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2013: The Year Americans (And Most Other People As Well) Realize They Cannot Afford Any More Wars For Israel

It is rapidly now approaching the end of the year 2012, and there have been some gains and some losses in this war against the criminals that are out for our enslavement.   It is definitely time now to think about what the year 2013 will be like, and whether or not the long awaited financial armageddon that everyone knows is definitely coming, will happen very shortly in the new year.

I want to share with my readers the latest work of a great writer, "Horse237" who writes the blog, Video Rebel's Blog, at, entitled: "2013 The Year Americans Realize That They Cannot Afford Any More Wars For Israel".  It gives a great assessment of what we, not just Americans, are facing in the upcoming year.  I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

2013 The Year Americans Realize They Cannot Afford Any More Wars For Israel

I met a US Marine Corps colonel who had killed a lot of men up close and personal in two of America’s many wars. It did not take more than a minute for him to absorb the truth after I started talking. I recently remarked that Great Britain fought two Opium Wars against China to benefit the Rothschilds and their business partners in the City of London. America is now fighting its second Opium War. The Rothschild Crime Network and its Gentile allies has an annual gross of one trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons sales. And that is why President Obama was told to keep American troops fighting and dying in Afghanistan until 2024.

The banks also launder 500 billion dollars a year in political bribes. Bribery is a cost of doing business. It benefits the Lords of Wall Street and the City of London by making it impossible for us to either reform our monetary system which Foundation studies tell us is about to collapse killing a billion people from starvation and the attending riots and revolutions. Nor is it possible to say No to criminal activities by the banks and the politicians which the Spire Law group estimated to total 43 trillion dollars in their lawsuit. Nor is it possible for us to say No to trillions of dollars in Banker Bailouts. Nor is it possible to say No to wars without end.

The Pentagon in the past week made two outrageous statements that were little noticed in the Jewish owned media. They defended the practice of killing children with drone strikes because those little ones might have evil intentions.  Do they imagine  that their parents grieve any less than do the parents of children in Sandy Hook? The outrageous statement was that US Special Forces will be operating in 35 African countries.

Before we go further I must explain why I believe the Vietnam war was America’s first Opium war. One reason for killing President Kennedy was that the bankers wanted to make money by addicting Americans to illegal drugs. They also wanted to corrupt our police, our courts and politicians. They also wanted to demoralize Americans to demonstrate to them that they were a conquered people. 

After all if the Israelis can kill your President and blow up buildings with Americans inside, then just what is the value of your life? Other reason for Killing JFK was that he opposed Israel’s nuclear weapons program. And the Rothschilds did not like it when he issued Executive Order 11110 which allowed the Treasury to replace interest bearing Federal Reserve Notes with non-interest bearing Treasury Notes.

This is the same government that sent 12 million jobs overseas since NAFTA was passed in 1994.

This is the same government that actively encouraged three successive Bubbles that gave Americans the illusion of wealth and prosperity. When  the Bond Bubble collapses in 2013, there will be nothing left but food riots interspersed with race riots.

Dr Steve Keen says the world has the greatest amount of debt to cancel in 500 years which means we are headed into the worst financial disaster in 500 years. Goldman Sachs says the US GDP in the last quarter of 2012 is growing at 1% but John Williams of Shadow Stats  the inflation rate is 9.6% which means  the US economy is contracting at 8% per year now and things will soon be a lot worse in a few months. The problem of every economy in the world is that Divine Right of the banks to charge us interest on money they created from nothing. They have saddled us all with Unpayable Debts which they use to reduce us all to Debt Slavery.

But  there is good reason for Hope. I first read about non-interest bearing currencies and the abolition of fractional reserve banking when I was a child, I also read about the Holohoax which is the founding lie of Modern Judeo-Liberalism. But nobody listened. And when I warned of insane wars from Vietnam to Iraq I did not notice positive responses until people actually understood that their government was not only aiding abetting the enemy but was conspiring with to kill tens of millions of Americans by  starvation, food riots, race riots, gang warfare and disease attendant upon societal collapse.

There is another deficit. It is the failure of the government to repair our bridges and levees and sewers. This deficit that will enrage the public as soon as that sinkhole in Louisiana explodes. I reference that as a possibly being the first tipping point in the resistance to worldwide Banker Occupation in the Notes below.

The United States has 21 trillion dollars in federal, state and local debt upon which Americans pay interest to bankers who create our money out of nothing. Americans can see their government and the media is pushing them off that Fiscal Cliff. The real unemployment rate is 22.6% and the real inflation rate is 9.6%. That puts the Misery Index, the combination of the two,  at 32.2% if you believe John Williams at Shadow Stats. If there is no debt Cancellation and Monetary Reform,  I am predicting the following:

The US budget deficit for the calendar year 2013 will pass 2 trillion dollars.

Both the bond market and the dollar will collapse.

The Misery Index will break 100 in 2013.

Inflation will cut our purchasing power into half of what it was on January 1st of 2012.

More than 1,000 cities, counties, school districts and other local districts and agencies will default on their bonds in 2013.

There will be nationwide food riots and widespread looting.

Even the dimmest bulb will finally comprehend that  they can no longer afford to support Jewish wars without end.

In the Notes below I have references which prove  that Israel did 911 and that there was no Holohoax.
Israel Did 7/7 And 911 Part II

Mr Wiesel, I Would Like To Ask You A Few Questions.

World Wars I and II and the Korea War were Jewish wars. The Japanese Emperor first attempted to surrender and negotiate and to stop WW II before it started. The German Army and Navy sent two men to London to offer to surrender in March of 1939. That means all 58 million who died during that war were killed because the Rothschilds and their government in Washington and London wanted us to die.

If You Do Not Learn Real History, You Will Be Dead Really Soon.

NTS Notes: I modified the article title for my own article because the problems that Americans will be facing in 2013 are for the rest of the world as well.  The entire world cannot afford any new wars for Israel!

It has been my hope that more people would have awakened by now to the dire straits we face with the impending financial calamity.   But it does appear that little can stop the criminal Jewish power elite from collapsing the entire world economies and bringing entire nations to their knees.

I have always said that the solution to the impending crisis is for nations to cancel their debts immediately and tell the Rothschild banking empire to take their debts and shove it up their asses.  But the criminal Jewish bankers control almost every country's government on Earth, and therefore the idea of debt cancellation, even though the only real solution possible, will not happen any time soon.

Again, living in Canada, I will not comment on the Jewish Holocaust of World War II.  I leave it up to my own readers to do their research and decide for themselves as to its validity.  

One last note... I can guarantee that even before the Jewish power elite pulls the plug on the world economies, they will have their false flag attack on America and have it blamed on Iran.  That way, before America collapses, they will have their American slaves destroy Iran.  And of course once Iran is destroyed, they will then pull the plug on America.  That horrible scenario could happen very soon in the new year.

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passionatepragmatist said...

Happy New Year to you too, Brian. Wow, what an article. Will have to post this at PW.

Of course, he's right on every point but nothing will ever change until the people of America are de-fluoridated. As long as the population is drugged, dumbed-down and apathetic no action can be taken of any kind of a mass scale. And our Jewish overlords know this very well.

God or whoever help us all in 2013.

Anonymous said...

people need to start being honest with themselves first...

just repeating lies will never change the truth...

the language needs to be purified of all the lies and confusion that leads to people calling things what they are not...

all the lies manufactured at the lie factory will never change the truth...

Americans should at least understand that the word government should not be synonymous with a global "Jewish" crime syndicate...

and that so-called "Jews" can never be Israel.

Israel is a people NOT a stool sculpture deity cult compound...