Sunday, November 11, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 11th, 2012

Yes, it is Sunday, and again it is time for my weekly rant.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, which is supposed to pay homage to, and remember all of the soldiers who died in the major wars of the last century.   It is truly sad to think of all of the soldiers who fought gallantly in these conflicts for either "Saving the world for Democracy" or to end "Nazi domination of Europe" when most were unaware that they were being used as nothing more than pawns for criminal interests.   Now that we know that all of these wars were purposely created by criminal Jewish banking interests, for the creation of their sick and twisted land called Israel and ultimately towards their goal of domination of the planet.  It does not matter to those psychos that hundreds of millions of innocent people lost their lives in the process.

I have also been taking more interest this week about what has exactly happened to the Gold reserves that are supposed to be in the United States and elsewhere, that countries such as Germany are now wanting to repatriate back to their nations.   The fact is simple and I will state it right here.... THERE ARE NO GOLD RESERVES.   People have to realize that all of the physical gold that is supposed to be in NYC and in the supposed Gold repository at Fort Knox Kentucky was removed decades ago.   This is exactly why when the French came calling in 1971 to repatriate their gold reserves out of the United States, the US Government could not give it to them.  Instead, then President Richard M Nixon had no choice but to basically show the US was bankrupt and take the US dollar off of Gold backing.    Since that time, the US dollar has not been based on Gold at all, but instead was allowed to be kept alive through the diabolical forcing of nations to trade their oil on it as of 1973.   Thus was born the "Petro-dollar".   It should therefore be obvious that the US cannot possibly give Germany or any other country its Gold, simply because they do not have it to give!  This is the reason for all the stall tactics and the US scrambling to make deals to make sure that no physical gold is taken out of the country... There is no physical gold to give!  

The question then becomes... WHERE in the Hell is all the physical Gold?   The answer is obvious... Most of it is being secretly hidden in Rothschild controlled banks and institutions waiting for the day that the World economies implode and they offer their "solution" of a Gold based currency!   With them controlling all the physical gold bullion, they will finally attain their total control over all the world economies and reach their long sought dream of total world domination.   It is my hope that everyone realizes this is their plan all along, and finally stops it from happening.....

I see that the financial situation in Europe seems to be going from bad to worse... I knew that when the Greek government surrendered in the summer to criminal Rothschild "Austerity" measures that that enslavement through a "bailout"would not last, and I and others were right.  Right now the Greek government is pleading for more money from the Rothschild IMF, when the real solution has been staring them in their faces all along.... Say NO to any austerity, period!  Then tell the IMF and the EU to take their debt and shove it up their asses.  Then start getting your own currency back into circulation immediately and have it printed absolutely debt and interest free.    If all that takes place, Greece would definitely prosper again.   BUT instead what we see is the IMF wanting to further their grip on Greece by forcing even more enslavement of the Greek people through more debt.  And we wonder why the Greek people are rioting on the streets???

I have still been tracking what has been happening with the disaster at Fukushima Japan, and what I see is not good... There have been reports surfacing this week that show that exposure to radiation by the Japanese people is finally beginning to take its toll.  We are now seeing reports of tumors and other strange abnormalities forming in the Japanese people, especially in the children near or around the Fukushima plant itself.  There will only be a matter of time now before we start seeing reports of actual DEATHS from these tumors and prolonged radiation exposure.   All this, and there are still no reports coming out concerning actual solutions for the failed reactors themselves, and the spent fuel rod pools that are still in danger of collapsing.   I for one am truly shocked that world attention continues to focus on the situation in the Middle East and the laughable and fraudulent US Presidential election while a true world wide life ending crisis is still ongoing in Japan!

Many may ask why I did not cover more of the laughable Presidential "election" in the United States in my blog.    Really, why bother?   It really did not matter which of the two major candidates for the major parties in America got selected for President, because the real winner is again... Israel!  Now that Israel Kiss Ass Barry Soetoro is back in power for the next 4 years, he will continue his campaign of total ruination of America while sucking up to his Jewish masters in both the US and the criminal state of Israel. 

It does appear that the push for war against the innocent nation of Iran is back on the table.  I said before that the insane Israeli Prime Minister, Milikovsky (Netanyahu) would wait until after the US Presidential selection before he again would push for war on Iran, and I was right.   As I have said in previous articles.. This man is absolutely insane, and wants to go down in history as some kind of messianic figure for Jewish Middle Eastern, and possibly world, domination.   It does not matter that the result of his insane lust for war could be World War III and the deaths of billions.

