Friday, November 2, 2012

This Is Truly Sickening: Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: The Hidden Cult

I have now been doing this blog for some 5 years now, and after that time, my understanding of the mindset of the evil criminals, that are out to control this planet and subjugate all of mankind as slaves for all time, has grown by leaps and bounds.  Periodically it is important to delve into the mindset and machinations of these criminals, and for this article, I want to explore one aspect that is truly sickening....

I came across a video the other day, courtesy of my friend, Noor, who writes the great blog: Snippits and Snappits, at, and I was blown away.  It deals with a very gruesome and truly sickening aspect of criminal Judaism that everyone MUST be made aware of.... Their very sick and evil practice of ritual human sacrifices, or as they call it: "Blood Libels".    This video is entitled: "Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited: The Hidden Cult", and I have it right here for my own readers to view for themselves.  I do of course have my own comments and thoughts about the findings in this video to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have long been called the laughable and fraudulent term "antisemite" for years now for my stance against the evil practices of these criminals.  But after seeing them in action and how they have constantly performed criminal acts of murder,  and continue to do serious damage to this planet,  I wear that moniker with pride!

The question does become... Is this sick and inhuman practice still going on in this day and age?  To answer that question, I want to turn to that famous Oprah Winfrey show telecast from years ago, where a young Jewish woman came forward and gave definitive proof that their ritual murders are still going on to this day.  Here is that video again for those who have not seen it yet:

I do have one question to these criminals that scream "antisemitism" every time someone discovers their evil acts and calls them out on them... Please explain the findings in these videos, and how in this day and age your so called "religion" continues this EVIL practice of "ritual blood sacrifices"?..Especially against innocent CHILDREN?   I would love to have an explanation.... My comment section is always open.....

The fact is that as civilized human beings in this modern world, we would have hoped that all of mankind would have evolved to a state of understanding that the ancient idea of sacrificing human beings to false idols and deities is no longer valid and absolutely WRONG....  BUT again, even now we have a religion that carries on that sick practice right in this day and age.   This madness must be stopped!

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Shem said...

Absolutely it still occurs. The orthodox jews and their Babylonian religion are simply well disguised Lucifarians. See them ritually kill chickens in their obviously pagan ritual. Judaism is the religion of blood.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have been in many conversations with others in the REAL truth movement, and we all are in full agreement that the followers of Judaism continue their ritual human sacrifices to this day...

I find it revolting to think that these creatures who pride themselves as somehow being "more intelligent" than the rest of mankind practice such sickening and absolutely primitive and revolting actions of murder against other humans... But again, they look upon the rest of us as nothing more than cattle, right?

Shem said...

Absolutely, brother! Apologies that this post slipped throufj the cracks somehow.

Very interesting you and yours came to the same conclusion! Fritz Springmeier on a prophecy club? Vid showed an estate where they supposedly execute pregnant women. Wouldnt surprise me a bit.

It would only surprise me if they didnt!

Im currently investigating jews vs lucifarians as the source of our problems. Im not sure it even matters, the jew is guilty regardless! Looking forward to reading more of your site.

oh and I dont think whites can imagine how twisted their thoughts really are!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm late on digging up this article or you truly came across something epic.. I've read other articles where you say you pages and findings and emails have been altered. I tried numerous times to check the videos posted but they are gone. Supposedly the user of the account has been disabled. What a shame . I would've loved to repost this everywhere