Monday, November 5, 2012

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

I have always disliked the title: "Conspiracy Theory".  It has been used by the Jewish power elite, especially through their controlled media liars, as their way to blatantly suppress those who are out to expose their criminality.   They have pounded into the public mind the idea of linking the title of "Conspiracy Theorist" to being a lunatic, or a nutjob.  But considering that people now are waking up and realizing that the "Conspiracy Theorists" have had it right all along, I prefer the title: "Conspiracy Realist"!

For this article, I want to present a very good article from a fellow member of what I call the REAL truth movement; "Digger For Truth" who writes out of the UK at    It is entitled: "Top 10 Conspiracy Theories", and is a must read by everyone.  I have that entire article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The scariest thing with all these theories is that so-called intelligent people actually believe these fairy-tales and illusions. They hold to them as FACTS. Some of them all their lives, having done zero independent research into ANY one of them.

Yet any alternative to these fables are automatically seen as conspiracy theories; with the person purporting the Truth seen as a nutter. Ohhh dear, it’s so painful to witness this mass hypnosis.

It was kind of understandable years ago falling for these lies having no real access to alternative media. But to go along with these illusions these days is pure laziness, complacency, apathy, habit, kudos (ego). There really is no excuse for allowing oneself to be hoodwinked and remain in willful ignorance.

[not in order of importance and some interdependent]

1/. The Holohoax
One big fat kosher lie.

This being one of their most important conspiracy theories and foisted upon the stupefied masses on a daily basis. This lie is propagated everywhere, in everything…..and I mean everything! One can’t even watch a neutral innocent gardening programme without there being some tentative, or even incongruous connection to the holofruad narrative.

This constant drip, drip, drip of empathy for the poor victimised Jew. Never again, ohh how they suffered, like no other human being has ever suffered in history. Yes there has been atrocities in the world – BUT NOTHING – NOTHING WHATSOEVER AT THE LEVEL THE POOR INNOCENT JEWS HAVE SUFFERED. 

All built on emotions, perception and trust – and lots and lots of repetition.

The friggin hubris of it. Quite disgusting. How dare they; considering they instigated the horrors and carnage of the war/s in the first place, then have the arrogance to blame it on their victims. Well like all of this, they dare to – simply because we let them. We were so complacent, gullible and cowardly to say otherwise.

2/. The Moon Landing

Ha ha ha. To think I also fell for this crap. The purpose of this essay isn’t about going into the details of these areas. There are specialized sites which provide plenty of information on these specific points. (Please see links below). All that matters is these illusions are looked into.

This particular hoax tricked the whole world, with the exception of a few critical thinkers. Looking at it now, it is quite embarrassing how clumsily they put this whole narrative together and how easily we bought it. Just proving all they need to sell us is perception, so long as nobody is questioning their lies. Like all of these illusions, they are built on pure TRUST. Trust in our information sources which we passively allow to be handed to us. Just like children trust the fables are true that adults tell them.

3/. Voting 

For presidents/prime ministers to provide us with much needed improvements in our lives, peace and our freedom. Ohhh this is more pain – to watch these ignorant, hope-filled fools trot along to their voting centers again and again and again, for them to never ever work out that it’s all one big scam. Another scam that we’ve fallen for – another conspiracy theory…..and they are literally conspiring against us.

What makes the naivety so much worse is that it’s all been proved that these electronic voting mechanisms are rigged. That is putting aside the fact that each and every president never ever delivers what they say are going to do deliver anyway.

That’s equivalent of going to the same dodgy second hand car dealer, which has a new salesman each time you go there. But it doesn’t matter because you always get ripped off, no matter who’s making the deal with you. Yet you keep going back there year after year, because everyone else does and through habit, familiarity and good old trust. Insanity!!

4/. Education – Materialism

That education gives you freedom and enhances your life. Well perhaps true education; I mean real knowledge does. Especially if one learns just for the sake of learning and not for social or materialistic reasons. But what I’m highlighting is the left-brain, rot-learning, mind control they dish out as education. Pure lies, indoctrination, propaganda, misinformation and disinformation; mixed in with snippets of Truth here n there to give it credibility.

Training the gullible goy at varying levels of social structure to be good subservient slaves. Low level slaves and better slaves; but always judaic slaves. To serve the Jewelian system as one’s parents have.

This of course is linked in with materialism/consumerism and our deep-rooted insecurities. The current education system also feeds into the destructive and deadly separatism theme. If I get qualified and financially better myself, then I can move up the social ladder and move away from those lower people and become a higher person. A new identity, a new IAMism can be born.

The concept and illusion that by going through the education system in order to be able to consume things to provide contentment is socially accepted. Now we’re getting deep. Materialism is old as the hills and what all the ancient scriptures have warned us about time and time again. But we always fall for this classic trap. If I just get this, and if I just get that, then I will be happier.

We’ve all fallen for these Pavlovian rewards, even if we kid ourselves we are aware of it. How could we not, when materialism and greed associated around materialism is in our face from our early years(?) Our senses, our ego, our insecurities are being constantly tweaked, prodded and probed to consume.

