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The Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 10 Facts Revealing Conspiracy Behind The Aurora Shooter(s)!

It has now been two full weeks since one supposed "Lone Gunman" shooter attended the midnight release of the newest Batman "The Dark Knight Rises" movie in Aurora Colorado, and then proceeded to shoot 70 movie patrons, killing 12 and leaving 58 wounded.

Since that time, we have been inundated with absolutely false and sometimes truly laughable reports from our criminal liars in the mainstream media about the shooting, and the supposed single gunman, James Holmes.   Many of these reports have been obviously misleading and done intentionally to lead everyone down the wrong path and away from the truth.   It has turned to the alternative media, including sites like this one, for some real factual information to be presented for everyone to see....

For this article, I want to present a very interesting report , from "ATS" through Rense online, at, entitled: "10 Facts Revealing Conspiracy Behind The Aurora Shooters".   As the title implies, what we are looking at with the shooting at Aurora has all the earmarks of most definitely being a conspiracy!  I have that entire article right here for everyone to view and ponder for themselves, and of course my own comments and thoughts to follow:

10 Facts Revealing Conspiracy Behind Aurora Shooters

From ATS

1. James Holmes had no job, was earning unemployment but was able to purchase close to 10k in weapons, explosives, and tactical equipment, and this all happened within 2 months. The chances that Holmes could afford to finance this on his own is highly unlikely. Someone helped finance this attack, follow the money and we will find the masterminds. 

2. The testimony of 2 key eye witnesses totally contradicts the official story of there being one shooter, with no accomplice in the attack. One witness testified that the tear gas canisters came from both sides of the theatre, a second witness testified that before the movie began he saw someone sit down in the front row, and shortly after sitting down his phone rang and instead of walking into the main lobby to take the call, he walked over to the emergency exit to the right side of the theatre opened the door and looked to be signaling someone outside the theatre. Shortly after the shooter made entrance through the emergency exit and commenced his attack. 

3. Evidence photos - Evidence photos have surfaced of a gas mask outside of the emergency exit of theatre 8, police reported that when they arrested the shooter in the white Hyundai outside of theatre 9 he was wearing a gas mask, that would make 2 gas masks that were recovered. Also photos show the AR-15 propped up against the wall opposite of the fire exit door of theatre 9, police radio communications reported that night that the rifle was found inside the theatre, and even if the the AR-15 was discarded outside the theatre do you think the gunman was going to take the time to set the weapon down ? The Hyundai - why was the window missing? I thought he put up no resistance as he was being taken into custody ? 

4. Radio communications from the night of the attack - 

*First report of suspects was two men fleeing the theatres both wearing back packs, what happened to these two suspects?? 

*Reports of three people dragging an unknown individual into a non descript vehicle and speeding off 

*the majority of injured and witnesses were not given access to ambulances, they were to be transported by other vehicles to the high school. WHY?

* Police radio that one of the shooters may be wearing blue and plaid shirt 

*Magazine and AR-15 dropped in theatre 

5. Pool of eye witnesses - It was reported that the theatre had over 300 people in it, there have been less than 10 eye witnesses with a only a few taking most of the spotlight ie. Jennifer Seeger. The KEY eye witnesses seem to have very well rehearsed testimony but have not given much sense to whether there testimony is actually plausible - Jennifer Seeger has consistently given a description of the shooter, that miraculously matches James Holmes to a T, even though she has told reporters that she was face down in the aisle, and surrounded by tear gas/gas obstructing her view. Seeger also described the gas canisters down to the colour, personally I believe this was an impossibility in that scenario. She also mentioned that hot shell casings were hitting her in the forehead as the gunman was spraying the theatre, how is this possible? she was on her front was she not? Another point that should be noted is that for a event that involved 300 people, there has been a surprisingly low amount of postings on youtube, facebook, and Twitter. No one who was involved in this event is talking about it, beyond that small group of witnesses that have been talking to national media outlets. 

