Sunday, December 2, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Yes, I was on the Oracle Broadcasting Network, Truth Hertz show as a guest on Friday morning, November 30th, 2012.   Everyone can listen to that broadcast by accessing the Oracle Broadcasting Network ( Truth Hertz archives, or to my article pertaining to that show via the link here.

I have been listening to Charles Giuliani's Truth Hertz internet radio show on the Oracle Broadcasting Network for a few years now, and for the longest time Charles has wanted me to be a guest on his show for the full 2 hours from 7-9am CST.   I have had to decline many times, because that time frame conflicted with my work schedule.  I had last Friday off, and just on a whim in the middle of the week I asked Charles if I could take him up on his offer and to be a guest on his Friday morning show.  He agreed to my request on Thursday.

It was funny that in the initial part of that broadcast, Charles forgot that I was the same person that helped Gregg Kalina when Gregg was on his show in a debate about the fraudulent Apollo Moon Landings!

I listened to that show myself again over the archives on Friday evening, and I thought I sounded pretty good.  (This attack of Sinusitis has been persistent), and I was able to keep a pretty good structure of subjects that I discussed with Charles, and I sure hope that my message came out clear to everyone. Charles has already told me that he wants me back on future broadcasts, and I will definitely try to let everyone know when that happens so they can tune in live and even possibly call into the show!

Well, onto other matters... I am still disgusted by the actions of my own criminal government in Ottawa, Canada, that has sided with the criminal state of Israel when the Palestinians very RIGHTFULLY got acceptance as an entity by the United Nations.   What really pisses me off is that clown, John Baird, who calls himself Canada's "Foreign Minister" absolutely bow down and kiss Jewish ass again when he went to the UN podium and pleaded for Palestine to not be accepted into the UN without "Negotiations".   This is appalling considering that the Israeli method of "negotiations" is to steal more land first and then try to "negotiate" for what small tidbit of land is left over!   Therefore, for that disgusting clown Baird to ask for negotiations shows how he is not only out of touch with reality, but is definitely a Jewish butt kisser.

Now, I am also finding out that the Harper(stein) government in Ottawa is again sucking up to their Jewish masters by threatening to cut off all aid to Palestine and the Palestinian people.   I am sick to see that these idiots in Ottawa are not asking the Canadian public their own opinion about this matter before they do such a criminal act!   But as I have said on many occasions, we are dealing with a government that does NOT listen to the actual people that "elected" them to office, but instead listens only to its Jewish masters.  The result is that now everyone around the world can see exactly what Canada now stands for, and how this once peaceful nation is nothing more than another Jewish controlled satellite state.

As for the people of Palestine, I want to give both my congratulations, and to apologize for the actions of the idiots that are running the federal government here in Canada.  I want to sincerely let them know that these Israel butt kissers do not represent the majority of the people of Canada by a long shot.   I will personally continue to support the state of Palestine, and write about all evils that the people of Palestine endure from their criminal Israeli oppressors.  The people of Palestine have suffered from 45 years of an illegal occupation, and it is now time for the world's nations to demand the criminals in Israel take down their illegal settlements and withdraw from the illegal occupied land immediately.

The big question is what do the people of Palestine do next?   Honesty, there is not much they can do at the moment with the criminal Israeli grip over their land.  However, their recognition does give them the rights to seeking justice against the Israelis in the World Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, for the injustices and brutality of the Israeli illegal occupation.  I really want to see them take their oppressors to court for their land theft and their slaughter of innocent civilians.

In terms of the Israeli response, we are seeing the Israelis try to dismiss the vote in the UN for Palestinian recognition, but they now know that world opinion is definitely against them.  We also see the new push by the criminal Israeli government for even more illegal settlements in the West Bank.  I have also seen a lack of information over the Jewish controlled news media, but that is expected.  These criminals will continue to try to use their control over the media to keep the results of the UN vote out of the public eye.

OK...Now onto other matters... We see that since Israel was unable to destroy Gaza, they are again getting their American and NATO minions to focus again on the destruction of the peaceful nation of Syria.   We see new reports that the American government will now arm Syrian "rebels" directly (just their way of finally admitting that they have been arming them all along) and push for direct intervention in Syria.  I have long said that we are seeing the plans unfold for the destruction of another nation along the same lines that these criminals in NATO and the US destroyed Libya.   We also know that the way to a war with Iran is through the "back door " of Syria.  I have been searching for a justifiable reason for the US/NATO to march into Syria, and there are NONE, other than to get the war on Iran off and running.   It is still my hope that the Russians put a halt to this madness by supporting their Syrian allies against the criminals in NATO, Israel, and the United States.

