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The Global Warming Fraud: Physical Analysis Shows Carbon Dioxide Is A Coolant (!)

Years ago, I fell for the same scam that most people still believe to be true... That Carbon Dioxide is a "Greenhouse Gas" and the chief proponent that has to be brought under control to save our planet from man made "Global Warming".   It is through the control of man made Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions into our atmosphere, through the implementation of"Carbon Taxes", that most nations believe they can do their part in ending the threat of "Global Warming" and save the planet from ourselves.   I want to bring forward evidence here again that shows that what we have been told about Carbon Dioxide is a massive LIE!

I have put up several previous articles already in this blog that showed clear evidence that Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a "Greenhouse" gas.   After I posted those articles, I came under tremendous scrutiny and assault from the Global Warming scam artists that claimed that I was nuts and that I was absolutely wrong about my data. 

I have not backed down from my evidence showing Carbon Dioxide is NOT a Greenhouse Gas, and in fact for this article, I want to again attack the Global Warming lies about CO2, by bringing forward a very interesting article, thanks to an email from a friend, John Kaminski, from the website:, entitled: "Physical Analysis Shows CO2 Is A Coolant For The Atmosphere".   In this article, that I have here for everyone to see for themselves, you will see that again what we have been told about CO2 needs some serious re-evaluation!    I do have some of my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Physical analysis shows CO2 is a coolant for the atmosphere

There is a fallacy dominating the way of our thinking in current climate research that radiative gases such as carbon dioxide and water vapour are regarded greenhouse gases that trap heat and warm up the atmosphere.  Physics analysis of carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen molecules, however, tells a different story: carbon dioxide is cooler than, gains heat by molecular collision from, and dissipates heat by radiation for nitrogen and oxygen.  Indeed, CO2 is a coolant of the atmosphere, and it is nitrogen and oxygen gases that award the Earth a warm liveable near surface atmosphere. 

The physical principle behind the analysis lies in the Kirchhoff’s law of 19th century radiation physics, which can be restated in plain English as: an object that absorbs emits and an object that emits absorbs.   Absorption and emission are two inseparable equivalent identities of the same physical essence.  Carbon dioxide absorbs infrared therefore it emits as well thermal radiation.  Nitrogen and oxygen do not absorb, therefore do not emit.  CO2 approaches 0 K because of its emission if there is no radiation source; absorption of the thermal radiation from the earth ground surface rises CO2 temperature from -273.15°C to -78°C only.  CO2 gains heat by colliding with warmer nitrogen and oxygen to rise its temperature further, which can be measured by spectroscopy.   

We will have a better understanding of the physical principle if one notices that a computer case is often designed black.  This is because a black surface emits more heat out so the computer will be cooler.  On the other hand, an industrial boiler is usually painted silver to reduce thermal emission to reserve heat. 

With this alternative interpretation, we have a better explanation of the temperature-altitude profile of the atmosphere; in particular, a better explanation of the existence of the thermosphere where the molecular temperature of residual oxygen gas is well above 100°C ¾ CO2 gas is sorted out in the thermosphere due to its heavier molecular weight. 

A PDF file of the full manuscript entitled “Role of heat reservation of N2 and O2 and the role of heat dissipation of CO2 and water vapour” is available to download if interested.

(By Dr. J. Cao, Australia)

NTS Notes:  I do remember reading some articles, before John Kaminski sent me this very interesting one, that CO2's molecular makeup was all wrong for a "Greenhouse" gas for heating our atmosphere.  The evidence here shows that its molecules actually absorb infrared radiation thus leading to a cooling effect!

All evidence now shows CO2 in fact to not be a Greenhouse Gas at all.  In fact it is essential to life and helps to cool our planet!

Now for a side note of importance: Critics of those who call Global Warming a hoax will still point towards the planet Venus as their evidence of a "runaway Greenhouse effect", and what could happen to Earth if we do not curtail our CO2 emissions.  But I have to ask them... What if what we have been told about Venus has been wrong?   What if the truth is that CO2 in Venus's atmosphere is actually helping to COOL the planet?   This may not seem as far fetched as many may think (as shown in the above article) and I will explain why I also think they are wrong! (again)..

