Sunday, October 7, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 7th, 2012

Yes, I am back into the world of the living.. So to speak...

Lets face it.. I did not expect to be suffering from what does appear to be Influenza over the last 4 days.   It really knocked me for a loop....

I want to thank everyone for the get well messages,and for all of my friends in the real Truth Movement for their support during my absence.   I had been in conversation with my friend, Whitewraithe, yesterday and she even offered to put up a few articles in this blog during my absence.  I want to thank her personally for her kind notion, but I am back and feeling much better.

Lets face it, nobody wants to get sick, especially me! I truly hated just lying in bed for an extended period of time, and trying to avoid going onto the Internet... It was bad enough trying to sleep what ever I caught off....But trying to find something to do to prevent boredom has always been an issue with me....I promised my better half that I would NOT go online and surf or do anything with my blog while I am trying to get better.... She was severely ticked with me for going online, doing a bit of surfing, and especially for just sending off that one small report on Friday where I informed everyone about my status...I guess I am a truly stubborn mule.

I actually turned on the Talmudvision over the last few days, and all it did was make me feel even more sick than I already was.   I could not believe the absolute crap coming from the so called "News Networks".   It seemed that every time these so called "news reporters" opened their mouths, all they could spew were lies that they were told to say, and just parroting what they see from cue cards or teleprompters.  I really wonder what ever happened to honesty and integrity in the news.. But we know by now who controls the media.   It is no wonder people have turned off their Talmudvision, and are searching for the truth via the alternative media!

Someone last week said that I could avoid the flu this year by going out and taking a seasonal flu shot.  I guess he had never read my blog, because I am dead set against ANYONE including myself going out, rolling up their sleeves, and putting that deadly poison into their bodies.   AND I very much doubt if any "flu shot" would have prevented me from coming down with the flu that I just had!
Lets face it, and everyone should be aware by now, the so called seasonal flu shots are pure crap, and all they are doing is weaken our immune systems.

I spent this morning doing some catching up on some news,and what I saw is truly disturbing, especially with the recent reports about how Monsanto's genetically modified corn, may actually contain a dangerous chemical they have labeled as "Epicyte", that was developed as part of the criminal plan for mass sterilization of the human population through destruction of male sperm.   This dangerous chemical was supposedly developed some 20 years ago, and Monsanto has always claimed that they eliminated all of their GMO corn that contained Epicyte.... I am not sold on this, because we have seen alarming reports over the last while that human male sperm counts have drastically fallen over the last decade alone.... I would say that not only has Monsanto not stopped their research and development of Epicyte, but they have already put it into our food supply, primarily in Genetically modified Corn!   I leave it up to everyone to judge for themselves if these criminals are still planning on the destruction of up to 90% of the World's population as laid out in their 1974 UN Protocols on population control headed by the ultra Jewish criminal, Heinz Kissinger.

I could not help but see the latest and very obvious false flag attempt to get a war on Syria going.  It should be so obvious to everyone that the latest "Mortar" attack from Syria into Turkey was done by the Syrian rebels or Israeli Mossad agent provocateurs, just to get the invasion of Syria going by having Turkey attack Syria by the need for self defense!  All that anyone needs to see as an example of this kind of false flag is to look at the years of Mossad operatives going into Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, and then launching bottle rocket attacks back into Israel to get a massive Israeli response on these territories.   This "mortar" attack by "Syria" against Turkey is just what the criminals in both NATO and the criminal state of Israel needs to get their long sought invasion of Syria off and running.   Thank goodness the Russians have seen through this deception and have said clearly that they will NOT support such an attack on their ally, Syria!

At the beginning of last week, before I became ill, I was driving to work early one morning and looked up into the clear blue sky.... I watched as several aircraft were releasing heavy contrails in a criss cross pattern across the sky, leaving white lines in a large checkerboard pattern.  It made me stop to think about all the reports about "Chemtrails", and I figured that I would eventually get around to discussing this intriguing subject... Lets face it, I was not sold on "Chemtrails" for years, but recently I began to do some reading and research into that subject, and now I have some serious reservations about exactly what the hell they are spraying!     Yes, I watched the two very important videos; "What in the world are they spraying?", and "Why in the world are they spraying?", and I found the material and the findings very disturbing.... Many people have examined the chemicals in these "chemtrails" and I too need to ask why they are spraying chemicals such as Barium, Aluminum, and a wide assortment of both carcinogenic chemicals and even HUMAN BLOOD (!) into the atmosphere?   There are so many theories out there, including forced "Global Warming", HAARP, Human Sterilization, etc, that  have been pushed forward by reputable researchers.   Whitewraithe herself has been looking at the "Chemtrail" phenomena for years over at "Pragmatic Witness"  (, and has sent me some amazing links to great research on the subject.... I guess that I have much catching up to do....  In my honest opinion, I do not know why they are spraying that crap into our atmosphere, and it does not make sense that they would be using it to poison people, because they themselves would also be poisoned as well!   Something is definitely afoot here, and like I said, I will be researching this further.

