Sunday, September 23, 2012

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Yes, it is Sunday, and of course it is time for my weekly rant.

For this rant, I want to present a project that has been swimming in my head for quite sometime, and I figured this was as best a time to show it to my readers.... I call it "Are You Proud To Be Jewish Knowing...." and I am directing it to those few Jewish readers and my usual favorite fan club of Hasbara agentst that come to this site from time to time... Well, here it goes...

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your entire so called tribe is nothing but a fraud and has real history at all?  All evidence clearly shows now that everything taught in the Torah is a complete sham.  There never was an Exodus, a Passover, or even a Solomon or David.  All of these were imaginary creations of scribes during the 7th-8th century BC to give some credibility to their followers that actually originate from a wide spectrum of different races and backgrounds.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that you may live in countries such as Canada, and the United States, but you have absolutely no allegiance to the nation of your residence? Instead you would sell your host country down the road in an instant if it was to support your beloved criminal nation of Israel.  And we are to stand by and put up with this form of treason?

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your criminal system of Usury has destroyed entire nations' economies and has left the world on the brink of total global economic collapse?  Throughout all history, any nation that has adopted your criminal Usury debt system eventually collapses.  History is only repeating itself again, but this time the entire world will be left destitute thanks to the sickness of the Jewish Usury system.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that you have been raised from birth with the false sense that you are somehow superior over all other races?  It it through that false teaching that you look upon the rest of humanity as subhuman, or as cattle, to only be your slaves if and when you accomplish your twisted goal of world domination.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your hatred and refusal to intermingle with other races has left your so called "race" rife with a multitude of serious physical and mental disorders?  I cannot even begin to list the serious diseases afflicting the Jewish people, especially the Ashkenazis, due to their sick inbreeding and their twisted thinking of keeping their "race" pure.   One of the most serious mental illnesses as a result of that constant inbreeding is Tay Sachs Syndrome, that causes serious mental imbalance.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your beloved Israel is a massive fraud, and built upon no historical or biblical rights to the region of Palestine?  Your "tribe" is nothing more than invaders that has stolen that land from the true heirs to the region, the Palestinian people themselves.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your false nation of Israel is right now trying to get even more wars going in the region that could kill millions of innocent people?  This is all for your sick dream of Greater Israel based upon your fraudulent teachings of your Torah must be stopped!

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your control over governments around the world may soon have the world involved in a global World War that could see the deaths of billions of innocent people?  Again, this is all for the sick dream of your Greater Israel.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your leadership in Israel is clinically insane, and seems to be bent on a war against Iran that will see the deaths of millions of innocent Iranians and quite possibly the end of your cherished Israel itself?   From what I see, a maniac like Benyamin Milikovsky (Netanyahu) is a serious Tay-Sachs Syndrome sufferer!

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your criminal nation possesses some 300-400 nuclear weapons and has threatened to take at least 1/2 of the world down with them if they were ever threatened with destruction?  This is the insane Samson Option of the state of Israel, and that scares the crap out of a lot of people.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your nation has imprisoned some 1.7 million innocent people in what is basically an open air prison called the Gaza Strip?  There is even the fear that the criminally and mentally insane Israeli leadership will shortly launch an all out war that will see the extermination of that entire populace.   Now we are talking about a real Holocaust!

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that not only does your insane Torah talk about your superiority over all others, but your equally insane Talmud has even more disgusting teachings such as it being OK to have sex with children?   Many Jews are not even aware of the teachings of their own Talmud, and I have always said for them to again take a good hard look at that book of evil.  They would be shocked to see what it contains!

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your criminal Mossad organization has been responsible for some of the most horrendous criminal terrorist attacks in the last 1/2 century alone?   This includes of course many examples such as the Levon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty, and of course the worst terrorist attack ever; the Mossad led attack on 9-11 that murdered some 3000 innocent people.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your tribe has been kicked out of some 100+ nations and cities over the last 2000 years?   That was not due to some hatred by the people against your tribe, but from the actions of your tribe against the people!  Parasitism has no place in the human race.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your tribal control over the media has brought corruption and ruination of our modern society?  Your tribe's total control over Hollywood and television, which I call "Talmudvision" has poisoned peoples' minds with some of the worst filth and corruption imaginable.   That is also true with the Jewish total control over the even more sickening pornographic industry.

Are you proud to be Jewish knowing that your control over government has caused distortions and lies about our very history?  It is also through your criminal control over governments that some major parts of our history over the last century, including your "Holocaust" are not open to full research.  Many should be asking themselves why you are so scared to allow proper research to take place?

I therefore ask again to my Jewish readers... Are you truly proud to be Jewish?  Maybe it is time for you to join the human race and work with us to end the goals that have been laid out in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.   For the human race to survive, the archaic and sick belief that mankind must live as slaves must end immediately.  It is truly time for the Jews to join the rest of the human race!

There are more parts to this list that I may have overlooked, and could have been added.. I leave it up to my readers to put up their comments and give me their own thoughts on the list above, and what was missed.

I want to end this long rant with my usual closing tidbits.... As I stated in previous rants, the upcoming US Presidential election is a sham.  The only winner will be the criminal state of Israel itself, and with the absense of a third party candidate on the ballots themselves, people would be better off either spoiling their ballot, or just writing in "NONE OF THE ABOVE"... The situation at Fukushima Japan with the failed nuclear reactors has not changed, and the crippled cores are still spewing out horrendous amounts of radiation into the atmosphere and the surrounding environment.  Again, I need to ask why the rush towards war, when this world threatening condition is still ongoing?.....The Israelis are seriously up to something with their massive mobilization along the Syrian border.  I do suspect that they may launch an attack on Syria very soon after they get their false flag attack against the United States going.... Yes, a false flag attack is coming that will of course be done by Israel's hand.  I do suspect that it will happen during the upcoming Jewish holiday celebrating death and destruction called Yom Kippur.....I wish that the Muslim people would quit being played as suckers and fools and realize that the so called film that insults their prophet Muhammad was created by the Israelis to create new instability in the region.  The sooner they realize that truth, the better.... I am still working with some fellow real truth seekers on getting some shows and podcasts going.  It has been hard for me these last few weeks to get anything going due to family and personal issues.  I will keep everyone posted of course if and when we launch these projects.... There has not been much coming from NASA's fraudulent Curiosity rover on "Mars" lately.  But cheer up, everyone, for NASA will shortly come up with some "earth shattering" announcement about their fake Curiosity probe that will divert everyone's attention away from the failing economies and the rush to new wars for Israel.....I see the new season of Keeping up with the Kardashians is finally on the Talmudvision.  If you are looking for a prime example of Jewish corruption of modern society through their control over Hollywood, look no further!

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

BRILLIANT rant my friend! Just brilliant. Your points are bang on..... and you didn't even get to all the nasty mossad double dealing even!

And thank god the Kardashians is renewed... I don't know what I would do if I could not get my "fix". At least the media has SOME priorities straight!

Franklin Ryckaert said...

The question "Are you proud to be Jewish, knowing..." is of course entirely rhetorical. Jews feel no shame for their misdeeds, in fact they are proud of them.
The proper translation of CHUTZPAH is "shamelessness" and it's considered a virtue by Jews.