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Important Health News: Letter To An Unvaccinated Son

As I have stated in previous articles, the proof is now coming out loud and clear that vaccines absolutely do not work.   The fact is that in most cases the chemicals in vaccines are proving to be much more dangerous and deadly than the diseases that these vaccines are supposed to combat!

For this article, I want to present a very interesting article that comes from the Intelhub website, at, entitled: " Letter To An Unvaccinated Son" for all of my readers to view right here.  I have that article right here for all of my readers to view right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Letter to an Unvaccinated son

Dear Son:
By; Joshua Scott

I wish it was an easy explanation; one easy to comprehend and simple to digest.  The fact of the matter is, there is no easy explanation -no simple digestion- when it comes to explaining (to the boy I love with everything I am), why he can’t go to “normal schools” or partake in extra-curricular sports and activities.  Why, in certain circumstances, we might need to go around and get signed permission slips from all the other parents involved in trips to museums, overnight stays in hotels while visiting historical sites, joining scouts, getting certain waivers for the joining of certain non-school related sporting function’s.  The fact of the matter, in no simpler terms, is you haven’t had the vaccines that lab-coats and government officials - sponsored by pharmaceutical giants- have deemed necessary to be around the standardized society.

I wasn’t always against vaccines, in fact, for most of my life I viewed vaccinations as almost all other citizens do; they cure illnesses that plagued mankind for centuries and in some cases, millenia; that vaccines were “the greatest achievement to humanity”; that if it weren’t for vaccines, the average lifespan of a human being would drop back down to the level in 1900 A.D. (or C.E. if you wanna be all new-wave about it), of 35 years old; that “...These diseases can readily return if immunization levels decline as a result of complacency or other factors.” (CDC registry report... note that they used the word immunization as opposed to vaccination); that VACCINES ARE NECESSARY. 

I, frankly speaking, drank the kool-ade that everyone, who goes to standardized schools, gets indoctrinated with (which shames me to this day, since I always considered myself a free-thinking progressive).  What happened since then is a roller-coaster I can only be proud of, if I can articulate properly.
I started hearing about mercury and it’s relation to autism.  I didn’t jump at the hype of the disease being blamed on “The Man”; instead I said, “MERCURY?!?!, What the hell else are they putting in that syringe??”  I started to look into it; using literature from doctors who oppose vaccination and comparing that with CDC and WHO documents (Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization, respectively).  I figured, if there was a definitive way to arrive at a pragmatic outlook, this was it.  What disgusted me and pressed me onward was, THE CDC AND THE WHO DIDN’T DISAGREE and furthermore, were where most of the sourcing, that these doctors, who opposed vaccination, were citing!!!
I also spent a little bit of my time looking into the severity of each of these illnesses, they’re infection rate and the possible alternatives, to vaccines, that might also serve the purpose of lifetime immunity (that’s a big key to distinguish.  “immunization” is separate and not guaranteed by “vaccination”  CDC records).  After 100 years of vaccination for small pox - using cow pox vaccine - throughout the world, large sections of the globe were still receiving epidemics of small pox, even with an up to 88 percent vaccination record.   Actually, it got so embarrassing that, in 1972, mass-vaccination was halted in third world countries and doctors at WHO focused instead on “surveillance and Containment” method which instead of mass-vaccinating, they instead went after people specifically with smallpox and isolate them and ring vaccinate (family members only) and within 8 years, 1980, WHO announced world-wide eradication.

Sounds like the smarter, more precise targeting of smallpox was the solution.  The fact of the matter is, like so many things on our planet, virus have a life-cycle and even Dr. Tom Mack, of USC (one of the doctors involved in the smallpox eradication), said, “Even without vaccination, smallpox would have died out anyway” (Verbatim transcript, advisory committee on Immunization practices ACIP 6/19/2002).  Furthermore the simple solution could’ve very easily been quarantining the individuals infected while the three week infection process carried out. To drill this smallpox thing into the ground now, the only group within the populace who even had a significant death rate, were children under two; children under two are NOT EVEN ELIGIBLE for the smallpox vaccine, nor do they have an immune system to fight it. (immune system what’s that? you mean we have a naturally designed system within each of us to fight disease? no pesky additives involved?).