One subject that I have not covered for a while is the Global Warming fraud and fiasco.  I am really shocked to see most Americans are unaware that their federal government is about to introduce Carbon Tax legislation that will cost each American citizen thousands of dollars in new taxes annually.   It is bad enough that most Americans are at the breaking point financially and cannot absorb any new taxes, but look out... The Soetoro administration wants Carbon Tax legislation to be in place and made as law as early as this coming January!

Lets make it clear once and for all time... Man made Global Warming is a fraud and a scam.  I cannot put it as simple as that.  There is NO man made Global Warming at all.   What we have is fear propaganda being generated by very nefarious individuals that seek Global Governance through the implementation of laws to "save the world from ourselves".  They hope to achieve this goal though the passage of fraudulent environmental laws, Carbon taxation legislation, and even restrictions on personal freedoms and liberties.  I have done countless articles showing the evidence of the Global Warming fraud, and I sure hope that others have taken the message and have been passing it to others as well!

I have been coming under attack recently from more JIDF and Hasbara agents through my comment section in this blog, and I must reiterate to these morons what I have been saying for years.. I am not going to be dissuaded from the facts that I present in my articles.  I call a spade a spade, and if my calling out the true criminals out for our enslavement, the Jews, does not sit well with your Satanic beliefs, then it is just too bad.   I have always had a chuckle from some of the comments that I do receive at times from these obvious shills and agents of evil.  They come across as childish and absolutely non-intelligent.  It really makes me wonder.... Is this the best the JIDF can come up with when they have totally illiterate and uneducated people come into sites like mine and put up ridiculous arguments in comment sections?   Come on, agents of Isra-Hell, you can do better than that!

Some people have asked me what I thought of the recent JB Campbell article called "Jews Against Humans", which is readily available at Lasha Darkmoon's site: Darkmoon (  I read the article, and although JB Campbell presents very amazing facts and truths, I still do not agree with his calling for the mass extermination of these criminals, for now.  My thought is simple, and may come under fire from others: If we ever did start to exterminate these monsters to repair the damage to our world that they created, we would be NO better than them and WE would become the very monsters that we are trying to stop.  As a rational person, I say that there must be other alternatives to be considered first before we consider mass execution of these criminals.  But do not get me wrong, for if there is absolutely no other alternatives, and for our survival as a species it becomes us or them, then sadly extermination has to be considered... I do have my own limits to any compassion!

Well.. I guess thats about it for now... But I will close with my customary closing tidbits... There is still no good news coming out about the Fukushima disaster, and I am still troubled that not much world attention has been focused on that dangerous situation.  Does anyone not care that most of us are still being subjected to deadly radioactive fallout?.....The US economy, and in fact the entire World economy is still a disaster.  But I see nothing change until people say they have had enough of Jewish criminal Usury banking and remove these criminals from our lives.....My friend, Whitewraithe, is doing much better these days, and has finally started to do some more work over at Pragmatic Witness (   As I have said before, take a look at her fine work at her site, and give her our support!.....As a Ice Hockey fan (probably one of the only professional sports that I actually watch), I am troubled by National Hockey League lockout, and its affect on the fans of the sport.  But again, greed is fully in play, and we will not see an end to the childish behaviors of both the players and owners any time soon.  But cheer up, hockey fans, only 4 more months until Major League Baseball starts up again!....I can now understand why most Americans are totally unaware that their economic doom is coming up very rapidly.  Most American's have had their brains turned into mush by the brainwashing effects of their television which I prefer to call the "Talmudvision". Seriously, can any sane person explain how crap such as "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" could ever be on "Talmudvision" if it wasn't for the complete Jewish control over the media?.... And finally, I am finally much better now after suffering much of the week from an attack of Sinusitis that did not want to let go.  It does seem to hit me on an annual or semi-annual basis when the weather changes dramatically.  If anyone has an idea how to prevent future bouts of this nagging ailment, I am all ears.....

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M. Rocknest said...

First of all, sympathies on the sinuses but sorry I don't have any prevention tips. Even though I knew how the Harpersteinmanberg gov't would vote on the UN resolution it is still like a knife in the heart to see Canada's name on the NO side which was at least a very short list. Israel, heartless and punitive to the core, continues on with dirty business as usual, despite having been given a poke in the eye by a large majority of nations. I dearly hope Palestinians can build on this victory and it is my dream, as I'm sure it is theirs, to someday see the steady, firm hand of justice come down on their tormentors in Israel. Viva Palestina!

Excellent speech by Roger Waters here ...

Anonymous said...

by killing a rabid dog,
in an act of justifiable self defense,
one does not become a rabid dog...

try oil of oregano

in small amounts for say 60 days...

stop consuming "dairy" products w/o colostrum...

Anonymous said...

On 12/07/12 a 7.3 earthquake and more hits Fukushima. Occultish event for evil remembering Pearl Harbor and traitor FDR's provoked Japanese attack?