Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Real History Revealed: Video: Hitler's War -What The Historians Neglect To Mention!

As a true student of true history, and not the bull crap that our failed education system has tried to brainwash all of us for centuries, I am always looking for factual information that I want to share with everyone that reads this blog.

I have always been intrigued by the major wars in the last century...Especially World War II.   I remember for decades how I would read that Adolf Hitler was the "most evil man" that ever lived, and that he launched the German nation into war by his want for "world conquest".   Now, after researching into real historical facts and evidence, I find that all that has been stated about Hitler is not true at all.  

For this article, I want to present the following video for all of my readers to view for themselves.  It is entitled: "Hitler's War - What The Historians Neglect To Mention", and shows some interesting facts and more logical reasons about why Adolf Hitler launched Germany into World War II than what we have been taught in our corrupt education systems.   I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have stated many times that I do not view Adolf Hitler as some kind of saint at all.  He had his faults just as other world leaders at the time had.  However, the constant portrayal of him as a mad meglomaniac has always disturbed me, considering how much we know now about the madness and insanity of other world leaders, such as Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin.   But again, everyone must realize that the VICTORS write the history books, and will always distort the facts to cover for their own crimes.

In previous articles, I also showed definitive proof that Josef Stalin had built up massive forces for a planned invasion of Europe, code named "Operation Thunder" that he had planned to launch on July 5th, 1941.   What Adolf Hitler did by launching his attack on the USSR, Operation Barbarossa, on June 22, 1941, was to smash Stalin's war plans and actually save Western Europe from Communist domination.   But we will never find that fact in any of the so called "history books" as well.

It does appear that more evidence is now coming out that shows loud and clear that Hitler did not want war at all.  It does appear that the criminal Jewish Rothschild private banking controlled nations wanted Hitler's Germany destroyed because Germany had freed themselves from the criminal Jewish Private Banking scheme, and they feared that the miracle of Germany may spread to other nations.

As more alternative history about World War II comes forward, I will do my best to present that evidence for everyone to view and judge for themselves.  Again, with everything we see now showing that our history has been severely distorted, it is essential that the real truth be revealed.

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mary sullivan said...


Ivan Shatov said...

It's so difficult to apprehend the truth of WWII in the face of overwhelming propaganda from the Allied nations. The bombing of Dresden generates estimated fatalities from the ludicrous 25K to Irving's 120K all the way to 500K.

It was Buchanan's book, "The Unnecessary War" that first opened my eyes. And yet I resisted the truth. Such is the power of propaganda. Also, to consider the possibility that Hitler was not the monster he's been portrayed as is to place oneself absolutely beyond the pale.

The final push for me was the ongoing and accelerating destruction of the West. Cui bono? CUI BONO?!!! Who is flooding our nations with unassimilable third worlders? Why are our people being destroyed? Why is our Faith under attack?

And slowly, the truth dawns persistently, nibbling at the periphery of my consciousness until I'm forced to take notice. Forced to acknowledge this truth so horrifying as to actually yearn for those days when I blithely accepted the lies.

Where to go from here? We are but a tiny tempest in a teapot.

brian boru said...

I sympathise with you Mr Shatov. Sometimes I wish I was innocently ignorant again, however, once the kosher veil has been ripped aside it is not possible to unknow what is learned about the reality of our jew-controlled world. Only long sessions in Room 101, where your body, mind and spirit are completely crushed, would bring you to a jew-approved condition again. You can be assured that the more you investigate the more you will come to the realisation that these creatures are demonic psychopaths and are capable of any imaginable horror. Whenever they have total control they engage in total suppression, up to and including mass extermination. Mercy is not a recognisable concept in their dark minds.

Unknown said...

I think your article is a whole lot of hogwash.....