Someone asked me why I have not reported much from the situation at Fukushima Japan.  Honestly, what is there to report other than doom and gloom?.. The fools at TEPCO have not got a clue how to fix the problem, and are instead covering up the fact that the situation is still out of control, by continuing to lie their asses off to the entire world.   It is sad that the Japanese government has also resorted to parroting these lies, rather than do a damn thing for their own people who are presently suffering horrendously from being bathed by deadly radiation.   That is bad enough, but there have been recent reports of climbing levels of radiation along the Canadian and American Pacific Ocean west coast.   This radiation could be due to the long awaited plume of radioactive water that has been slowly flowing across the Pacific Ocean finally hitting the west coast. It is still undetermined what the long term effect of exposure to this radiation will be on the populace...But we are now getting reports coming out of rising levels of both birth defects in newborn babies, and unusual growths and tumors in everyone effected by radiation exposure, both here in North America, and of course Japan itself!.... Fukushima will continue to haunt mankind for at least the next few decades to come...

I have noticed the great job that a friend of mine, John Friend (, has been doing recently with some great interviews with people such as Deanna Spingola, Charles Giuliani, etc.    Many people, especially those Israeli Hasbara agents that troll these sites, have called John a "Neo-Nazi", "White Supremist" and a wide assortment of names in their vain attempt to discredit both John and the work he presents.  I have never been sold on the "Neo-nazi" or "White Supremist" crap, and I look at John's work as not only factual, but a must see and read by everyone.   Those who are out to discredit John, and even myself, are obviously trying to prevent some major truths from coming out for everyone to see, and have nothing to say other than to slander.... It goes with the territory, and all I can say is for John to keep going, keep telling the truth, and never be dissuaded.

Someone recently commented to me that the world economies have not collapsed yet, and all I am doing is just blowing smoke on the subject.   I have said that the world economic situation is on definite life support, and that the world wide collapse is definitely coming.  There never was a set time frame or expected date for that collapse to occur, but all we can do is prepare for that eventuality.   All we need as evidence that the collapse is coming is to watch the European economic situation get more unraveled by the day.

I said a very long time ago that the only real solution to fixing the world economies is to let the collapse occur, and to start all over again with a clean slate of total debt forgiveness ( a Jubilee?)  and to NOT allow the criminal Jewish bankers to set up their debt Usury system ever again.   Is there really any other choice?   This planet cannot sustain itself with its present debt Usury system, and unless we end this criminal system immediately, we could be looking at not only the entire world in complete meltdown, but the strong possibility of the criminals who are addicted to their system of debt enslavement starting World War III just to keep themselves in control.

I have been asked why I have such a deep interest in Cancer, and the fraudulent Cancer treatment industry.  I guess it comes from watching friends, relatives, and colleagues, both suffer and even die from this "disease" over the last few decades.   I was raised and indoctrinated like everyone else into the belief that Cancer was this "deadly disease" that had to be quickly eliminated and destroyed from a patient's body.  Now I am no longer sold on the long told lies about Cancer, but instead look upon Cancer as the body's natural defense from dying.   To me, people should be treating Cancer by treating what actually caused the Cancer to form in the body in the first place, rather than attacking the Cancer itself!    But I am just a small voice in the wilderness...We must always remember that Cancer "treatment" is a multi-BILLION dollar industry, and would not be profitable if cures for Cancer were readily available.   A simple readily available cure would put them out of business!

There is so much to catch up on, and so much more reading to do... I guess I will conclude this rant with my usual tidbits..... The criminal state of Israel is still searching for their method of getting the war on Iran off and running.  I still believe a false flag attack is coming, and we must be on guard and ready when it does happen.....I did indeed listen to Mark Glenn's audio about his meeting with the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, last weekend when Iranian President was there to speak in front of the UN General , and all I can say is bravo to Mark for a job well done!  Go to the Ugly Truth ( to listen to the details of his fantastic meeting with President Ahmadinejad.....I did not want to watch or listen to the so called "Presidential Debate" in Denver last week.  I did not want to make myself even sicker.  However, I did listen to some of the news casts by the clowns at CNN and Foxnews.  It definitely does look like the Jewish controlled media has now hooked themselves on Willard Romney to be the next Israeli slave President.  If this man does get selected, considering how much he is truly an Israeli troll, then we are all in serious trouble!....I wonder if I would have gotten over this flu much sooner if I did not spend some 5 minutes accidentally watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians" on Friday?   Just 5 minutes is enough to make anyone puke, and I sure did....

In closing, I want to thank everyone for their support...  It is good to be back...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered that maybe your illness and areal spraying is linked together?

There has been many reports of people getting sick after these flights take place. Lung problems, headaches, fever, etc.

They are deliberatelty destroying our immune system, even if we escape flu shots, these trails will catch everybody eventually. Cancherogenic GMO is spreading everywhere. Humanity is under attack at every possible level.