Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Must Listen: John Friend On Truth Militia Radio, Monday November 5th, 2012 With Jonathan Azaziah

First, I decided to take yesterday off for some R and R and to take care of some family business.  I did watch the final results of the so called Presidential "Selection" last night upon returning from some family business, and all I could say is that America is getting exactly what I and others have said for quite some time.... Another 4 years of enslavement to Israel!

For this article, I want to present the following very important must listen to link.  It is for my friend, John Friend's ( Truth Militia radio show for Monday, November 5th, 2012, and I do recommend that all of my viewers take a listen to this important show.  It has Jonathan Azaziah (Mask Of Zion, at ( on as John's special guest and it is very informative indeed.  Here is that link to that show:

NTS Notes:  I have not spoken much about the work of Jonathan Azaziah, but he is a great orator and a regular guest on Mark Glenn's Ugly Truth podcasts (   Jonathan speaks very well about the plight of the Palestinians and about the criminality of the Jews out for our enslavement, and again, I do want everyone to take a look at his own website, Mask Of Zion (, as well...

John Friend's show is on every Monday, live at 8PM CST, and anyone can tune into it at the Truth Militia website:    AND again, John does want me on at a future date, and I will let everyone know when that occurs... Stay tuned...

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