Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Israeli Assault On Gaza: Hypocrisy Of Slaughter - Israel's Orwellian Account Of Gaza Campaign

The recent attacks by the Israeli forces against the innocent people of Gaza is now escalating out of control.  It will only be a matter of time now before the IDF rolls in its troops and tanks into the densely populated strip, and slaughters tens of thousands of innocent Palestinians in the process.

We have already seen the antics of the Israeli Mossad agent provocateurs with their bottle rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip back into Israel, and up until yesterday, the rockets have hit nothing except open fields.  But today, we have reports of several much larger (Mossad launched) missiles hitting civilian targets in Israel, and one that killed 3 Israeli civilians.   It seems that like many times in the past, the insane Israeli leadership is now having their agents actually kill a few Israeli civilians just to justify their assault on Gaza that will see mass genocide of thousands of innocent people in that open air prison camp!

I came across an interesting article today, from the website: From The Trenches World Report, at, entitled: "Hypocrisy Of Slaughter - Israel's Orwellian Account Of Gaza Campaign", by Argentinian writer: Adrian Salbuchi, that I want to share with everyone here.   It paints a pretty good picture of what exactly is happening now with the newest Israeli push into Gaza, and what the consequences could be.    I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Hypocrisy of slaughter: Israel’s Orwellian account of Gaza campaign

RT News

Israel’s assault on Gaza raises doubts that it has any interest in finding the lasting peace settlement it proclaims to want. Does the campaign have an alternative objective as part of a strategy to engineer a strike on Iran?

It’s probably the world’s most tragic never-ending story.For almost 65 years now, Israel has been bombing, maiming and humiliating the Palestinians, bulldozing their homes and placing Gaza in lock-down mode turning it into the world’s largest concentration camp.

In the latest outbreak of violence this week both sides are accusing the other, “You started it!”Who knows? At this stage, does it really matter anymore who started the violence?

On Wednesday 14th, an Israeli helicopter attack killed Hamas military wing leader Ahmed Jabari, triggering a violent reaction from Hamas which rained little rockets over southern Israeli towns, which in turn brought in more Israeli air attacks killing 19, injuring 100 and leaving six children dead.

Dejá-vù: it’s January 2009’s “Operation Cast Lead” revisited; this time they’re dubbing it “Operation Pillar of Defense.”

Clearly, Israel’s right-wing leaders do not want a peaceful agreement with the Palestinians.That’s why they’ve systematically sabotaged all possibility of reaching a two-state solution.

The last honest Israeli who tried to bring peace was Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, until he was gunned down in the streets of Tel-Aviv in November 1995; not by an Islamic fanatic, not by some mad Neo-Nazi, but by one Ygal Amir: an ultra-right-wing Zionist fanatic linked to both the fundamentalist Settlers’ Movement and Israel’s security agency Shin-Beth.

Since then, Israel’s extreme right-wing Apartheidists have called the shots and will continue doing so even more now that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has merged with Avigdor Lieberman’s Yisrael Beitenu.Maybe this latest bout of Palestine-bashing is their way of celebrating their new Gross Partei…

‘Don’t worry about America…’

Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon is infamously quoted as yelling to his colleagues during a heated debate in Israel’s Knesset in October 2001, that they need not worry about American reaction to Israel’s Palestine-bashing because We the Jewish people control America!”

Watching how US politicians file through powerful Pro-Israel lobbies, think tanks and organizations like AIPAC – American Israeli Public Affairs Committee -, the ADL and others, competing to give their most impassioned and dramatic pro-Israel speeches, one is tempted to believe Mr. Sharon’s candid words.

During the recent US presidential campaign both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney each tried to give their most convincing Joe Biden-like “I-am-a-Zionist” speeches, to win over not just the Jewish vote and money in America, but also the Zionist vote which is represented by many non-Jewish born-again Christians.

So, when earlier this week US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice openly supported Israel and condemned Hamas’ retaliatory attacks describing them as “violence that Hamas and other terrorist organizations are employing against the people of Israel“, one can hardly be surprised.

It doesn’t really matter who sits in the Oval office; whether Democrat or Republican, the US will always unthinkingly and unreservedly support Israel every time it decides to play a new round of Palestine-bashing.

Naturally, US and global mainstream media willingly oblige, having succeeded in drilling deep into the collective psyche the conclusion that “Terrorism” is always linked to “Islamic Fundamentalists”.

So, Hamas is made illegitimate before we even start discussions about a two-state solution.No matter that Hamas won the democratically held 2006 elections in Palestine; no matter that Israel itself was founded by violent terrorist groups like Irgun Zvai Leumi, Stern and Hagganah which later merged to become Israel’s – oh, so democratic! – Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Those Zionist terror groups were led by Israeli founding fathers later to become prime ministers (and even a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate!) like Menahem Beguin and Isaac Shamir, who in their “freedom-fighter” days blew up hotels with dozens of people inside them, assassinated UN envoys, carried out hundreds of targeted assassinations, and imposed policies of genocide by killing and maiming hundreds of thousands, and then driving off millions of Palestinian men, women and children from their homes and land using the most barbarous terror tactics.

Israel’s logic in Palestine seems to run like this: if Israel steals lands and homes and livelihoods from the Palestinians, they have no right whatsoever to complain; and if they dare fight back, then they automatically become “terrorists”.America, the UK and most of the EU seem to agree…

Good if I do it; bad if you do…

That’s why those countries have branded Hamas and Hezbollah “terrorist organizations”.

