Monday, September 24, 2012

Is This Man The Only Hope For America? US Presidential Candidate, Merlin Miller, Tells It Like It Is: Israel Did 9-11, And Criminal Jews Control US Politics

Living in Canada, I have a very unique perspective when it comes to the upcoming US farce of a Presidential race for the White House.   I see the entire Republican versus Democratic fight for the Presidency of the United States to be a complete farce and a sham.  Both of the main candidates for the upcoming US Presidential elections, Willard Romney and Barry Soetoro, are nothing but total Israel kiss assers, who will do nothing other than obey their Jewish masters' interests and commands.  It is very sad to say that selecting either of these clowns is a moot point, because in both cases, Israel and the massive Jewish control over the US Government wins again.   It is truly sad to see that the American people have absolutely no choice in this November's elections... Or do they?

I received an email at the end of last week from a friend of mine, John Friend, who writes the great blog: Mr Friend's Blog, at    In it, John asked me to look at an interesting video that has a Third Party candidate for the US Presidential election, Merlin Miller, speaking to PressTV about his candidacy, the truth about 9-11, and what he thinks drives American politics today.   I found it very interesting to say the least...

I have that video right here for my own readers to view and judge for themselves about this man's honesty and integrity... And whether he stands a fighting chance for being the best hope for America today....I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I had never even heard of Merlin Miller until John sent this video to me.   But I can assume that it is due to the power of the Jewish controlled media that this man has not been heard by most Americans either.

Yes, this man is the only candidate so far that has come forward and stated the truth about both the 9-11 attacks and how the Jews control the American government.   If I was living in America, and considering how bad the Jews control both main political parties and their candidates, I would definitely consider voting for this man.

But lets face it, due to the Jewish control over the media in America, Merlin Miller stands a snowball's chance in hell of being elected this November.   And if America suddenly woke up to the Jewish control over their country and rushed to vote for this man, the Jews would make sure that Merlin Miller was never to become President by simply having him eliminated.

Bottom line:  It is refreshing to see that there is a voice for America out there, but as long as the Jews continue their stranglehold on America, Merlin Miller will just be a voice in the wilderness.

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Anonymous said...

Hello NTS,

I believe John Friend's blog: has been moved to:

An ardent reader of the blogs of yours and John's.

Greg Bacon said...

There are no two main political party's in the USSA, only one that serves Israel, Wall Street and the Fed.

Like someone's already said, Romeny is a wolf in wolf's clothing and Obama is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

America, that sound you hear is the toilet bowl being flushed. WTFU before its too late.

Robert in Arabia said...

The world has just turned upside down if this is true.

Anonymous said...

He's a well spoken chap - and he's definitely saying the right things.

Every movement has a starting point. I think we can all pray that it moves on very quickly...

Anonymous said...

If I don't vote for Ron Paul, this guy has my vote for sure. Maybe over Dr. Paul as far as that goes. Mr. Miller has the courage to speak the unspeakable; Jewish control over the media and probable involvement in 9/11.