Sunday, November 18, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Yes, it is time for my weekly rant, and today I am supremely pissed off....

We are watching a massive slaughter of innocent civilians in the open air prison camp called the Gaza Strip by the psychotic and murderous nation of Israel, and few are standing up agaisnt this act of mass genocide.

It troubles me to watch the media here in Canada flat out lie about what is happening in Palestine right now.  The local newspaper for example has almost no reporting of the murder of hundreds of innocent women and children by the Israels.  Instead the headlines are filled with reports and pictures of Israeli soldiers preparing for their massive ground assault on Gaza, and absolutely no reports about the deaths and injuries to the Palestinian civilians holed up in the Gaza Strip.  It is pathetic, and again reinforces the need for everyone to turn off their Jewish run media once and for all time.

To top it all off, we see reports today of Israeli aircraft targeting HOSPITALS and media outlets in the Gaza Strip.  It is obvious that the crazy Israelis want the media blinded when they launch their ground assault on Gaza so that the truth about the slaughter is not seen by anyone around the world.  But to target hospitals is a crime against humanity and the grounds for international intervention to halt the Israeli attack immediately.  But again, with Jewish control over the US and most western nations, now supreme, that will not happen..   War crimes are war crimes except for when the Israelis do it, so it seems.

What also bugs me about this entire new want for mass extermination of Palestinians is the outright lies by the Israelis about the so called "rocket attacks" by "Hamas" back into Israel itself.  I am troubled by this, because we have seen many cases in the past where Mossad agent provocateurs have launched small bottle rockets from the Gaza Strip back into Israel just to give the Israelis their provocation for massive aerial attacks on Gaza itself.   But now the agent provocateurs have upped the stakes by launching even longer ranged rockets and striking Jerusalem itself.

And about these rockets.... The Israelis are outright lying to everyone with their claims that the rockets are "Iranian made" and are being smuggled into the Gaza Strip via the "tunnels" into Gaza.  I am surprised that people just dont get it.... There is no way that these more advanced rockets could be smuggled into the Gaza Strip considering the massive Israeli occupation, control, and constant surveilance of the strip at all times.   Then there is the fact that to disassemble these rockets, transport them through these tunnels, including their fuel requirements, is nearly impossible.  It would also take precision engineering for the reassembly and the fueling of these "missiles" for them to be ready for launching.  I am therefore sticking to my guns that we are seeing Israeli agent provocateurs and a false flag operation to justify the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza itself!

Some however have said that it has to be "Hamas" that has been launching these "missiles" because they killed Israeli civilians.  I again say that this is a false flag, because first of all, most missiles do not hit any targets, except open fields and open water (Is Hama really that bad of a shot?).  Also, we have seen many times in the past where the Israelis have sacrificed a few of their own people for their greater aims.... Lets not forget the prime examples of the Mossad operations of Munich 1972, and Entebbe in 1976, where Israeli civilians were sacrificed to garner world sympathy for the evil Jewish state!

And who started this latest push for the destruction of Gaza in the first place?  Lo and behold, it was again the Israelis when they went and murdered an innocent Palestinian 13 year old boy last Thursday, who's only crime was playing soccer!   An Israeli helicopter gun ship took some unwarranted shots at this innocent lad as he was playing on a makeshift soccer pitch, killing him on the spot, and few media outlets around the world have even talked about this act of cold blooded murder.  That and their hit on Hamas' military leader last week after they falsely led him to believe they were willing to discuss peace, shows exactly what kind of monsters these creatures truly are.   The bottom line is that the Israelis started this latest conflict and are nothing more than hypocrites when they try to garner World support for their push for a slaughter of innocent people.

What also pisses me off is the way that the world governments right now are coming out in full support of the criminal state of Israel.  I have never seen worse Jewish butt kissing by these morons in all of my life.  Even here in Canada, the Jewish puppet Stephen Harper has said that Canada has Israel's back in this latest war against innocent people.   I truly wish that the Canadian people would push to have that moron out as our leader, and have him sent promptly to live in his Jewish paradise!

What is happening now is that we will very shortly watch the Israeli military march into Gaza and start their wholesale slaughter of innocent people.  When that happens, there will be little outcry from the entire world due to Jewish control over governments and media.   I am truly pissed off that people have not taken to the streets even here and said enough is enough of having these monsters try to enslave and control our lives.   The people of Gaza deserve every right to proper lives, and not to be butchered by murderers and thieves.

Yes, I have concentrated most of this rant on Gaza, but there are a few other important issues to cover here as well....

I have said before that there are NO GOLD RESERVES in America at all.. Zilch, nada.... This is why the criminals in the US Government are busy trying to prevent Germany and other nations from extracting their physical Gold Bullion out of America.   There is no bullion to give them!   What that means is that the Gold that nations have faithfully allowed the US to store in vaults in America was stolen and removed from the US years ago.  I said in my last rant that all of the physical Gold is sitting in Rothschild controlled private vaults, waiting for the day that the dollar and other world currencies implode and collapse.  When that happens they will come out and say they have their solution, which will be a Gold backed currency.  Of course they want this, because they control all the physical Gold!    This way, they will make sure that the entire planet continues to be enslaved to their every wish, and why they are responsible for engineering the world wide economic collapse that will happen very soon.

