Monday, November 19, 2012

Important Video: Massive Israeli Strikeback On Gaza Strip!

Israel is indeed planning now for a full invasion of the open air prison camp called the Gaza Strip.  When that happens, and it is definitely coming, there will be a wholesale slaughter of innocent Palestinians by the thousands.   I have been asking myself over the last while... Where is the outcry from the entire world against this outrageous act of mass genocide?

I came across a very important video just today that comes from the "Young Turks" online news service narrated by Cenk Uygur that I want to share here with all of my own readers.  It gives a very accurate assessment of the present situation in Palestine and how we got to this point now where Israel is about to slaughter thousands of people in Gaza.  Here is that video, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  What everyone needs to understand once and for all is that Israel absolutely will NEVER allow the creation of an independent Palestinian state.  This is because they have their twisted and absolutely fraudulent belief that their "God" gave the land of Palestine to them!  In that twisted thinking, there is no room for any of the Palestinian people, period.   Therefore as I have always said, the only alternative for the proud people of Palestine is to fight rather than die as slaves.

What is of course missing in this report is the fact that the so called "missiles" being launched from Gaza into Israel are NOT being launched by "Hamas" but are being launched by Mossad agent provocateurs.   This way, the sick and twisted leadership in Israel has their "excuse" to march into Gaza saying that they are doing it to "eliminate" the missile threat from Gaza!

It is sad that the Jewish controlled mainstream media around the world continues to outright lie to everyone that this newest war is the fault of the imprisoned people of Gaza.   Again, it takes the alternative news via the Internet to get the truth out about what is really happening in that region.

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