Sunday, November 25, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 25th, 2012

I am a bit under the weather today, so bare with me.  I have been on cold medication and right now, my head is throbbing.  But hey, I figured I would at least try to get this week's rant off and running..

I came under fire for my recent article about how the "big kahuna" of the so called "truth movement", Mr. Alex Jones himself, stuck his foot in his mouth again by saying that Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map.   It does seem that there are those Alex Jones lovers out there that will not stand any criticism of their hero.  That's too bad, because I look upon that buffoon as a horrific disinformation agent who will NEVER tell the truth about exactly who is responsible for the world's woes.   I ask those naysayers to somehow disprove the fact that their hero has said that "Arabs control Hollywood" and the recent video that proves that he said that "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map".   But of course, they have nothing to say, and only want to slam those, like myself, who see this man for exactly what he truly is!

The fact is that "Infowars" does put up some great factual information periodically.  But it is following the protocols of disinformation that calls for some truthful information once in a while, but to make sure that the real villains are never ever exposed! 

I did apologize in my last article about the fact that I have been negligent in my reporting on the situation with the still ongoing Fukushima disaster.  But again, there has been NOTHING coming out of the Jewish controlled Mainstream media, which to me is troubling.  I am troubled that their focus is on pure fluff and troubles elsewhere, while the citizens of the northern hemisphere of this planet are right now having their immune systems weakened by exposure to high levels of radioactivity due to Fukushima.   I have also been seeing new reports of serious  health problems being seen in Japanese children that can be directly linked to exposure to radioactive fallout from Fukushima that is being avoided by the governments and media.  The facts are clear that people will be dying very soon from radiation exposure due to this disaster!

Yes, there is a "ceasefire" in Gaza right now.   But only after some 168 innocent Palestinians lost their lives from Israeli brutality.   The Palestinians holed up in that open air prison camp can claim a psychological victory over the criminal and murderous Israelis... For now.... But I can guarantee that the criminally insane Milikowsky (Netanyahu) is working deviously on a new plan to have his forces march into Gaza and kill thousands.    Remember, this is only a "ceasefire" and the ultimate goal of the sickos in charge of Israel is for the destruction of ALL of the Palestinians!

And the world wide Jewish controlled media has been made to look like laughing stocks in this Gaza fiasco for their constant support of the criminal Israeli state.   They failed to put up any "unbiased" reports and failed to talk about Israeli aggression against innocent and unarmed civilians living in Gaza.  Now people everywhere see the media for what it really is.. Talking heads and "Yes men" for their Jewish masters!  Is it no wonder that people everywhere have had enough of the phony media, and are seeking the truth through the alternative media?

Some people have noticed that my reports have become more biting and more hardline against the Jews out for world domination.  I said it before and I will say it again,  I am out for the truth, and the truth is now coming out loud and clear that this entire "tribe" can never, ever be trusted.   I did fall for the trick of calling those responsible "Zionists" at one time.   But I have said in recent articles that we find almost NOBODY in this criminal "tribe" speaking out against their horrific crimes against humanity.  Most of this "tribe" are either directly involved in the crimes or stay in the background as silent monetary supporters or cheerleaders for the evil actions of their fellow "tribe" members.   The recent attacks on the unarmed and innocent civilians by the criminal Israelis finally convinced me that we cannot trust these people.   We should all be asking ourselves... WHERE was the outcry from the Jewish community against the murderous actions of their sacred state of Israel??

I noticed today that the US has called off meetings of nations to discuss creating a nuclear free zone in the Middle East.   But what did we expect? These meetings were a farce, because the US will continue to support the idea of having only one nuclear armed nation in the region, which of course is Israel.   This shows the hypocrisy of the United States, especially when it continues to decry Iran having a non-existent nuclear weapons program, while the criminal and insane state of Israel is armed to the teeth with some 300+ nuclear weapons.  

Of course now that Israel has temporarily failed to wipe some 1.7 million innocent people holed up in Gaza off the map, they are again working with their American puppets on new ways to get their long cherished war against Iran off and running.  We are of course seeing things begin to heat up again in Syria, and we all know by now the road to Iran is through Syria itself.

