Saturday, September 8, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Welcomes The Pragmatic Witness To His Writing Team!

I have decided after years of doing this blog solo, to permit a fellow REAL seeker of truth, my friend Whitewraithe, the "Pragmatic Witness" to my writing team.

Her own site is a fabulous one, at, and after years of contact and sharing information, we have decided to experiment with having us each put up articles at each others' blogs.

It has long been my goal for a united front against those who seek harm against all humanity.  I look upon Whitewraithe as a person of incredible courage and integrity.  Therefore her addition to this blog is a definite boost in this battle for our freedoms.

Welcome, Whitewraithe, and I will definitely be looking forward to your first article in this site...

And as usual..

More to come



Citizenfitz said...

That's a very good idea. United we stand. BTW - thanks for your hard work here

Anonymous said...

Indeed, welcome...... From a fairly long term 'lurker' of this site, thanks in advance for your efforts, they're greatly appreciated. That goes for you too NTS, cheers.

passionatepragmatist said...

Thank you, Brian.

I did not realize you had put up a separate post about our joined efforts in the blogosphere, otherwise I would have responded earlier.

Let me just say I am very happy and humbled to be here, for what it's worth.

I feel like I should at least be the author of my first post, but I need to get over my illnesses before I can begin to pen my initial article. Then too, I am hoping my family life will calm down.

Brian, I apologize for not getting back with you on also authoring you in over at Pragmatic Witness. I promise it will be soon. I haven't forgotten about you. Allow me to get well and things will get back to normal.