Sunday, September 30, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Yes, it is Sunday again, and it is time for my weekly rant...

There has been so much said about the recent speeches given by both the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and the insane Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Milikovsky at the United Nations General Assembly this week, but I figure I would throw in my 2 cents worth...

First, I listened very closely to the speech made by Ahmadinejad, and in spite of all the vilification by the Jewish run media, this man made sense in everything he presented.   He is not seeking any war, or sees any need for war in the Middle East.  He wants his country to have the rights to peaceful nuclear power development, which is perfectly allowable under the terms of the IAEA, and absolutely does not see the need for nuclear weapons.  It is a fact that over the last few weeks the state of Iran has called for the removal of all nuclear weapons out of the Middle East entirely.   It is no surprise that the criminal state of Israel has been vilifying this man, because he is telling truth!

Now we turn to the colourful and very artistic speech made by the absolutely insane Prime Minister of Israel.   Within the first few minutes of this man opening his mouth, anyone could see that he was lying through his teeth.   His talk about the greatness of Israel almost made me vomit.  He claims that the world is a better place because of Israel, when in fact it is to the absolute contrary.  We have seen over and over again since the inception of the criminal state of Israel in 1948 nothing but wars and terrorist acts committed by these Jewish bandits.  Milikovsky then went on to present his very hilarious "bomb" diagram outlining his "red line" for an attack on Iran.   I and others have never seen such a cartoonish display by this criminal, and the world is now supposed to accept the idea of a "red line" for an attack on Iran based upon a nuclear weapons program that does not even exist, while the Jewish state had crossed that "red line" itself back in the 1960's with the development of their own nuclear weapons.   The hypocrisy was so incredible coming from this maniac, that I basically could not take any more of his bull crap after a certain point.   Only later was I able to view the rest of his insane rant over Youtube.

Basically, I have had enough of the sickness of Israel, and if they are so insane and intent on attacking Iran, then I say go right ahead.  But do NOT expect any help or sympathy from the rest of the world that is now waking up to the fact that Israel itself is a sick nuclear armed pariah nation.   It is my hope that if the Israelis are that stupid to try to attack a nation that is more than their match, that they get a thorough whooping.

I have watched the entire world begin its slide towards that global economic collapse for quite some time, and from what I see happening in Europe, that collapse is coming rapidly.  The Spanish have become the newest nation in financial dire straights and their government calling on the IMF for a bailout.   It is my hope that the Spanish people say NO to criminal banking "austerity" and to take the path that Iceland took by refusing the demands of the Rothschild led IMF.  The Spanish must look upon what  happened in Greece where the Greek government failed to listen to its own people and refuse the "austerity" measures imposed by the criminal IMF.   The result is that right now Greece is an absolute disaster.

I am continuing to watch the absolutely ridiculous American Presidential campaign for the Jewish controlled White House.   Someone asked me if I saw that article earlier this week where Willard Romney asked the laughable question as to WHY no one could open a window on an airplane.  I saw it, and I laughed for hours and thought to myself.... How the hell did this buffoon ever get this far in life, let alone want to become President of the United States?   Don't get me wrong.. Barry Soetoro is absolutely not any better.  America has suffered for the last 4 years with a queer Communist as their President, and it does look like they will suffer another 4 more.... And when it comes to who loves Israel the most, I would say both still pucker up to their Jewish masters when ever they are called upon to do so!

I see that the Canadian Israel ass-kissing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was in New York City this last week to receive his "award" for being selected "World Statesman" by a criminal Jewish organization.   I have long said that it is now a race between Canada's Prime Minister, and the US President to see who can suck Israeli dick the hardest...(sorry about the language).... I still cannot believe that anyone in  Canada actually voted for that clown to be our Prime Minister.  If he loves Israel so much, then he should definitely revoke his Canadian citizenship and get on the first flight to Tel Aviv to go and live in that psycho "paradise"...

Someone asked me this week if I was religious at all... I explained my position on religion a very long time ago, and it seems that I have to state it again... I am not religious at all, period.  I look upon religion as a crutch that has slowed down mankind's development for centuries.   Do not get me wrong though, because some of the concepts that religion does promote such as "Love, Sharing, and Compassion" for fellow human beings should be something that ALL people strive for. You do not need any religion to teach those fundamentals at all.   And when it comes to the concept of "God"... I do not need any "man in the clouds" or any murderous psychopathic "god" such as the false god, Yahweh, to guide my existence.

I am still in contact with my friend, Whitewraithe, who has been a very busy lady these last few weeks with family concerns and issues.   It has been hard for her to work on her own blog with all the family issues going on let alone to come and do any work at this blog!    As I stated before, I have no qualms in the meantime with her coming in and doing some corrections in some of my articles.... Yes, I do make plenty of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors!  Whitewraithe and I have still been discussing doing some podcasts on our real history, and one or two are in the works depending on if she finds the time....

Many people have noticed a slow down in terms of the articles I have been producing at this blog.  I said before that to avoid burn out, I had to take it more easier over the last few months.   With so much on the go in terms of my job and personal life, I have had to put this blog more and more on the back burner for the last while.   But fear not, I am still around and kicking.... Sorry to disappoint you, Hasbara agents!

Well... I guess thats it for now... But I will close with a few tidbits that I may have missed... I am waiting for any reports coming out of Japan about a Tsunami that was due to hit this weekend.  There is the danger that this tsunami could do further damage to the Fukushima crippled reactors,  and especially to the damaged spent fuel pool above failed reactor #4.   I am keeping my fingers crossed, but will report if anything changes with that already dangerous situation....There are new reports coming out of Europe and especially Russia about new calls for a ban of all GMO foods due to studies that have definitely linked GMO foods with Cancer and other diseases.  I am surprised that the American media has not picked up on these reports, considering how much the American diet is poisoned by dangerous GMO foods already!.... Influenza season is approaching again, and I hope that everyone does NOT take any of their so called "seasonal" flu shots.   Everyone should know by now that the shots themselves are more deadly than the flu itself.....I am still waiting on any "Earth Shattering" reports coming from NASA's fraudulent Curiosity probe on "Mars".   I am still standing behind my claim that NASA will shortly claim they have found "life" on "Mars", as part of their agenda for even more funding to keep their program alive......I really have to wonder why the lives of sick, warped, and demented so called "Celebrities" like the Kardashians means more to the American psyche than actually seeking truth and meaning in this sick world?  It is no wonder America is such a mess and heading for a massive collapse....

More to come



Franklin Ryckaert said...

The proper way to spell Netanyahu's original family name is Mileikowsky, not Milikovsky, though that is undoubtedly a variant of the same name.

Netanyahu's father changed his original name Mileikowsky into Netanyahu after he emigrated to then Mandate Palestine in 1920. Like so many Jewish immigrants he felt the need to change his name into a Hebrew one. ( like David Grün became David Ben Gurion and Golda Meyerson became Golda Meïr). This happened before the birth of his son Benyamin in 1949, so we can safely say that Netanyahu is actually the real name of Israel's prime minister.

You can check this out in the Wikipedia article on Netanyahu's father Benzion Netanyahu.

Anonymous said...

"He wants his country to have the rights to peaceful nuclear power development, which is perfectly allowable under the terms of the IAEA, and absolutely does not see the need for nuclear weapons."

I think you meant the NPT.