Wednesday, December 26, 2012

John Friend's Truth Militia Broadcast For Monday, December 24th, 2012, With Special Guest Darryl Bradford Smith

I just spent the last few days with family celebrating Christmas.  It also was a time to unwind from a very brutal work schedule.   It definitely is nice to take a break from blogging once in a while to recharge the batteries...

I was again busy on Monday, December 24th, with some last minute shopping and some personal business.  I therefore missed John Friend's ( Truth Militia ( broadcast for Monday (My apologies to John!).   However, today, I finally spnet the last few hours listening to it in the archives, and it again was absolute dynamite.  His special guest for the show was none other than Darryl Bradford Smith of the "French Connection" website, at    I have the link to that broadcast right here for everyone that missed the show to listen for themselves.  You will not be disappointed:

NTS Notes:  I used to link this site to Darryl's site at, until he had a run in with Ognir, of "The Information Underground" several years back.  It was because of that run in and the assertions that he was heavily drinking and had threatened Ognir with physical harm, that I removed the links to his site from this blog.  It does seem now that several years have passed since that incident, that he has been working on his health issues, and is again a welcome addition in this fight against criminal Judaism.

The information presented by John and Darryl in this broadcast is indeed a must listen by everyone.  I have already said many times that this coming year will indeed be a very rocky one for everyone.  It will also be a make or break time for us in this war against the criminals out for our enslavement!

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BuelahMan said...

NTS: In case you don't know, I have been making YouTube videos of all of John's interviews.

Some people seem to prefer this avenue.