Monday, December 3, 2012

Before I Impart This Information To You

I am always under fire for the articles that I present.  There are so many out there that ask me for my evidence and my facts that I present in my articles.  I have long asked those who have their doubts to check the information out thoroughly and to research for themselves about anything that is presented in this blog, and all other blogs and internet sites as well.  It is important that people get all the facts first before they decide if the information presented is truthful.

I came across a great article today, from a fellow real truth seeker, called "Digger" who writes the great blog called "Digger For Truth", at, entitled: "Before I Impart This Information To You", that I want to share here with my own readers.  In this article, Digger gives 7 key points that everyone should ponder before deciding if any information presented by himself is considered as "genuine".   Here is that article, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Before I impart this information to you …

There are seven mandates you first need to reflect on:
Perhaps these outlines could be presented to people as a preliminary – to kind of prep them before sending them any information.
1/. Everything I say is verifiable
This information is not really subjective at all. It is factual. Repeatedly backed up by eminent scientific research; and independently verified again and again by professionals in their fields, and all from an impartial position. Plus eye-witness accounts with a huge and comprehensive range of experiential evidence from a plethora of backgrounds.
2/. I’m not saying I know it all 
I’m not claiming to be an expert on this subject; although I have done sufficient amount of homework. I have looked at this information objectively from all angles for the last X years. It repeatedly comes back to these root causes and the perpetrators of the evil in the world.
3/. Please don’t believe a word I say 
You have to independently look into this stuff yourself. Just invest the odd hour here n there.
4/. This material is not about hatred 
This is just about getting the Truth exposed, nothing more. It’s just about us all living in a better world and stopping our enslavement and preventing an Orwelian nightmare.
5/. This ain’t conspiracy theories
This is about conspiracy facts. You will never hear me talk about ridiculous crop circles, reptilians, big foot, ufos, whatever; as that is all disinformation (counter-intelligence) and I have no time for this nonsense whatsoever!
6/. I understand how difficult this is to accept
I really do. I too had to overcome this huge mental hurdle. Many us do. Some people are unable to. To think that our government and all these people in place who are supposed to be safeguarding our society, our future are ALL corrupt and directly and indirectly involved in bringing about our destruction and the destruction of the world, seems truly unbelievable and incomprehensible.  But this is the ugly Truth. This is why life is so tough for many people, this is why things just ain’t working.
7/. It’s your opportunity
Ultimately this is your choice whether you decide to brush this information aside, viewing it as silly internet conspiracy theories; or have the curiosity and interest to at least spend a couple of hours to check it out before making your mind up.
This information is directly relevant to your life. To your business, your family, your lifestyle and ultimately for your survival.

This affects you
But I guarantee you; if you do decide to ignore this information – it will eventually catch up on you. This ugly Truth will eventually be in everyone’s face at some point down the line. None of us will be able to ignore it; or deny it any longer.

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NTS Notes:  I too want all my own readers to keep in mind these 7 key points before they consider any of my own information presented in my own articles as being genuine.

Just as Digger states, this site as well is not about Hatred.  I am after those who are out to ruin and enslave our planet, and to try to awaken people to the dangers we face from these criminals.  Remember that THEY are the real haters!

And I have never liked the term "Conspiracy Theory".   That term has been used by the criminals to try to suppress any information that points to their criminal activities.   I too prefer the term "Conspiracy Fact" instead.

As I have already said many times, do your own research into anything that I present.   I am not asking anyone to think of this site as completely without scrutiny.  All the material I present is easily verifiable, but I am human and can make mistakes....As I have always said: If you do find errors or omissions in anything presented, leave a comment and I will correct the material accordingly.

More to come


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Neal said...

Maybe #5 is probably ok, but some of that stuff is data to be considered, or more compartments result, that is maybe why it is so hard to get a proper picture of why certain things happen the way they do. That is maybe why there are not many that have actually been involved in these things sharing, the ones not dead, that is. That occultic stuff is there whether you factor it in, or not, and explains some things, but magical thinkers hate the facts, and objective types hate the crazy parts. I guess that is to be expected, but you know they say it has never been easy.