I see that in all 50 states of the United States, there are calls for secession from the Union.  But to what purpose?   How individual states would operate without a proper government structure and their own military is one thing, but WHY now the push for secession?   I  know that many people are pissed that the Jewish controlled Barry Soetoro has been re-selected by the Jewish power elite as the US puppet President, but to me, secession is not the answer.  The only thing that secession could do is weaken the US even further than what it already is due to criminal Jewish methods of destruction.   The real solutions to the problems in America I have listed many times... End the Jewish Federal Reserve, End the debt owed to Jewish thieves, cut off all "aid" with the criminal state of Israel, and end the wars for Jewish interests immediately!

I see that I was right when I said that Austerity does not work, and that nations of the European Union would be better off in telling the Rothschild IMF to take their measures of debt enslavement and shove it up their asses.   We see the Greeks and the Spanish people right now in the streets still demanding their governments bow to their wishes, and say no to austerity.  Austerity means permanent enslavement, and people deserve freedom away from criminal usury created by Jewish bankers.

Some people have said that I have taken a dark turn in my blog by naming the criminals, Jews, rather that what they like to call them "Zionists".   For the longest time I also fell for the idea that not all Jews are evil and that only the ones called "Zionists" are the real criminals.  I am no longer sold on this, because I have watched for decades as Jewish interests have ruined this planet, and expected that some of the so called "good ones" would come forward and actually put up efforts to stop the criminality of their tribe.  Yes, there have been a few decent Jewish voices over the years that have stated their displeasure of the actions of their tribe, but they are a mere drop in the much larger bucket.  Overall, the vast majority of Jews are either directly involved in the crimes against humanity, or sit back on the sidelines as either silent supporters or cheerleaders.   To me, that is pathetic and shows that the tribal mentality that they are brainwashed from birth with the sick idea of them being "superior" to the rest of mankind does reign supreme.   It is especially apparent now with the imminent destruction of Gaza where we see almost NO Jewish voices around the planet step forward and state their opposition to the actions of their glorious and sick state of Israel.  Where are these voices????

Well, I suppose that is it for now..... But I will close with my usual last tidbits......In case anyone wants to know,  I have been in contact with my good friend, Whitewraithe over the last while (, and yes she is still alive and kicking.  She has not been able to do any new articles at Pragmatic Witness due to a vast assortment of personal and family matters, and just last week, she kindly asked me to take over her blog for a while until she is able to return.  I said I would be honored, and to do my best.  Material will be there for everyone to view soon.....John Friend's Truth Militia radio shows ( every Monday night at 6PM PST have so far been fabulous.  John is of course wanting me on his show as well, so stay tuned..... I see that the push for Carbon Taxation in America is now back on the table thanks to Barry Soetoro's  re-selection as President.  It is sad that in spite of all of my efforts, and the efforts of others as well, that the LIE of Global Warming is still believed by most people.  It definitely shows we still have a lot of work to do......The push for war on Iran, I see, is momentarily off the table while the Israelis concentrate on destroying Gaza.   I can guarantee that once they are finished murdering a few thousand more innocent  people, they will again use their media around the world to vilify Iran again...... And in closing, I see that Kim Kardashian was in the news recently with her pathetic "Tweeting" of support of the nation of Israel.  This shows again how pathetic and totally braindead this poor excuse for a human being is.  But again, America loves their royal family!

More to come



M. Rocknest said...

When it gets this horrific, as it has lately with the Palestinians in Gaza -- sadly yet again -- there just doesn't seem to be a word to adequately describe the feeling I get witnessing such off-the-scale insane injustice. I rely on wordsmiths like yourself, NTS, and others to help me get the feelings out of my gut and into a tangible form. I notice more and more that writers (at least ones I value) are ditching the term Zionist and going straight to the source -- the Jews. (I've done the Zionist substitute thing for years myself.) At this stage we either take a hail Mary pass or we concede the game. The Jews have been much too successful at instilling fear of the anti-Semitic smear and making themselves, they who cannot be named. "Well it's a trick, we always use it." -- Shulamit Aloni (

Les Visible once composed a mantra which I often hurl towards that smarmy, psychopathic entity known as Israel but now I see the pain in Gaza and realize these dear people need a miracle not a mantra. Here it is anyway ...

Out demons out! Out demons out! Out demons out!
May your plots be turned against you.
May you be driven from the occupied lands.
May you be exposed to all the people of the world.
May Gaza be granted relief.
May judgment come to murderer and thief.
Out demons out! Out demons out! Out demons out!

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of people who oppose Imperialism and Colonialism, yet they object to opposing any particular religion. It is expedient to appease those people, and also logical, to take a strong stand against Imperialism and Colonialism, without criticizing any particular religion.

We know that the USA is predominantly Christian, and that Israel is predominantly Jewish. Yet we need not blame Christianity for US Imperialism and Colonialism, or Judaism for Israeli Imperialism and Colonialism. We can oppose Imperialism and Colonialism without criticizing any religion.

We can avoid the objections, and possibly gain the support, of those who object to criticizing religion by simply leaving religion out of our opposition to Imperialism and Colonialism.

I tell people that the problem of Israel has nothing to do with religion; the problem is that Israel is a bastion of Western Imperialism and Colonialism. I tell people that the religious angle of the Israel/Palestine conflict is a false excuse that the Western Establishment uses to exploit and exacerbate the situation for their own propaganda purposes. I refuse to discuss Israel/Palestine in religious terms, and thus I avoid being labeled "AntiSemitic" when I state that Israel is a bastion of Western Imperialism and Colonialism.

If it were simply a matter of religion, the Jews and Arabs should cooperate and live together peacefully, as they did in the past. Instead, the land-grabbing encroachment of Western Imperialism and Colonialism, supported by US and NATO military and financial assistance for the racist State of Israel, has created and perpetuated the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.