To have material wealth will make us secure, is all part of the illusion and plays in with this global conspiracy. If we accept we are ultimately dealing with a dark force. A darkness which is feverishly working against us to drain us of our life force energy, break our spirits, destroy our souls and take us away from any spiritual connection we may have. Materialism is a key factor in doing this.

5/. Vaccinations 

Again the word TRUST crops up. We trust our friendly GP, who trusts his practice, who trust their resources, which they all trust their system, with trust in their education, with trust in their governing bodies, who trust their government, which we believe we have chosen through trusting the voting system. Perfect!

The concept that vaccines provide health protection and prevents spread of disease is a joke. A joke which isn’t actually funny. Everything in this insane world is inverted, twisted, warped, inside out and upside down. These deadly jabs are about eugenics, about systematically destroying our immune systems. Of course this is in alignment with the whole allopathic medicine and main stream ‘health care’ system. Soft kill through social engineering.

What is particularly distasteful is when they pretend that there are only limited amounts of vaccines available, to ensure the stupid goy will hurry along and not miss out on their lethal poison. And like all their perception deception tactics – it works! Millions upon millions of willfully ignorant goyim subject themselves and their precious kinder to this attack on health. The polar opposites of what they are expecting.

6/. Money

Surely the biggest conspiracy theory out there. The system we have in place and we all now slave for has got to be the biggest illusion we have fallen for.

We all graft for and weave our lives around this concept called money (mammon). But perhaps money in itself isn’t so evil as it’s just an exchange of energy. This would be true if we were actually dealing with and exchanging money. We are not; we are dealing with nothing more than promissory notes and the illusion of wealth. Not only backed up by NOTHING (just perception), but linked into deadly judaic usury. 

Compound interest on interest. Money being made from the illusion of money. Morally wrong on every level.
This is probably their biggest entrapment, because even those of us who are aware of the illusion cannot seem to escape this kosher trap. Some of us are trying to stack up on alternative commodities such as silver coins, fuel, food, etc. Bartering systems, etc. But to go completely ‘off grid’ for most people is near on impossible at present.

Yet again, try explaining this to most sheople out there and they will defend their Judaic entrapment and cuss you for daring to offer potential ways out of their enslavement.

7/. War on Terror

So we actually know that there was in fact NO WMD’s. Yes zero and yet we allowed these monsters to get away with decimating the people of Iraq. All on a big fat lie. Not only that, we have fallen for this type of deception again and again through the other countries they/we have invaded.

Just so long as they can keep up their bogeyman perception of Al Queda, deadly insurgents, evil Taliban, never-ending terrorists; then it’s demonic business as usual. At every single level of society WE HAVE BEEN LET DOWN. The media, the government agencies, the military, and every single person associated with these areas have played their roles in this evil.

Every single soul chose to believe and just go along with the conspiracy theory of fighting terrorism.

8/. Entertainment

The ‘theory’ being that entertainment is provided for us simply for our innocent fun and enjoyment. Sports, cinema, TV movies, etc. All innocuous activities to do in our spare time. How further from the Truth could this be.

Entertainment is all about keeping the goy distracted from focusing on serious issues; like being aware we are being systematically destroyed by elite demonicly-driven psychotic parasitic predator Jews.

Also whilst we are being distracted we are also being carefully and subtly mind controlled. Layer upon layer upon layer of perceptions and illusions. To accept our slavery, keep us ignorant, keep us disempowered, drive us away from knowing who we really are and our full spiritual potential.

9/. 9/11 Official story

That 19 Muslim extremists were able to get on board three separate planes with box cutters and overcome the cabin crew, somehow intercept the might of the American air force and actually bring three structural buildings to the ground and plunge a hole into the Pentagon. Ha, if it wasn’t so serious – we would cry laughing. This is almost at the level of a child’s cartoon comedy sketch.

Yet millions upon millions of ‘intelligent’ people have fallen for this conspiracy theory hook line and sinker. Not only that, they will actually get aggressive towards you if you dare to present an alternative.

They have formed us into large children. Adult bodies with child-like minds. Except that is insulting to children, because at least children are adaptable and open minded with their beliefs.

10/. Conventional Energy

How we all have accepted that there is no other viable form of energy source than fossil-based fuels and nuclear energy.

Yea sure more and more people are accepting solar energy for their homes. But even those people who have this installed don’t realise they have probably been linked into the grid.

For the most part other forms of energy is just not in our consciousness. That we can run cars on air and water, even simple cooking oils without amending our diesel engines, is beyond most people. In fact try presenting this information to your friends and family and they will probably not only deny it but defend conventional energy systems which they are getting ripped off with.

It is inconceivable to most people that we can all have an abundance of free energy on tap, just by opening up to mother nature’s environmental energy grid.

But of course that’s just a silly conspiracy theory.