What I discovered was not only that there are alternatives to repeat injections (e.g. to avoid a tetanus shot and it’s myriad of toxins and carcinogens, one simply must determine whether they’re in a relatively oxygenated area, since tetanus dies when confronted with oxygen; and as the old adage goes, “Let it bleed”. Running that hand under water and bleeding it out, into the oxygen), but since we live in a westernized country, with the amazing advent of hygiene, some of these vaccinations are inapplicable.  

I spent a lot of time, and many headaches dealing with others, on this topic as I dug deeper.  People in our society do not want to hear, “Even when poliomyelitis was at its peak, greater than 90% of people who come into contact with polio develop ONLY a simple viral infection (AND LIFETIME IMMUNITY, no need for multiple jabs).  So simple you’d more closely relate it to the flu than polio.  In fact, almost 98% get over polio without ANY permanent damage AND lifetime immunity.

People are much more satisfied being culled into believing that polio was a scourge, highly-infectious, that was going to incarcerate their child inside of a giant iron lung, unless “the experts” in lab-coats came in like a messianic arch-angel, to liberate us.  I know, son, sounds silly but seriously, most today are completely content jacking their children up with all types of spooky - and in some cases unethical - concoctions they fill their syringes with, than actually looking into the efficacy and applicability of some of these vaccines.

Like I said, for awhile (and with no ones help otherwise), I drank the Kool-aid just like everyone else.  My big problem is when these facts have been uncovered, why is it the mass sheeple can’t discern this incredible information instead of robotically ticking, “CDC says it’s good for you and there’s nothing to worry about.”?   Mind you, I just spent an hour showing these automaton's CDC documents  where they admit to horrible, scandalous instances like, they knew that the polio vaccine was tainted with 40 (plus), simian-viruses, solely there to cause cancer;  or that the chickenpox vaccine has already proven itself to create a need for a shingles vaccine as well (just to let you know Son, when your father was growing up, not only was chickenpox a, “normal childhood illness” but if you didn't get chickenpox when you were young some parents forcefully exposed their child to it knowing full well that if the child didn’t get an immunity to it then, that it could not only create a huge risk to it in the future but also making it more likely they contract shingles later in life. Now the new thought is vaccinate away, something that was healthy for children to come into contact with, and create a future customer for something they would’ve had immunity to, had they NATURALLY ENCOUNTERED IT!).

Going into a list of all the nastiness they throw inside, along with the vaccines (that most ignorant parents think is the only ingredient), is not only worthwhile (I would like to think most parents care enough about their child that everyone cares to know this list; but I’ve been wrong on this type of reasoning before), but it’s also one of the main reasons I’ve chosen not to vaccinate you.  First thing I need to make clear to you, Son, is that there’s something that has become almost an epidemic.  I say almost because , you’ll never hear the CDC or WHO call this an epidemic, so sheeple don’t know that it is one; Auto-immunity.  

Auto-immunity is when your immune system fights back against normal body organs or normal cell-structures.  This has happened before vaccinations but almost at a non-existent level.  In our “new world’ of “new normals” Government officials at the CDC would have you think this is just a typical thing that no one should be alarmed about (kind of like how before vaccines, autism was at a rate of 1/150,000, now post-vaccines it’s at 1/130 or 1/62 males).  Some of these auto-immune deficiencies include; Childhood rheumatoid arthritis (something so rare, before vaccinations, that medical experts from around the country would flock anytime they heard of a case, just to encounter it), now its an expected occurrence and also Childhood type 1 diabetes.

As I’ve said before, Son, when you are attacking a religious faith (like vaccines, or the financial establishment because anything which operates on an individuals faith, IS a religion), you will never hear the preacher agree with you, no matter how right you are, if it affects his pocketbook. So, although there have been NO studies connecting auto-immunity to vaccines one has to DISCERN for themselves, based on an applicable body of evidence.  Squalene is one of these such ingredients in vaccines that I conclude is responsible for the shocking rise of auto-immunity.  Squalene is an additive that vaccine-makers throw into these concoctions as an enhancer or adjuvant.

Squalene is a NATURALLY occurring chemical reaction that starts in the central nervous system and through a very select route, not involving the bloodstream, carries the compound Squalene to your knee cap (for joint mobility).  So I don’t blame people for not being alarmed that this compound is inside vaccines, that is, until auto-immunity skyrocketed.  Follow me a minute here, Son, as I form a hypothesis, layman’s style:  According to the vaccine-makers, Squalene is added to most vaccines as a method of jolting one’s immune system into gear.  Idea being that your immune system knows that squalene is NOT supposed to be in your bloodstream and this would get your immune system heading in the right direction towards eliminating this foreign substance and by doing so would be at the targeting place to also get your immune system fighting the desired illness the vaccine was induced to protect you against.

