Monday, September 3, 2012

Poll Results: 67% Of Readers Who Participated In My Poll Say The Mars Curiosity Rover Is A Fraud

It is Labor Day, and usually today I take a break from this blog to spend the day with friends and family, and doing my annual barbeque.  This year's barbeque has just concluded and it was a resounding success.  For a change, I actually do have time today to do some research, and do a few articles for this blog.

I put up a poll in this blog last week that asked the simple question:  "Is The Mars Curiosity Rover On Mars, Or Are We Being Conned Again?".   I asked readers to simply answer (a) Yes, It Is Definitely On Mars,  (b) Not Sure, or (c) No, NASA Is Conning The World Again.    I had expected the responses to be about 50/50, but the actual results came as a surprise even to me.

It does appear that many of my readers can see through the fraud that NASA is playing on the entire world, and have voted 2/3 or 67% in favor of NASA conning the world again!

I want to thank everyone who participated in this poll, and it shows again how intelligent, and having the ability to critically think, most of the readers that come to this blog truly are.   These people are not fooled by this bogus Curiosity Rover at all!

Again, thanks to those who voted, and I will be putting up more polls soon.  Until then..

More to come


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