Monday, November 5, 2012

Excellent New Video By Buelahman: Why Are Jews Persecuted?

I have been for some time now, constantly answer critics about my stance against the Jews and their religion of Judaism.   Many of those critics, who I sometimes call "my favorite fan club", attack myself and others saying that we are nothing but haters and racists.    I have always asked them to come forward and state the facts behind their claims, but in most cases they refuse and simply go on spewing false accusations....

As an example: I have been called an "anti-semite" for so long, and yet few of those who scream that term are actually  Semites to start with!  It is also laughable that they use that false term, when it has long been revealed to be a trick and a fraud (check the video in my left hand column of this blog that reveals the truth about "antisemitism" for example) used to keep their critics who expose their criminal actions at bay.

The question that everyone continues to ask is therefore: "Why are Jews continuously persecuted?"    I have long been giving factual evidence to explain why, and right now I want to present a great new video by Buelahman ( entitled: "Why Are Jews Persecuted?" that summarizes very nicely all the facts that answer that very important question.... I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  After watching this, I hope the answer is clear... The Jews are persecuted because of their evil and criminal actions against the rest of mankind!

One thing that is not talked enough about in this video is the Jewish act of "ritual blood sacrifices and murder" that started in ancient times, and is still going on to this day....The fact that they kill Gentile CHILDREN during these heinous acts of murder should definitely have everyone turning against them!

As Buelahman says... Please take this video and pass it around for others to see for themselves.  It is so important now more than ever that we wake up everyone possible and to take a stand against the evils of the Jews and Judaism itself.

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BuelahMan said...

Thanks, NTS.

The one thing about the video is that I have tried to change the thumbnail 7 times, but it won't change (for some reason the most gruesome picture is highlighted, which is not and was not my intent).