Tuesday, November 13, 2012

John Friend's Truth Militia Broadcast For Monday, November 12th, 2012, With Special Guest John Kaminski

My friend, John Friend (www.johnfriendsblog.blogspot.com), has been doing a Blogtalk radio internet telecast for the last two weeks now, at 6PM Pacific Standard Time (8PM Central) on the Truth Militia site (www.truthmilitia.com), and for this, his third show, he had a very special guest, John Kaminski, on his program.

I have the link to that broadcast for everyone to listen to for themselves right here:


John Kaminski is indeed a wealth of information in this fight against the criminal Jews who want to conquer our world and destroy our way of life.   I do recommend everyone checking out his site at: www.johnkaminski.info for his superb articles to read! 

Next week's show on Truth Militia will have Dr. Jim Spetzer of "Scholars For 9-11 Truth" (www.911scholars.org) and again, you can tune into the show at 6PM PST next Monday night... I will have the link to that show archive posted here at this site for those who are unable to listen to it live... Stay tuned...

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