I have said many times that the way to get into a war against Iran has always been through the so called back door called Syria.   Even now we see the "civil war" in Syria continue to escalate, with new calls for US/NATO "intervention" into Syria itself.   Lets not be fooled... The so called civil war is absolutely not civil by any means.  Syria has been invaded by thousands of US and Israeli paid mercenaries, which have been attacking villages, and killing innocent Syrian civilians.  These mercenaries are thugs and murderers and the Syrian government has every right to defend their nation from this invasion.  But the Jewish controlled media around the planet has been making the false claims that it has been the Syrian Government that has been killing their own civilians, and that these mercenaries, which they call "rebels", have been fighting for "freedom" for the Syrian people.   We saw this same type of twisted and sick logic used in Libya, and we all know what happened there....It is my hope that the Syrian government wins out with Russia's support against this US/NATO/Israel attack on its nation!

It has been quite a while since I discussed NASA's fraudulent Apollo man on the moon missions from 1968-1972.    I instead have concentrated recently on NASA's equally fraudulent Mars lander and rover missions, showing how they have been just as big a fraud as Apollo.    Just over a week ago, my friend Whitewraithe came under fire when she put up a comment in an article stating that Apollo was a fraud because the astronauts could not have survived the radiation of the Van Allen Belts.    She is of course correct... But she was challenged for making that statement, and she was asked for her evidence....She then turned to me for help.    Lets just say that I sent off a very long email explaining in detail how there was NO way in hell that the Apollo astronauts could have traversed the Van Allen belts in an thin aluminum hull space craft without exposure to a deadly dose of radiation from their time spent in the belts.    I then explained how all manned space flights before and after the sham of Apollo have all been BELOW the lower edges of the Van Allen belts for exactly the same reason..To avoid exposure to the deadly radiation from within the belts themselves.   It is also the reason why the International Space Station keeps a LOW Earth Orbit of some 175-200 miles up to avoid prolonged exposure to the high radiation of the belts.

I have not stopped in trying to expose the lies of NASA and especially its fraudulent space missions.  I will have more articles coming up soon about Project Apollo, and hopefully more material on their present scam called the Curiosity rover on Mars.   It is also the subject of the fraud of Project Apollo that John Friend wants myself and Gregg Kalina on his Monday Truth Militia radio show very soon... So stay tuned.

And speaking of scams.... Yes, it does seem that President Barry Soetoro will now push for his Carbon Tax legislation to be imposed on the American people very soon.   I have always hoped that people would have by now realized that the entire man made Global Warming scare is a scam and a hoax, but it does appear that the majority of Americans are still in the dark about it being a fraud.   It is therefore important that everyone do their part to wake people up that we have been played as suckers by scam artists like Al Gore, who want to only profit by imposing more taxes on the public.

Yes, man made Global Warming is a hoax.  Carbon Dioxide is NOT a greenhouse gas as the criminals behind the Global Warming swindle continue to promote.  Instead, Carbon Dioxide is an essential gas for life on Earth itself, and because it is heavier than air, it cannot rise into the stratosphere as the swindlers claim to cause the greenhouse effect to take effect.   Therefore their push for control of Carbon Dioxide output through "Carbon Taxation" itself is nothing more than outright theft!   The fact is that this planet goes through natural cycles of Global warming and cooling, and all indications are now pointing towards a period of Global Cooling happening very soon.    When that does happen, all those nations who changed their infrastructures to prepare for "Global Warming" will suffer tremendously!

Well, I guess that is enough for now, but I will finish with my usual closing "tidbits".... People are still lining up to take their seasonal "flu shots" and I have given up in trying to reach these suckers.  Like I said before, it is still their choice that they want to take poisonous mercury into their bodies and suffer the consequences.....Yes, I am still being called an "antisemite" by critics.  But again, how can I be an "antisemite" when I fully support the true Semitic people, the Palestinian people, themselves?.....Someone asked me that as a Canadian, what I thought of the continuing NHL hockey lockout.  My answer is still the same:  Greedy owners and greedy players have ruined the game, and I hope the fans have finally had enough of both!....Many still ask why I do not put up more articles at this blog.  I have to work for a living, and it has been hard at times to just sit down long enough and put up articles at all!....No new news from the Kardashian front, but there are still plenty of other so called "reality TV shows" out there to dumb down the masses, especially those living in America.  After watching just parts of that crap from time to time on Jew run Talmud-Vision, I can see why America is going down the sewer rapidly....

More to come


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