Saturday, September 29, 2012

Great New Video By Snordelhans: Virtual 9-11

It does appear that things are finally reaching the breaking point when it comes to Israel's vain attempts in getting their psycho war against the innocent and peaceful nation of Iran off and running.

We have already seen the truly insane Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Milikovsky, with his outrageous and laughable speech made at the United Nations General Assembly call for red lines on Iran to have the world attack Iran for its non-existent nuclear weapons program.  The real hypocrisy is of course that the criminal Zionist nation itself has surpassed said red lines already, but the world is supposed to ignore that fact and stay focused on Iran instead.   It was also comical to see this criminal put up a card with a cartoonish "bomb" to drive his points home.  It seemed that the Israel props department got its artistry from American cartoons like "Rocky and Bullwinkle", as well as "Wile E Coyote and the Roadrunner."

But while all that was happening, there was a cyber-attack taking place against Jewish controlled banks across America.   These attacks were obviously done by Israeli programmers, because the attacks were instantly blamed on "Iranian terrorists".   It does indeed appear that the Israelis are again opening up something new in their bag of tricks to get their twisted and sick war against Iran going!

To best summarize what has been happening with this latest cyber-attack, being now labelled a "Virtual 9-11" against the United States, I want to present the following video, by Patrick Willis, aka Snordelhans, entitled: "Virtual 9-11" for my own readers to view for themselves right here.  I have my own comments and thoughts to follow:

NTS Notes:  As stated in this video, it should be so obvious by now exactly WHO is behind this so called cyber-attack against American financial institutions.

We have seen the criminal Israelis with their Stuxnet, Flame, Duku, and various other computer virus creations over the last few years directed against a wide assortment of targets around the world, so for them to invent this latest creation and purposely aim it at the Jewish controlled American banks and blame it on Iran does not surprise me one bit.

Please take this video, and pass it around for everyone to see for themselves.  People must be put on alert everywhere that the Israelis are trying this latest sick attempt to get the war against Iran going.  It is up to us again to stop them cold in their tracks!

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