Wednesday, December 19, 2012

John Friend's Truth Militia Radio Broadcast For Monday, December 17th, 2012 With Charles Giuliani

I have been busy the last few days with most of my articles focused in on the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  But again, there has been important news elsewhere, as well as some great articles put out by fellow researchers and friends in this movement for the real truth. 

I have been a friend of John Friend ( out of southern California for some time now, and just last Monday, he had a very special guest on his Truth Militia broadcast... None other than Charles Giuliani from the Oracle Broadcasting Network's Truth Hertz daily internet radio show.   I have the link to that Truth Militia show right here for everyone to download and listen to in its entirety:

NTS Notes:  I was busy on Monday night, with personal business to take care of, and was unable to listen to John's show live.  I finally downloaded the archives just last night and finished listening to the entire program earlier this evening.   I am very pleased by the great variety of subjects that was covered in this show, and again, John did his usual fantastic job as host and keeping the show going smoothly.

Charles Giuliani makes one heck of a great guest, and his own Truth Hertz show on Oracle Broadcasting at 7am CST daily is a definite must listen to by everyone.

I have had some comments that have been asking when I will again be back on air on Charles' show, or even possibly on John's show... The problem has always been in finding the time to be a guest on these shows!  But, fear not, for that may happen very soon, and I will keep everyone posted when it happens so they can tune in for themselves... So again, stay tuned...

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