Sunday, November 4, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 4th, 2012

I am really pissed off today from what I see happening everywhere in this world right now.  Therefore for this Sunday's rant, I will discuss... What I am pissed off about!

I am pissed off that the American people can be this stupid and ignorant that they are actually to choose in this Tuesday's fraudulent Presidential Election between Israel kiss ass A, also known as Barry Soetoro or what ever his birth certificate says, and Israel kiss ass B, also known as Willard Romney who is as crooked as they come.   It does not matter which of these clowns the American people cast their ballots for, because Israel wins again and continues their enslavement of America.

I am pissed off that the American people do not actually consider the idea of voting for a third party candidate this Tuesday that is NOT an Israeli butt kisser.   But since the Jews control the media and keep brainwashing the American people into the false belief that their only choice is between Israel kiss ass A and Israel kiss ass B, that is not going to happen.   So we have these third parties sitting on the fringe as usual, and Americans will continue to love their enslavement for the next 4 years.

I am pissed off about how much Israel controls nations around the world and our governments do nothing except pledge their allegiance to those criminals in that wretched criminal state.   Canada is just a prime example of total Jewish control where we have the Israel butt kissing Prime Minister Stephen Harper take his orders from his Jewish controllers and not the Canadian people who were actually gullible enough to vote him into power.  It is the same in every major country around the planet where the power does not lie with the people, but with this so called tribe of criminals.

I am pissed off that we continue to watch our economies decline and the danger of total world economic collapse rapidly approaching.   I have stated many times that for nations to survive they must dump their debt based monetary systems immediately and cancel all debts.   But again with the control of the world's major nations under the hands of the Jewish criminal tribe, that will not happen any time soon.

I am pissed off that the European nations have not taken back control of their nations from the Jewish banking Rothschild criminals, and told those same criminals to take their austerity measures and shove them up their asses.   I am surprised and pissed that these same European nations have not looked towards the Icelandic model where the people of Iceland have refused any "austerity" and are right now the fastest growing economy in all of Europe!   Are those nations that blind.. or are they just stupid?

I am pissed off that the world has not put an end to the criminal Israeli actions conducted against the people of both the West Bank and especially the people in the open air prison camp called Gaza.   Right now we have some 1.8 million people in the Gaza Strip that are slowly being murdered by the Israelis under an act of wonton genocide.  And the world turns its back on this?

I am pissed off that the world has not put an end to the criminal Israeli push for more wars of aggression for their sick and twisted dream of a "greater Israel".   It has already been proven that the Iranians are absolutely NOT building any nuclear weapons, and yet we see continued sanctions against that innocent nation.  This is especially disturbing since the criminal state of Israel itself has some 400 nuclear weapons which we are told all the time in the Jewish media to just ignore!

I am pissed off that over 11 years after the Israeli attack on the United States in the attacks of 9-11, that NONE of the real criminals involved have yet to face any trials for their acts of cold blooded murder against the American people.  But sadly that will not happen anytime soon due to the total Jewish control over our media and governments.  Wake up, America!

I am pissed off that the fraudsters behind the "man made Global Warming" fraud are still running around promoting their lies and trying to convince governments around the world to accept their criminal Carbon Taxation policies.  The real sad part is that countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia have actually passed laws to tax their citizens under fraudulent "Carbon taxations".   It is again time to have these Global Warming hucksters exposed for their lies and for the people of the UK and Australia have their governments immediately repeal these laws based on lies!

I am pissed off that people everywhere are STILL going out and receiving their poisonous and deadly seasonal vaccinations against Influenza, even when all the evidence shows that these vaccines not only do not work, but actually promote the diseases that they are supposed to fight by weakening the body\s own immune system.

I am pissed off that people who are diagnosed with Cancer go out and accept the conventional methods of fighting this "disease" without understanding that the conventional methods of Chemotherapy and Radiation actually promotes Cancer and weakens the patient to the point that the patient dies.  It is especially annoying to me that alternative methods of fighting Cancer are readily available and yet people refuse to consider these treatments!   It is no wonder that Cancer treatment centers are multi-billion dollar industries... It is better to keep the patient sick and have them pay for costly "treatments" that do not work, rather than actually cure the patient!

I am pissed off that our education system continues to fail our youth, and it continues to promote massive lies about our history.   I am especially annoyed that one of the greatest "tragedies" of the 20th century, the so called Jewish "holocaust" of World War II is still NOT open to proper debate and investigation to verify its authenticity!   I have always asked WHY we need countries to pass laws to prevent research into that important part of our history?  Is there something that the ones who wanted the laws passed, to prevent research, do not want us to discover?  This should make everyone pause and think....

I am pissed off that there are so many fraudsters and hucksters in this so called "truth movement" that are out only for money or to lead people down the wrong path and away from the real truths about our sick world.   It truly amazes me that people still listen and follow frauds, such as Alex Jones, who have no intention of naming the real criminals behind the destruction of our world, and our enslavement.  But this is by design, as clearly laid out in the Jewish "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" where it states the need to control both sides in their battle for world domination, especially the opposition!

