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A Very Real Looming Economic Disaster: The Bankers Will Push You Off That Cliff In January!

Now that the fraud of the so called US Presidential "Selection" is officially over, the real crisis that is facing everyone should be taking precedence... I am of course talking about the total world economic collapse that will happen very soon, and most probably occur by this coming January!

For this article, I want to present a very good article from "Horse237" who writes the excellent blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at, entitled: "The Bankers Will Be Pushing You Off That Cliff In January".   In this article, you will see evidence that these criminal bankers are indeed pushing for total world economic collapse very soon in their pursuit of their One World Government, One World Currency, and a Jewish controlled "New World Order".    I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

The Bankers Will Be Pushing You Off That Cliff In January

The bankers declared war against America along time ago. I am certain that this January Financial Cliff will be used to crash the US and world economy. The bankers will be pushing us off that cliff. America will go splat when it hits the ground  early in 2013.
The real problem is the total amount of private and public debt is the highest in 500 years. This means we are headed to the Greatest Depression in 500 years if we do not cancel tens of trillions of dollars in Unpayable Debts.
A lot of companies have been announcing lay offs so they can meet the demands for increased healthcare costs under Obamacare which was written by the Insurance industry. Even before the elections employers are cutting back on the number of hours worked. 25%  of all Americans are either at or below the poverty line. Lowering wages plus raising taxes and healthcare costs will just make things worse.
In fact the Banker Occupied Government in Washington has done everything it can do to increase cancer rates as well as several other diseases a few thousand percent. Some have noted that the viruses deliberately added to vaccine induced cancers were designed to be triggered when the person under assault by Big Pharma reached the age where hormones levels declined. That way we would reach our peak earning careers so we could afford with our insurance carriers to pay out a few hundred thousand dollars before we die. But those vaccines, food additives, GMO food and High Fructose Corn Syrup are also causing other health problems ranging from allergies and neurological disorders to liver disease. 10% of all American teenagers will develop liver disease by their 19th birthday due to GMO High Fructose Corn Syrup.
This combination of poor health, high unemployment, lower wages and rising taxes and healthcare costs is brewing a perfect storm that will soon hit the Iceberg of Unpayable Debts. The Banker Occupied Government tells us that there is a combination of Austerity cuts and higher taxes that can save us. The Congress was going to vote to raise the US debt ceiling but Senator Reid says that will be postponed until January. There has been a lot of talk about raising the capital gains tax and the inheritance tax. Most of these taxes are a tax charged against you because Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan before him were printing too much money.  The problem with uncertainty on this scale is that there are only a few weeks until the end of 2012. That is not much time to sell before everyone sells and you take a beating in the markets. Apple is already down 20% from its high.
I once wrote about Austerity cuts and why they will not work. We can see what is happening in Greece, Spain and the UK. Those riots headed our way. If you add to taxes people will have less to spend and to save. If you cut permission and benefits, you will have less to spend. Who would borrow money to expand their business if they knew their customers would have less to spend next month than this month? And who would hire more workers when healthcare costs on employers is about to become punitive? The point is that GNP on the  equals the total of Consumer Spending + Investment + Government Spending. So on the spending side of the GNP accounts equation any cut to Government Spending on the right hand side of the equation must be balanced by an equal cut to the GNP. Currently GNP is contracting at about 6% a year which is to say that the nominal growth in GNP when devalued by rising prices the real economy is declining at about 6% a year.. What Wall Street wants us to do is to cut spending and raise taxes so the GNP contracts at 7 or 8% instead of 6%.
On the other side of that GNP equation the income side: GNP equals Consumer Income + Savings + Taxes. Wall Street says raises taxes and add to GNP. Not so fast. If your taxes are raised, your spendable income is lowered. And with these low interest rates which are severely negative if you factor in the real inflation rate of 10% you are looking at a structurally weak economy. We have trillion dollar deficits built into the system for as far as the eye can see..
The only solution is to  cancel all government debts and cancel $20,000 in personal debts for all adult citizens to be funded by asset seizures. Instead of a rational solution the bankers want to continue this current system which allows them to collect interest on money they created out of nothing. The other reason why they will not allow reform is that the bankers want America to go splat in 2013. They want you Dead.
The Democrats are talking about passing the UN Small Arms Treaty and seizing our automatic rifles and handguns. That would start a civil war. They also want to pass Amnesty for illegal aliens. That would create a massive influx of illegal aliens to apply for amnesty at a time when there are no jobs and benefits are being cut. Combine these events with the greatest economic collapse in 500 years and a natural disaster and you will have nationwide food riots. Do not forget that The CIA is a business partner of the Sinaloa drug cartel and that the Mexican drug cartels have 250,000 employees in America. There are a total of 1.4 million gang members in America. The federal government has been shipping drugs and guns into the big city gangs which makes them even more powerful. When the nationwide food riots begin, all of those gang bangers will be ruling and ruining our major cities.
When the cities are destroyed, it will be too late. What we need now is drug legalization to break the gangs and Debt Cancellation to stop the Depression. This will not be likely to happen without a military coup that could arrest bankers and do asset seizures worldwide to fund it all.
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NTS Notes:  It does appear that this upcoming world wide economic collapse is definitely coming and is completely by criminal design.  I would say that the criminal Jewish bankers want the economies to implode,  and when people are left destitute and crying for a "solution", they will of course come up with their own "solution" that would see them introduce their One World Currency and their One World Government with THEM of course in total control.    This has long been planned, and we may be seeing it finally come to fruition!

I have long pleaded for people everywhere to simply tell these criminals that we will no longer be paying for their fraudulent debt.   The way out of this mess is to immediately cancel all the criminal Usury debts and to start issuing our own currency interest and debt free.  But again with the criminal Jewish bankers in total control of our governments and the corrupt politicians in charge, that will not happen any time soon, and will definitely not happen once they implode the economies....

And as Horse237 points out, very quietly and unbeknownst to most Americans, that UN Small arms treaty that was blocked from becoming law in the United States in September is suddenly back on the table.... It is obvious that these criminal Jews want to take away the peoples' guns everywhere around the planet as their only method of defence once they implode the economies, especially in the United States.

With all the turmoil in Europe coming to a head, and with the economic situation worsening both here in Canada and the United States, everyone needs to prepare... We are in for a very rocky time ahead..

More to come


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