There have always been some peculiarities about the planet Venus that nobody has been able to explain,  and I will give it my own theories in a moment...but first lets look at some of those peculiarities of note: Venus is the ONLY planet in our solar system that orbits our Sun, Sol, in the opposite direction with regards to the other planets.   And there is the other strange fact that Venus's day is actually LONGER than its year.  We must ask ourselves...How can these be possible?

My theory, and an answer to the mystery of Venus, is that Venus is actually a captured Planet!   Many may say.. "Oh come on now!!" But let me explain (and I did explain this in a previous article)... Venus in ancient times was very feared by our ancestors, and there are ancient stories of the planet Venus having a "tail" like a comet!  This may not be so far fetched if Venus is actually a world that was captured by our Sun, and its capture in actually very recent times (something like 100000 years ago).     I have said before in a previous article that the capture of this rogue planet by our Sun, Sol, would have exerted a massive amount of internal energy (tidal drag or inertial energy) on its core, super heating it and causing every volcano on its surface to explode.  The evidence of volcanic action on Venus's surface was recently proven by the Mariner and Venera probes that found the entire surface to be molten and volcanic.  Horrendous volcanic eruptions all over the surface of Venus would also account for its massive CO2 atmosphere laced with Sulfuric Acid (90 BAR atmosphere, or some 90x the surface pressure of Earth) and account for its horrific surface temperatures ( 700+ degrees Kelvin or 900 degrees Fahrenheit today).   The initial Venusian catastrophe would have almost ripped the planet apart, and only now has it settled down into the wretched planet that we see today that orbits our Sun in the wrong direction and has a day longer than its year!   And only now after thousands of centuries has that planet began to cool down.

Yes, I have read "Worlds in Collision" by Velikovsky that postulated the idea of Venus being a rogue planet, but Velikovsky asserts Venus being responsible for the false Exodus tale.   I say Velikovsky was on the right track but that Venus's encounters with Earth happened hundreds of centuries before the time of the Bible.

We also have the ancient stories of the great "flood' and other mysterious tales of planet wide devastation... What if... and I am just putting forward a hypothesis here... Venus, on its way to being captured by our Sun, made several close encounters with our planet Earth during its many elliptical orbits that occurred during its initial Solar "capture" phase?   Consider the close interaction of a planet some 7500 miles in diameter with our own planet 7912 miles in diameter... These close encounters would have been devastating!   It is very lucky for us that the two worlds did not collide.   But eventually, the new planet Venus would have settled into a stable orbit around Sol, encounters with our world ended, our planet survived, and the encounter stories survived to this day in stories of a  great cataclysmic "flood"....

Remember this is just my own hypothesis....

Ok, enough about the Global Warming shysters falsely using Venus and its fraudulent "runaway CO2 generated Greenhouse effect" as their trump card...Back to the matter at hand.... Basically, EVERYTHING that we have been told about CO2 being a Greenhouse gas is a massive lie, perpetrated on purpose by those who want to only subject suckers into accepting new taxes to make the swindlers rich and to help the scam artists behind the entire Global Warming fraud possibly achieve their goal of a One World Government.  

As I have stated many times.. It is time to put the Global Warming fraudsters out of their misery once and for all time... And that time has to be now, because the US Government itself is now wanting to bring in phony "Carbon Tax" legislation as early as this coming January to suck more money out of the American public.

More to come



Anonymous said...

You are correct there isn't a greenhouse effect on Venus. See

Dylan said...

I like the captured planet idea, but I think the melt at the end of the last glaciation accounts for the ubiquitous flood stories. The thought just occurred to me that Venus may have been captured around the time the ice age cycle began, causing it perhaps?

I'm not sure I follow the co2 cooling effect- co2 absorbs infra-red radiation, which increases kinetic energy. This energy gets transferred to oxygen and nitrogen through collision, leaving the co2 to absorb more infra-red. Seems like an energy storage mechanism to me. If a molecule absorbs energy, that energy doesn't vanish. I agree that the agw concept is nefarious garbage, but attempting to say that co2 isn't even a greenhouse gas, or that the greenhouse effect doesn't exist seems akin to arguing that the holocaust never happened because Germans never existed.