Now, first interesting thing that the people need to think about is, children under two have a forming or incomplete immune system.  Their body naturally gets most of its immunity through breast milk from the mother, which has a working immune system.... Yes, Son, back in the old days women fed their child through their breasts, not from some OTHER chemical concoction called “formula”.  Anyways, aside from the fact that its startlingly revealing that these lab coat “experts” are jolting an immune system which is not yet formed, they are training an ill-formed immune system that Squalene is a foreign substance (by entering it directly into the bloodstream instead of letting it occur naturally where its supposed to).  In my little pea-brain, I don’t need a study linking childhood, rheumatoid arthritis to vaccines because these lab coats have already informed us they are taking a normal component, used for joint mobility, and training a child’s ill-formed immune system that
Squalene is the enemy (by placing it into the bloodstream their hope is your ill-formed immune system will know it’s not supposed to be there).  But for most people that isn’t good enough -I should’ve worn a lab coat while telling people this stuff, maybe then they’d have blindly believed me (which in all seriousness, isn’t any better than blindly believing them but that is another topic).

Ill list just one or two more additives, to help make my point clearer:  FORMALDEHYDE.   Yeah, I know Son, but it’s seriously in vaccines that moms and dads willingly give their 2,4,6,9,12,and 18 month old's all the time; shows you the power that a simple lab coat can give.  This is used as both an “adjuvant” (which literally agitates the immune system) and as what’s called a “culture”.  That means it’s the solution they run a live-virus through (yes, Son, they do inject LIVE VIRUSES into people...
No, you’re right, it does make more rational sense to come into contact with the real “live virus” than get a live-virus vaccine filled with all this crap).  Aside from formaldehyde being a chemical they inject into dead people to preserve their bodies, it is also HIGHLY CARCINOGENIC!!! It’s also a deadly neurotoxin; Its side-effects include retinal damage, birth defects and interference with DNA replication (which means your children would be less like you) Its one of the chemicals, that you see many government-sponsored, anti-tobacco firms lace all over the TV screens and posters inside of doctors’ office’s, that try to deter people from smoking cigarettes;  No, I know, Son, we do live in a world that’s THAT hypocritical; where people can read formaldehyde regarding tobacco and get a negative feeling about it, but hearing that they want to jack your child full of it, into their bloodstream, doesn’t at all enter into their brains.  Remember, Son, never underestimate the power of a simple, white lab coat.

One final additive I’ll mention is; PHENOXYETHENOL.  That is a big, lab coat word for antifreeze.  Yes, Son, that is what daddy puts into his car to keep the mechanical engines’ thermostat under control;  I guess they look at the human body as a machine.  I shouldn’t have to spend too much time convincing you as to why this compound isn’t something I was comfortable having injected into your bloodstream but since your life has been altered because of my decision, it’s important you understand that I have at least done my homework.  This compound is highly-lethal and, ding-ding, a carcinogen.  And just for the truly morbid at heart, they put abortive baby fetal tissue in there too.  Oh no, Son, you’re exactly right, these people sound more like a pagan, voodoo tribe than they do, an esteemed venerable people.  You’re not alone in thinking that and furthermore, I am proud that you’ve been able to keep your senses about you through all of this;  more than I can say for most.

There’s an important distinction to make here, that cannot be over-estimated.  These doctors. who vaccinate by the thousands daily, are not bad people and I am certain they think that vaccines have contributed more to modern science than any other device.  First of all, let me be clear, I’m not, nor have ever professed to be a doctor. I’m only a parent, who’s responsibility it is to do my utmost for your protection.  This, coupled with the intense drive to learn as much as I can, all sides included, has been the motivation for me spending countless hours backing up the renegade doctors' statements with CDC literature.  Some of the best proof I found were staring directly at me from the vaccine, supportive doctors’ own handouts!

For this reason I have spent much time pondering, among all this, why on earth these venerable, humane people - that doctors and nurses are in most cases - have willingly participated in this cabal?!?!  I mean, even if you have complete faith in the theory of an incomplete immune system having the ability to take these vaccines and building up an immunization to those illnesses, shouldn’t they at least stand up and say something like, “Hey now! we don’t need anti-freeze nor risk the child's immune system confusing Squalene as an enemy.”?  Forget the preservatives too,  we want to give these children the best possible chance at fighting off these illnesses [that we’re so afraid of, children who haven’t had said vaccines aren’t allowed in our schools or functions], so anything aside from the BARE VACCINE is unethical and borderline psychotic;  and forget the cost too, for economics to be brought into an equation involving a child's health is unconscionable.”