1/. The Holohoax
2/. The Moon Landing
3/. Voting
4/. Education – Materialism
5/. Vaccinations
6/. Money
7/. War on Terror
8/. Entertainment
9/. 9/11 official Story
10/. Conventional Energy

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NTS Notes:  I of course cannot touch subject #1 on this list, because I live in Canada which has draconian "Hate Crime Laws" that make research and investigation into that subject taboo.  I leave it up to everyone to judge for themselves on the validity of the claims written in our so called "history" books.

On subject #2, I have news for Digger.. The fraudsters at NASA are still doing their con job today with their phony Curiosity mission to Mars.  I will say it again, that when it comes to the public having faith and belief in NASA, there are suckers born every minute.

We are of course watching how subject #3 is a fraud right now, with the fraudulent and laughable US Presidential "election" that will take place tomorrow.   Electronic voting machines that can easily be hacked is a bad joke enough, but either "candidate" that is "elected" will be again nothing more than a slave to Jewish interests.  

I am glad that Digger sees the same thing that I see on subject #4... Our entire education system is a complete fraud and sham and has brainwashed our children with lies for at least the last century.  Exposing the lies of our history AND our false education system was what got me into this fight in the first place!

Of course on subject #5, I have long said that everyone must stop taking vaccinations immediately.  Rolling up your sleeves and taking deadly mercury laden vaccines into our bodies is not the answer and only fulfills the criminal push for sterilization and eugenics.

In terms of subject #6.... I have shown many times how we are being played as suckers with a phony debt system that is basically crushing nations right now and will only lead the world to full economic collapse.  But again, when will people learn?

Of course subjects #7 and #9 are interlinked... The criminal Jewish power elite needed their new Pearl Harbor to get their bogus "War On Terror" going, and their attack on America on 9-11 fit the bill nicely.  It is too bad that over 11 years later, most people still cannot see into the deception. 

I have not delved much into subject #8 but the facts speak for themselves about how the Jewish control over our media and entertainment is for them to keep their mind control over us!

On subject #10...I have not delved much into free energy, but I have shown that the criminals are trying to keep their grip on the planet through keeping people enslaved to fossil fuels.  AND of course keeping the prices of said fossil fuels artificially high through their "Peak Oil" scam, while the truth is that Fossil Fuels are not even fossil in origin, and are actually quite plentiful.   But to give up that scam and to allow free energy to be developed would mean the loss of their grip over everyone.....

Overall, a great list and very factual.....

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

RE: #4,I am still reeling about the fact that our Canadian kids are subjected to week after week of a "special course" on the "holoco$t" as part of their brainwashing!.. indoctrination!.... education?

My well educated child is only now, at age 31, no longer calling me a racist or anti Semitic when I voice something and say "Jews". She too was exposed to propaganda and special Jewish Holoco$t exhibits that emotionally propelled her to ignorance of truths. I remembered how she came home from school after one of those trips all teary and emotional about man's inhumanity to man... blah blah blah.

This is an excellent list btw.

Thank heavens Digger did not get into trying to prove Santa is a hoax. I don't think I could stand it if I heard he is not real! Or the Easter Bunny for that matter.

And leave the tooth fairy alone!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, I find this to be so "anti-criminal Khazarian".
I thought about calling it "anti-semitic", but then I realized that calling it "anti-semitic" meant that it was anti-Palestinian, the Palestinians being an actual semitic people, and that clearly did not apply. I thought perhaps about the use of the term "anti-Khazarian", as a reflection of the historical accuracy of European or Ashkenazi jews having descended from 9th century Khazars, a mongol-turkic tribe, a good portion of which converted to Judaism in ca 832-835AD, but I realized I have absolutely no problem with ethical Khazars who wish to call themselves jews or any other ethnicity for that matter who practices ethics and wishes to call themselves whatever they wish, provided that they don't commit fraud and other crimes.
As this really is about finding truth regarding criminal Khazars, that tribe of 9th century traders and toll skimmers who commit egregious crimes and then when called on their crimes, shriek that the person hates Palestinians (i.e., is anti-semitic) something has to give.
Therefore, when a criminal Khazar calls someone anti-semitic for simply pointing our criminal Khazar conduct, what they really meant to say is that person is "anti-criminal Khazarian", a term which more aptly reflects history, geneology and the reality of the slight. But it really is not a slight, it's simply an attempt at imposing justice and placing the crime in historical context.
From now on, when someone truthfully asks about Ashkenazi/Khazarian crimes and the criminal Khazars spout a term which calls to mind hatred of Palestinians, one should correct that individual and point out the accused is actually no anti-Palestinian, but is simply against the criminal activity of a small group of people who pose as jews.
Thus, this article is one of the most anti-criminal Khazarian pieces I have ever read.
Now there, doesn't that sort of tie up the loose ends?

Northerntruthseeker said...

Damn I.. I guess I am an "anti-scam-ite" then!!!

I get confused at times.. are they a religious group? or are they a race?

Khazar invaders of Palestine that are not even Semites and yet scream "antisemitism" at everyone who fights against their crimes...Geez, what is the world coming to?

Anonymous said...

This is parody, right?

Well done.