I am pissed off that there has been no attempt at fixing the ongoing and very deadly situation at Fukushima Japan.   Recent reports have shown that the danger of the spent fuel pool sitting above failed reactor #4 is actually increasing due to the fact that the building itself that houses both the spent fuel pool and the failed reactor core is beginning to lean over, with a very real danger of imminent collapse.  But there have been NO reports of major nations of the world coming to Japan's rescue and actually concentrate their efforts on fixing this problem.  It seems that the world will only take notice now if and when the situation becomes even more dire, which to me is ludicrous!

I am pissed off that people everywhere, rather than stand up and take notice about what is happening in this world, would rather spend their days glued to the idiot box that I call "Talmud-Vision", and continue to consume the brain cell destroying chemicals that the criminals have purposely introduced into our food supply.   Now we find reports about how GMO foods have had chemicals introduced into them that will actually cause permanent sterility in humans.   But this has always been part of the criminal master plan to enslave us all and to reduce the entire world population from some 7 Billion people now to under 1 Billion persons eventually.   So where is the outcry?

I am really pissed off that nobody has gone deeper into investigating the pedophilia rings that are now being exposed in the United Kingdom.  It does seem that the British government is both trying desperately to bury any investigation before it happens, and I will tell everyone exactly why.... If they were to dig deep enough into Pedophilia rings in the UK, they would find links to the criminals in the British "royal family" themselves, who have been conducting child abductions for pedophilia and ritual murders for centuries!

And finally, I am pissed off that the majority of people are basically beyond hope now, and will never wake up to the bitter truths about those who are out to enslave us all.   I have long been in conversations with others in what I call the real truth movement and we all have said that only about 5% of people are now aware of the truth, while some 80% of people will never wake up.  It is therefore the other 10-15%  that we can hope to reach and educate with our information.   But will that be enough?  Possibly, because throughout history, major changes and revolutions have been led by less than 10% of the population.  We can always hope.

Well, I guess that is enough for now... But in closing, I want to add a few extra tidbits... I am also pissed off that after 40 years of NASA lies, people still do not see behind the fraudulent Apollo man on the moon deception, or the present deception of their fraudulent rover on Mars.  It goes to show how powerful NASA's propaganda campaign has been in continuing these lies....I have been in contact with my great friend, Whitewraithe, the "Pragmatic Witness" ( over the last few weeks, and fear not everyone, she has not disappeared, or fallen off the face of the Earth.  She has been super busy with both family and work, and has decided to take a break from doing this type of blog for a while.  I still consider her as my greatest confidant, and I have left the door open for her to come in and put up any articles here if she so desires.....I have been in contact with John Friend (, and I am looking forward to being on his show on Truth Militia radio sometime in the near future.  In the meantime, I would like everyone to listen to his show every Monday night at 8pm CST.  It is indeed worthwhile.......And in closing, I am indeed pissed off that Americans (and Canadians) continue to have their brains turned to mush by so called "reality shows" that are running constantly on the Talmudvision.  Yes, that indeed does include my favorite show "Keeping up with the Kardashians".....  I hope you are all as pissed off now as I am!

More to come




M. Rocknest said...

I am always surprised to see no comments below your excellent posts but this time I think it's quite understandable because NTS you said it all -- and very, very well. I agree with each and every point you made but I get so enraged by the size and scope of the insanity and injustice in this world that I can't put it into words. Thank you for doing it for me and for everyone else who values the truth.

I just finished watching "David vs. Monsanto" ( and although I've been following the Percy Schmeiser story since it began in the mid 90's I got pissed off all over again when I saw this video. Percy and his wife are salt of the earth and MySatan and the Canadian INjustice System treated them terribly. I also recently listened to John Friend's conversation with Deanna Spingola and thought it went very well so for sure I'll be looking forward to more -- particularly when it's your turn NTS.

Anonymous said...

Just Stumbled onto your site from rumor mill in turn from What really Glad to have stumbled. Lots of sanity and logic in your writings which obviously lean towards the truth. Could you please give me links on false Apollo man-moon landings and mars rover landings.. it could be websites or articles giving clear simple explanations on why moon and mars landings were false and the need to do so. Please do not give me video links as most of them are either banned or removed from video hosting sites. Also you could Google about Dr. Pallathadaka Keshava Bhat and Solar Vortex system if you were not aware of it yet. Thanks.

Northerntruthseeker said...

"Anonymous"... You have not studied...

Check out first the two links in my left hand column under the best sites dealing with the fakery of the entire Apollo project... Those two alone are dynamite..

And check out my previous articles for starters on exposing the Curiosity Mars missions as fake...

Never heard of Solar Vortex, but I will check into it...