Basic political common sense, however, tells us that a nation’s armed forces – whether in the US, Russia, China, Brazil or Israel – must report to the civilian leaders of its Nation-State. But what happens if, like the Palestinians, you are not allowed to have a Nation-State? How can Palestinians defend themselves against Israel’s systematic terrorist tactics if they can’t have their own Nation-State and therefore no armed forces? That’s why Hamas and Hezbollah came into the picture to offer the prospect of some self-defense.

Sure, it’s easy to disqualify them as “terrorist organizations” but – using that same criteria – would the Western Powers today reclassify the French Resistance during world war two, for example, as a “terror organization”, simply because they refused to passively accept the German military invasion of their country? Should the Resistance have given up so as to avoid the Oberkommando in Berlin branding them as “terrorists”?

The West must understand that you can’t have it both ways: either the French Resistance, and Irgun and Stern, and Hamas and Hezbollah are all “freedom fighters” or, they should all be branded “terrorist organizations”.You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

All options on the table…

Going into full Baby-Bush-warmonger-mode, recently an IDF spokesman threatened not just the Palestinians but the entire world saying that for Israel, “all options are on the table…”

Powerful words coming from the only nation in the Middle East that has an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the behavioral track record that gives credibility to their willingness to use them.

So, Palestinians must brace themselves for ever increasing levels of violence in the days and weeks to come.Will this latest flare-up be used by Israel as an excuse to attack southern Lebanon where Hezbollah has its strong hold (and where Israel was routed when they last invaded Lebanon for the nth time in mid-2006)?

Are we seeing a crescendo of violence leading to armed attack on Syria in conjunction with Turkey/NATO and with the “Syrian Free Army” (aka, Al-Qaeda, CIA, Mossad, MI6)?

Is this all part of an Israeli strategy to “Secure the Realm” that has a unilateral military attack against Iran as Israel’s real and final goal?

More generalized violence in the Middle East will help to convince Obama (and the US military) to stop dragging their feet on Iran and to come on strong again in the region.

Israel is calling this latest shock and awe attack “Operation Pillar of Defense.” A Good Orwellian euphemism for Palestine-Bashing.

If Israel has decided to let all hell lose in the Middle East to set the stage for an attack against Iran, then it becomes clear that the violence should start (yet again!!) in martyred Palestine.

OK, so Israel starts a new Middle Eastern war in Palestine but… where does it end?

Adrian Salbuchi for RT

Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

NTS Notes:  I agree with Salbuchi's views of how the American government will do NOTHING to stop the slaughter of the innocent people of Gaza, because they are totally under Jewish control. It saddens me that most of the American public are nothing but mutton chomping sheep and brain dead zombies that do not see how much they are nothing but slaves to Jewish interests.

With this latest attack on innocent civilians in Gaza, Israel is again showing its true colors as an insane state bent on dominance in the Middle East.  Their insane leadership has always had its eyes on the biggest prize of all, Iran, and will do everything possible to escalate any fight into a regional war that will involve both Syria and Iran.  And of course in doing so, they will have their puppets in America backing them, and very soon doing all the fighting for them!

Salbuchi asks the question at the end of his article:  Where does it end?  I fear that it will only end with either more nations destroyed for Israeli hegemony in the region, or possibly World War III with billions of innocent lives destroyed in the process.

And one other note... There will be some that will believe the lies that the "missiles" being launched from Gaza into Israel are somehow under Hamas control.   But simple logic comes into play here... How can Hamas or any other militants possibly obtain these rockets considering the tight grip that Israel has over over Gaza Strip that would never allow rocket parts to enter that open air prison camp?   It will be interesting to see if anyone can explain that!

More to come



Franklin Ryckaert said...

The answer to your last question is : TUNNELS.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Franklin.. I had thought of that, but considering the stranglehold that Israel has over the small strip, I very much doubt it..

Also, the newest "rockets" that are hitting Israel are supposedly a type manufactured in "Iran" that are much too large to go through these tunnels unless in small pieces. But to reassemble them is next to impossible, supposedly...

Also, we must ask ourselves the basic question: What does Hamas gain by launching any rockets into Israel? Answer, nothing except death and destruction of the Gazan people.. Therefore for them to attack is tantamount to suicide..

Therefore we are left with the question: Who GAINS by this rocket attack?? The answer is obvious and gives them their excuse to slaughter...

Franklin Ryckaert said...

Yes, the possibility of "false flag operations" must be seriously considered. That is an Israeli speciality. What the purpose of this Cast Lead II is, is not clear. It could be simply the abreaction of anger for a failed war with Iran now that Obama has been reelected, or it could be a move of Netanyahu's to profile himself as a "tough leader" for his own reelection, or perhaps it is the introduction to an all-out war against the Palestinians to prevent their move to be accepted as an observer state by the General Assembly of the UN, which Israel fears very much. Nothing is what it seems.

brian boru said...

How could anyone doubt that these parasitic monsters control the US and most other so-called western countries? If any other country had behaved the way the gangster state did they would have been erased from history decades ago. With their control of the money, and through that the control of the media, they are able to muddy most people's perception of reality. Israel is a criminal state which threatens everyone on this planet. It is a centre of unmitigated evil. It is a source of every crime imaginable. It is not just the people of the Middle East who are threatenend by it, but all of us. This is the headquarters of a vile life-form which is trying to enslave the entire world.