Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving To My American Readers: Video Shows What Thanksgiving Is Really All About!

First, I do want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers.  Up here in Canada, we of course had our own Thanksgiving on the first Monday of October, and today was a normal work day for we Canadians.    And of course, we also are unable to have "Black Friday" as a day off like most Americans do...But now Canadian retail businesses here are jumping on the "Black Friday" bandwagon by also having ridiculous sales tomorrow just like they do in the United States.  Honestly, I do not partake in "Black Friday" sales, and will avoid the insanity at all cost....

But back to the subject of Thanksgiving.... I have previously put up articles that showed the truth about "Thanksgiving" being not the great feast between North American Indians and English Pilgrims. That never happened... The truth has been that the original Pilgrims slaughtered and enslaved the North American Indian tribes they came across after their landings and establishment of the Massachusetts colony.  It was definitely not a time to be "Thankful" for the North American Indians!

Now I want to present an interesting video, entitled: "The Real Story Of Thanksgiving" that gives some very interesting facts about "Thanksgiving" that even I was unaware of!   First, here is that interesting video, and I do have some additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  A very interesting video indeed that gives a whole new perspective on the entire "Thanksgiving" holiday.

What is little known is that while most Americans sit down to celebrate Thanksgiving, many present day descendants of the North American Indians that were slaughtered during the original "Thanksgiving" by the Pilgrims look upon this date as a day of mourning.

As before, enjoy your Thanksgiving, my American friends, because with the American economy going to hell, and your criminal government pushing for more wars for Israel, there is definitely serious trouble on the horizon...

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Anonymous said...

I am posting this comment here because the American government is still attacking American people. NTS, perhaps you should link to this site along with the others you have updated info from. Agenda of Americans being openly bombed advances?

Springfield "gas explosion" likely a psy op
Bomb arrived AFTER the gas stink wore off
There are serious problems with the story, and I now believe the new method is going to now be to set off "gas explosions" where the gas company shows up for a reported smell and then the bomb gets dropped.