6. Holmes booby trapped apartment - How are we to believe that a 24 yr old, former jewish camp counselor, gaming nerd, science rock star, Neuroscience PHD had the skill set to set up a system of explosive devices and booby traps that would have the FBI bewildered for almost two days?? How are we to believe that ?? There is no way this maze of death was the work of one neuroscience student. It's BS. 

7. Rumours of Holmes's Neuroscience program being funded by DARPA - Neursoscience + DARPA + MKULTRA the perfect marriage 

8. Anti-gun agenda - Didn't anyone notice how quick public officials were ready to talk to the media about antigun legislation ? Bloomberg publically called out Obama and Romney to do something about the lack of gun control in the US, excellent timing seeing as the UN has legislation on the table to ban small arms globally. 

9. The fact that Holmes allegedly bought the guns legally, to me this is the biggest smoking gun that this attack is being used as sounding board for the anti gun/disarmament agenda, think about it...most intelligent people who were planning an attack like this would do everything they could to stay off of the radar, buying the guns legally doesn't allow one to do that. What they are trying to do is demonize the legal gun owner, saying hey Holmes wasn't a criminal he was a normal guy who went crazy, and due to his ability to legally buy these firearms he was able to pull off these attacks.

10. The roomates - The initial reports were than Holmes was living with two other people, but once people started asking who these roommates were, the story had changed to no roommates that he lived by himself. The roommate story had to change because everyone was asking the same thing, if Holmes had roommates where are they ? Are they in the apartment with all of those explosive materials? It makes no sense!!! I don't think there were any explosives in Holmes residence, I think that they were buying time to construct this BS story. 

Anyway those are my 10, feel free to debunk or add your own commentary. 
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There are TWO  videos at this page

NTS Notes:  When the original reports came out via the so called "mainstream" media,  I knew right away that everything that we were told by those liars made absolutely no sense at all, and I smelled a rat...

What we have here in my honest opinion is a complete setup where the real shooters have gotten away with murder, and left their patsy, James Holmes, who most probably did not partake in the shooting at all, drugged, doped up, and set up to take the fall.

Point#8 in the list presented is to me the key point in this entire sad episode.  We all know by now that the United States had made plans to sign off on a UN gun control treaty on July 27th. Luckily, the war unable to  do so, thanks primarily to the work of myself and others in getting the American people informed that these criminals were wanting to strip guns away from them so as to render the American people powerless and unable to defend themselves when the US government made its big push for turning America into a police state.

What is also a fact is that in spite of the criminals' best efforts to shock the American public into being suckered into accepting gun control through the psychological effect of this shooting, the American public has in fact been purchasing even more guns than ever before... Something I guarantee these criminals did not expect, and which has left them absolutely red faced, and pondering what to do next!

There are still some twists in this sad tale, and as they come forward I will do my best in presenting them here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

More to come


*Supplementary Note: Several people and some commentators have pointed out to me the importance of the link between James Holmes' father, and the LIBOR scandal that very shortly could explode.. I have already put up a previous article about that possible link, but several people have warned me that the original site that put forward the LIBOR twist in this Aurora shooting could be disinformation.. I am still investigating, and I do find some strong evidence of the LIBOR twist behind this shooting.


Dragon said...

11. James's dad was due to give evidence on the 'Libor' banking outrage

Anonymous said...

Holmes looks very jewish in his official photo (not the one with dyed hair).

Northerntruthseeker said...

The only reason why I left the LIBOR scandal out of this article is due to the fact that there is speculation that the link is actually untrue...

I had put up two articles previously asking and assuming that there was a link. However, there have been several commentators that pointed out that the site that the link was made originally was filled with disinformation....

But the more now we look at it,the more it appears that something was afoot with James Holmes' dad....

Northerntruthseeker said...

I will be diving into the LIBOR scandal fully very soon... That is real news, and for some reason we do not hear a peep out of the so called mainstream media...

Gee, I wonder why??? The criminals behind the LIBOR mass swindle are of course members of the "tribe", and we know that the "tribe" also controls the media... Therefore the silence, because the tribe will never hurt other members of the tribe...

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