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Syrian Detour: We Are Facing Global War!

For this article, I want to cover more reports on what is really happening right now in Syria.   Readers, we must not accept anything that our governments and media are saying about Syria, because it is nothing but bold faced lies.  I opened my local newspaper this morning for example, and one of the headlines was calling President Assad of Syria a "butcher" and a "mass murderer" of women and children, when the truth is he is nothing of the sort.  The real mass murderers in Syria right now are the insurgent invaders and mercenaries who are killing civilians, especially around the nothern Syrian city of Aleppo.  It is no wonder that people are turning away from the media in droves... People are no longer fooled by the lies!

I came across a very interesting article, from the Daily Star online news service, at, that I want to share with my own readers.  It is entitled: "We Are Facing Global War", and tells a very truthful and cheering analysis of what is really happening in this war in Syria.  I have that report right here for everyone to see for themselves that the Iranian foreign minister is telling the truth about Syria, which flies in the face of all the crap that we are being inundated right now by the liars in our Jewish controlled media!  I have my own additional thoughts and comments to follow:

Monday, July 30, 2012

We are facing global war

Says Syria FM in Iran; opposition says transitional govt soon

Syria's foreign minister met with his Iranian counterpart yesterday, with both sides decrying what they call an international plot against the Syrian regime.

"I can tell you that we are facing a global war against Syria, and as a proud Syrian I can tell you that it is a great honour to be part of a great country that is facing a ferocious attack by certain countries," Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem told reporters in Tehran. 

He also described a "media campaign" by the United States and others about chemical weapons in Syria.
Moallem also delivered ominous words about the battle for Aleppo, Syria's largest city that has seen more than a week of clashes between regime and rebel fighters.

"Since last week, (opposition fighters) planned for whatever they called the 'great Damascus battle,' but they have failed after one week. That's why they moved to Aleppo, and I can assure you that they will fail," he said.

"Syria is now stronger and will move ahead in facing the aggression against our nation," Moallem said.
The Iranian foreign minister showed his support for the Syrian regime, saying Israel is behind "is a conspiracy against Syria."

"It is completely ridiculous and delusive to believe that there is a possibility of creating a vacuum in the leadership in Syria," Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said.

"We call upon the people of the region to be fully aware and not to move in the wrong direction because there will be severe consequences that will go beyond the borders of the region to the outside world," Salehi warned.

Meanwhile, the head of the Syrian National Council (SNC), the main umbrella group for opponents of President Bashar al-Assad, said yesterday that talks would be held within weeks to form a transitional government that would in time replace Assad's ministerial team.

Abdelbasset Sida, president of the SNC, said such a government would run the country between Assad's ousting and democratic elections. Most of its members would be drawn from the opposition, but some members of the current Assad government might also be included, he added.

"This government should come about before the fall (of Assad) so that it presents itself as an alternative for the next stage," Sida told Abu Dhabi-based Sky News Arabia television in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

"The committees that we have set up have their own schedules. Obviously, the matter should be concluded within weeks."

"There are some elements in the current regime who are not bloodstained, who were not part of major corruption cases. We will discuss (including them) with other parties, but there should be a national consensus to accept them."

However, criticism about the SNC's legitimacy may complicate its efforts to form a transitional government. It has sometimes struggled to overcome internal divisions and critics have accused the Istanbul-based organization of being out of touch, overly influenced by Turkey, and not fully representative of the opposition.

NTS Notes:  Readers.. How much longer must we put up with the lies coming out about how the government in Syria are a bunch of "murdering thugs"?...When the truth is that the so called mercenaries that have invaded the sovereign state of Syria at the bequest of their masters in Washington and Tel Aviv have been going on rampages of death and destruction against the civilian population in Syria.  These criminal mercenaries are the real murderous butchers and thugs!!!

Again, turn off your Talmudvision and look at the real truth via articles over the Internet.  We have been lied and deceived into accepting the false idea that a "humanitarian" mission is now required to "save" Syria by the BS artists in our governments and media....How quickly everyone forgets the great "humanitarian" mission that "saved" Libya for criminal Jewish and American interests.   History may shortly repeat itself again....

I have long called the conflict in Syria a "detour" because the real goal of these criminals in Washington and Tel Aviv is to get a war started in Syria that will automatically trigger a war against Iran due to Iran's defense pact with Syria.   The real problem is of course any attack on Syria will trigger a Russian response, and even the possibility of the Chinese getting involved as well.  Therefore, the title "We are facing Global War" is very factual and a very scary scenario indeed.  

More to come


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