I am waiting like everyone else for the announcement that NASA has found "Life" on Mars with their fraudulent Curiosity Rover.    When that happens, I will be blasting them for their lies, and I sure hope that others will see that we will be played as suckers again, just like the faked Apollo man on the moon missions.    I really wish that people would get it by now.... The US economy is in shambles right now, and the impending economic collapse is definitely here.... Therefore, the US Government needs something spectacular, short of war itself,  to divert peoples' attention away from the nation's impending doom. The timing is therefore too perfect for now throwing the idea that we are not alone in the Universe with this NASA announcement about Mars!  I want to say it again... I am not against the idea that we are not alone in the Universe, but to now show it as "fact" from their fraudulent Mars missions is an insult to everyone's intelligence, and the integrity of both Science and History.

Yes, the economy is in complete shambles.  We see the European Union disintegrating, and the economic situation no better here in North America.   I also have seen the reports that other nations, such as Argentina, are now showing signs of economic implosion.    The ticking time bomb of total economic collapse seems to be primed to explode sometime this January.   When that happens, there will be a massive world wide outcry for a solution, and I sure hope that people do NOT accept any solutions offered by the Jewish criminal bankers that created the mess in the first place.

No, I did not partake in any of the "Black Friday" sales that are as of this year also taking place in Canada.  I could not see myself lining up for hours to save money on Chinese built junk just to help save a failing economy....

I am still puzzled that people cannot see the sick game being played when it comes to Gold and Gold reserves around the planet.  I will say it again, and I wish that people would understand, that there are NO GOLD RESERVES at all.   ALL of the world's nations' Gold reserves were stolen decades ago, and are right now sitting in private Rothschild banks.   Their plan has always been to implode the world wide economies (as I said above) and to come up with their own "solution" which will be a "Gold backed" monetary system.   In that way, with them having all the Gold, they will ensure their complete control over the planet forever!

Well, that is it for now.  But of course in closing, I want to add a few tidbits that I have not discussed above.... The Benghazi embassy attack was a fraud.  Check the great articles from Jim Stone ( for the evidence.  The US Government has now been caught fully in that web of lies, and that is why the farce of the Petraeus "affair",and other related issues, was created as a diversion and "fluff" to keep the American public's attention away from other wrongdoings of their government...The US public is about to get walloped in the form of a new and insidious tax grab, by the introduction of phony "Carbon Taxes" as early as this coming January.  I have already shown again and again that man made "Global Warming" is a scam.  I really do wish that people would actually listen and stop these criminals in their tracks.... Yes, I am now doing some work over at Pragmatic Witness (  Whitewraithe herself is doing her best with work and family, and especially trying to get her health back in order.....Yes, I have been watching the on goings of Hockey's National Hockey League's lockout by their ownership.  I still cannot believe the amount of greed between Jewish owners and players.   Maybe it is time for fans of Ice Hockey to say enough is enough and withdraw their support of the entire fiasco.   But I can guarantee that once the "lockout" ends, the fans will be back in droves and all will be forgiven.  I do enjoy sports, but I have always looked upon professional sports as a distraction, or the so called "bread and circuses" needed to keep peoples' minds elsewhere while the criminals continue their push for our enslavement.   That is especially true for NFL Football in America!..... And in closing, I am still troubled by the American love affair with "reality television".   It is bad enough that television, or "Talmudvision" as I like to call it, has been used to brainwash and dumb down the masses, but these reality shows are horrendous.   But better to turn Americans into mutton headed zombies with crap like the "Kardashians" than to let them realize what is happening in the real world!... Oh well, time to take some more medicine and get rid of this blaring headache!

More to come



mary sullivan said...

remember, alex's wife is violet nichols who told me over the phone she is a Jewess, long before she ever married him, many years ago

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones IS a disinfo agent. Anyone that knows what he does and not assign blame to the true originators of it is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Not to worry though we are here and will not be decieved. Peace.