I would not get it, but I guess my luck ran out.  Hopefully this will not last long, and I should be back to my normal self in a few days..I figure that with the fever subsided enough for the moment, I will try to fire off my weekly rant...

Yes, I am still very pissed off by what I see with this latest shooting in Connecticut.  No offense to the poor families that are suffering from this tragedy, but what we are being sold by the US government and the Jewish media is obvious pure and utter Bull crap. 

First, we have this "Lone Gunman" scenario, which seems to always be the case with these mass shootings.  We have already seen the facts come out that the Colorado "Batman" shooting was indeed an operation conducted by more than one person, and now we have this Elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, where it does appear that there was indeed more than this one "Lone Gunman" shooting.   I have already put up a previous article in this blog that shows evidence of more than one shooter, which means this was not a Lone Gunman shooting, but a well planned out operation.

OK, the next question is:  To what purpose would a group or our government conduct an operation that would kill 26 innocent civlians? The answer is so obvious... The criminal US government has already signed off on UN gun control legislation, and is now desperately looking for anything so that they can justify the taking away of guns from the American public.  The timing of this shooting could not have been planned more perfectly!   We see the Jewish controlled media screaming for laws to take away guns to prevent another of these "massacres", and we see the phony and very criminal US President, Barry Soetoro, (who is actually speaking on network television as I type this)addressing the American public of the "need" for gun control.

The bottom line is that this shooting in Connecticut was in my opinion (and I will get a lot of hate comments for this) a pre-planned operation for the sole purpose of shocking the American people into accepting Gun Control and a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.   My advise to everyone who reads this... Arm yourselves, and absolutely do not get suckered into surrendering your guns!

OK, On to other news... With the entire US nation focused on this shooting, there is much happening elsewhere... We have the situation in Syria rapidly deteriorating, and the criminals in NATO about to both declare an evil no-fly zone over Syria.  That is absolutely the prelude for a NATO/US attack and invasion of Syria itself.

I am really shocked by the absolute lies presented by the US/NATO as their justification for an attack on Syria.   Where the hell did we hear the lies about "chemical weapons" before?  Ah, yes, how quickly the public forgets about those same phony "chemical weapons" as the reason for the invasion of Iraq back in 2003.  History is just repeating itself now with Syria, and the gullible people, especially the American public, are being played as suckers again!

Some people have noted that my articles have become more hard hitting and that I am openly calling the criminals by name... The Jews....Hey, I call a spade a spade, and I am sick and tired of people who are scared of being called "antisemitic" or "haters" for calling out the ruthless criminals that are out for our enslavement.

I came to the conclusion years ago that the criminals who are the most ruthless and diabolical creatures on our planet are those who practice the false religion called Judaism.  I can now hear a collective gasp from those who sit on the fence and continue to say that there are still many "good Jews" out there.... I say to them, where are they?  Where was their outcry while their fellow Chosenites bombed the crap out of the innocent people of Gaza?   Why are they not fighting with us against their evil and diabolical plan for world dominion, instead of sitting back as spectators?   They have just as much to lose as the rest of us when their fellow tribe members attain their evil goals.

I am also against a religion that openly practices Pedophilia, Child Pornography, and Incest.  All that anyone needs to do is to take a close look at the teachings of the Judaic Talmud and the actual words in that sick and twisted book that calls for these filthy practices by its followers.  How the hell can the followers of the Talmud not be disgusted by the teachings of their own books, unless they actually think these evil practices to be normal?    Is Incest normal?  Is Pedophilia normal?  Is Child Pornography normal?   Ask the Jews then why it is right there in black and white in thier Talmuds!

OK, Enough of my religious blast for this rant... In other news, I see that the criminal former Secretary of State, Hillary (Killery) Rodham Clinton collapsed just the other day and is suffering from a concussion.... The timing of her suddenly becoming ill is indeed suspect...She is supposed to appear in front of hearings next week to explain her involvement in the Benghazi "US Ambassador" killing fiasco.   I wonder what else will happen to her over the next while so that she will not have to appear in front of those hearings!

Yes, it is Christmas time, and I see that more and more cities across North America are doing their part by removing Christmas trees from city squares.... And in some cases, replacing them by Menorahs.   I am really disgusted by this act against Christmas that is obviously being done by Jewish interests.   Heck, I am not even religious, but I do understand the concept of Christmas where we are to love, share, and be good to our fellow man.  That of course is something that the followers of evil Judaism cannot tolerate!   I say to all people: "Merry Christmas", and I sure hope that all of my readers do exactly the same.   The true meaning of Christmas must not perish from this planet.

I still see the world economies going to heck, and we will see something major come down in January.  It would have happened already, except that the criminals responsible for this demise are delaying the collapse as long as possible, while they fleece what little wealth is left in nations they have destroyed.   I have long said that the solutions are clear, which include the immediate ending of all debts and removal of private Jewish usury banking institutions, but few governments are willing to act because they are totally controlled by these same criminal Jewish interests!   I am not looking forward to what will happen in the new year, and all I can say is brace yourselves, because it will be very miserable...

On a lighter note... I have been laughing hard these days by all the talk of the world coming to an end this coming Friday, December 21st, 2012.  There are those nuts out there that are in an absolute panic right now, as they wait for the  "End of the world"..... Look, it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the Mayan Calendar has been badly misinterpreted, and that the world will not end any time soon. (unless we do it by our own hands).    When the 22nd of December comes, and the world does not end, I will not gloat.... Much....

Well, I guess that is enough for now... I will close again with my usual tidbits....  Israel is still the most evil nation on the face of the earth..... The Israelis are still selecting their next Prime Minister between psychotic mass murderer A, and psychotic mass murdering whore B.  I guess everyone knows who these two psychos are by now....I am still waiting patiently for NASA's huge announcement about their phony Mars Rover that is NOT even on Mars.  It is sad that people still cannot see they are being played as suckers again, just like their lies about Project Apollo....The only professional sport I actually watch, NHL hockey, is right now a mess. The "lockout" is just ridiculous, as we watch billionaire owners fight it out with millionaire players.  It seems we are dealing here with greedy individuals who are worse than children!  I hope the fans of NHL hockey remember this fiasco for a long long time....And in closing, I read an interesting revelation this last week that it appears that most of the so called "reality shows" on Talmudvision are absolutely not reality at all, but are purposely scripted, and "sexed up", to garner more viewers.  I guess that helps explain why crap like Keeping Up With The Kardashians is still popular with the dumbed down Americans.  Putting skanks and whores on Talmudvision and calling it "reality" will indeed do that!

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Northerntruthseeker said...

One note... Yes, I was suffering from Sinusitis a while back.. This latest sickness is not related, thankfully...

Anonymous said...

1st time commenting here,long time reader. keep attacking the criminal jew, that is exactly where the blame belongs. also, the NHL strike needs to end so the L.A. Kings can unfurl that Stanley Cup Championship banner!

Anonymous said...

Hello NTS,

Get well soon.

I love the new definition of "anti-Semitic"

Anti-Semitic is the code word for truth tellers.