I have come to some kind of understanding though, having heard from Dr.’s whom have broken the mold, the answer lies in their incomprehensible schedule.  These people work the most ungodly hours in an industry which constantly changes the rules.  From two or three dr.’s direct admission, most  doctors' schedules are so complex that when JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) reports or CDC statements are released, they have a great likelihood to skip right to the conclusion remarks for sheer want of time.

So, Son, all this, and a plethora more, is why I chose not to vaccinate you.  Why that means you cannot join public school sports or even why you can’t go to a public school is a matter I can’t honestly answer without sounding like I’m anti-establishment.  First and foremost, if they have such complete confidence in their voodoo jabs, why is my son a concern to them?  I mean if they’re right, you NOT being vaccinated isn’t going to HARM ANYONE!!! In fact, if I knew that my vaccine worked with no hitches, I’d invite non-vaccinated people, like you, into my school just to prove my product as effective;  instead they play a “you don’t play along, you get nothing”, game which is used to SCARE people into jabbing their children for fear your child will miss a “NORMAL LIFE”. Well, Screw them, BECAUSE I WANT YOU TO HAVE A NORMAL LIFE, you have not been vaccinated; because I want your immune system to have a proper chance at building up normally, I didn’t vaccinate you;  because I didn’t want to lower your I.Q. by pumping you full of mercury, I didn’t vaccinate you; because I trust thousands of years of known human survival over fifty years of lab coats dictating a new world order, I didn’t vaccinate you;  because I love you, I didn’t vaccinate you.

One last thing, Son, in the time period it took me to write this letter a very apt occurrence came our way.  I dropped your sister and you off to your Grandmothers one day, for an hour to run errands, and the next day your grandma informed me that she had two children over at her daycare that had just received the chicken pox vaccine and came down with type 3 chicken pox.  Although I had hoped you had picked it up, since your chances of avoiding shingles goes up dramatically if you’ve been exposed to chicken pox, you’ve proven yourself tremendously resilient.  The only ones to get this particular disease in my mothers daycare were the poor children exposed to the jabs.  I just hope those children’s I.Q., immune system and life isn’t affected from all those pointless adjuvants, that were in a vaccine that didn’t even help!

Further Research:

Link to Study, lawsuit showing the malevolent intent to mask Mercury’s affect on tiny babies’ brain’s.


Vaccines: the risks, the benefits, the choices;  Dr. Sherri Tenpenny (DVD and workbook)

Information on formaldehyde: Mark Novitch, acting commissioner FDA (US court of appeals, DC)

Google searches:  Vaccine’s and autoimmunity/ vaccine’s and additives/ vaccine’s and autism

CDC pamphlets on vaccines are also a wonderful resource;  Only problem is, even though they list the complications, CDC always ends by saying “it’s good for you”. so people discard the death’s and complications.

"Man is not a mere package to be moved about, an object to be molded and applied where ever there is a need" Jacques Ellul

NTS Notes:  It is a fact that right now in America, and most other western nations as well, that school aged children are being disallowed into classes unless the parents can bring in proof that these children have been "properly vaccinated.  This shows the immense power of the brainwashing by the Pharmaceutical industry, our governments, and the liars in our media, that vaccines are needed, when in fact they do more harm than good... Especially to children.

 I have an important example that I want to share with everyone about how our schools are working with the criminals in our governments in administering vaccines to children...Late last year, my own son brought home a permission slip that asked if I would allow him to get some "booster shot" vaccines that would be administered to students at his school "free of charge".. I absolutely refused to allow him to receive their vaccine, put a big NO on the note, and spent the next while explaining to my 16 year old son exactly WHY vaccines are not needed and are in fact dangerous to human health.   A few days later, he informed me that out of his entire class, he was one of the few that had a note of refusal to be vaccinated!   I was absolutely shocked that other parents could be so gullible....

As I have said before, do NOT fall for the lies and absolutely refuse all vaccines.   Take proper care of your bodies, eat healthy foods, and take supplements to fight diseases instead of rolling up your arms and allowing these criminals to inject their deadly poisons into your bodies.

More to come


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