Wednesday, October 31, 2012

John Friend Interviews Deanna Spingola On His First Show On Truth Militia Radio!

A close friend of mine, John Friend, who writes the great blog: John Friend's Blog, at, has broken new ground in the fight against the criminal element that is out for our enslavement.  He is now hosting his own show, every Monday, on Truth Militia Radio, at , at 8pm, CDT.  

Just this last Monday, October 29th, 2012, he had a fine lady who I have been a great fan of for  years, Deanna Spingola, on his show to discuss various very important subjects.  I have the link here for everyone to download for themselves:  . I definitely recommend that everyone take the time to listen to this fabulous show for themselves....You will not be disappointed!

John has also approached me already for being a guest on his show in the near future.  When that happens, I will definitely let all of my own readers know ahead of time so that you can all listen in for yourselves.   Stay tuned...

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