Saturday, October 13, 2012

Great Video Showing Albert Einstein For The FRAUD He Truly Was!

In all my years in the false education system including University and College, I was led to believe much like almost everyone else, that Albert Einstein was the "Greatest" scientist that the world has ever known.   We all have been brainwashed over the years with the firm belief that Albert Einstein gave us the great gifts of his "Theory Of Relativity", and of course his "E = M x C squared" computation for conversion of matter into energy.

But after years of research, I can tell everyone that Albert Einstein was a fraud.   The man was a Patent clerk that stole most of his so called scientific findings from other great Scientists.  Those other Scientists never received the credit for their discoveries, and instead Einstein was haled as the greatest Scientific mind ever!

To show again some true facts about the real Albert Einstein, I want to present the following video for everyone to see for themselves.   It shows some truth and a very dark side to the man again  haled as the "greatest" Scientist that the world has ever known.  I have some additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  In my honest opinion, the promotion of Albert Einstein as the greatest mind to have ever lived, is part of the mass Jewish deception on the entire world.   They have always promoted their own minds as the brightest in the human race, and have always pointed at Einstein as proof of their "mental superiority".

Only now can we see the real Albert Einstein, who was nothing more than a fraud and a charlatan.  Many modern Scientists are in fact much against Einstein's so called "scientific findings", and many of his theories no longer hold the credibility that has been upheld in our education system for over a century.   But again, his so called findings are still promoted due to his being the "greatest" Jewish mind to have ever lived!

It is especially disturbing from this video to see some of the very dark and disturbing aspects of the so called great Albert Einstein.   Please take this video, and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves how this man was truly a hateful and very racist fraud.

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