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Musings On The End Of The Zionist States Of America

I have said it for a very long time, and for those who are new to this blog I will say it again... America, that once great nation of hopes and dreams, is finished!   The American Empire is crumbling right before our very eyes, as that once great nation is being crushed under a criminal Usury based debt that can never be repaid (that was by design), as well as becoming one of the two worse pariah nations on planet Earth (the other being Israel) due to fighting illegal and criminal wars against innocent nations.  It is very sad when I see many of my friends in America suffer as their nation falls into horrible destitution and poverty!

I came across a very interesting article earlier today, from a fellow truthseeker who writes the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at  It is entitled: "Musings On The End Of The Zionist States Of America", and I have it right here for my own readers to view for themselves.   It contains a lot of very factual information, and I do have my own comments and views to follow:

Musings On The End Of The Zionist States Of America

I am not an event driven writer. I am just chronicling the destruction of the America we knew. It is not for me to say what will replace the world we loved. That is for those who survive. I am on too many enemies lists from too many sources in this conflict to expect to personally survive the coming conflagration. I should tell you that a prophet only tells you the future you will have if you do not change your ways. 

This essay is to bring you the good news that the launching of World War III might have been postponed or even cancelled. I also want to say what I think the Occupying Force might try in desperation to avoid losing power. Their spokesman Tony Blair told us that hanging bankers will not improve our situation. 

Really? Most people I know would disagree.

War has been cancelled because Muslims in Syria. Iran and Lebanon have stopped the Israeli expansion of its borders. Thirty years ago an enthusiastic Zionist who wanted to emigrate to Israel as soon as he graduated that the Israelis were going  to run the Palestinians out of Jerusalem and the West Bank. One of the reasons Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006 was so they could grab the water from the Litani river which has an annual flow of 920 million cubic meters (243,038,288,426 gallons). A lot of what the Israeli occupation army does involves stealing water from Palestinians. When the Israelis began building the Apartheid Wall on 16th June 2002, they built it as far as 6 kms inside Palestinian territory to grab the best farm land and water resources. Last week Israeli soldiers invaded Lebanon and stole 1,000 goats though this was not reported in the Jewish owned press in America or England.

Those Israeli soldiers who stole the goats avoided areas defended by Hezbollah as their army was defeated by them in 2006. The Israelis bombed civilians including people in Beirut who opposed Hezbollah. The Israelis also made sure they bombed Lebanese businesses who competed with Israeli exporters to give themselves a competitive advantage. The lesson learned for military men is that a small force with advanced missiles can defeat supposedly superior forces led by helicopter and tank assaults. 

The Iranians and Syrians have learned that lesson very well. They have over 150,000 missiles to fire at Israel in case Syria is invaded. As I have said before, Iran is mass producing solid fuel rockets with advanced Russian guidance systems and fuel air explosive warheads. The Iranians are mass producing mach 3 anti-ship missiles. And the Iranians are also mass producing 130 mile range (210 km) rocket artillery with 1,322 pound (600 kg) warheads. The US military knows that all 55 US Central Command bases near Iran and Syria plus the entire Persian Gulf fleet will cease to exist within the first 5 minutes of an Israeli or American attack.

The Russians and now the Chinese have moved their ships into a position to block an attack on Syria. The US military knows Israel did 911 and that we have been losing soldiers for Zionist lies. The Russian Chief of Staff met with his American counterpart Martin Dempsey in Washington reportedly agreeing to approach politically engendered conflicts.

The London and New York bankers would dearly love America to get NATO into a war with Iran and Syria to distract us from the coming Hyperinflationary Depression. If America  nuked the Mideast, Israel and the Bilderbergers would inherit the oil.  But their Syrian publicity campaign is falling apart even in the Jewish controlled media. BND, German intelligence, investigated over 90 massacres of civilians inside Syria finding they were actually committed by NATO hired mercenaries  and not the Syrian Army. 

A Dutch photographer was captured by NATO mercenaries and held for a week. He told us that the men spoke English and two of them were non-white British citizens. This information and the truth about 911 is spreading.

Previously, I said that when Israel attacked America on 911 they knew that the Jewish owned media, courts and politicians would put a lid on the truth to protect their brothers from the wrath of the Goyim. 

The Israelis knew that it would take a long time for the word to spread. A slow fuse of truth was lit on 911. The bankers can see truth spreading and that frightens them. They also see Europe and America on the verge of collapse due to their gross criminality. Paul Craig Roberts has said that if fraud were removed from the system the American economy would instantly collapse. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner has been dispatched to Europe to meet with the Germans and with Mario Draghi at the European Central Bank. The EU ombudsman has been impugning Draghi’s integrity as he used to work for Goldman Sachs. He neglected to mention that Draghi is a Bilderberger and served on the Bilderberg Steering committee meaning he was the one who transmitted orders from the Rothschilds and the Black Nobility to the commoners allowed to serve their betters as Prime Ministers and diplomats.

So if there is no war what is their next step as time runs out? They do not plan to allow the rabble to actually arrest them, put them on trial and in prison and seize the tens of trillions of dollars they stole. 

They are serious about disarming Americans so only the militarized police will protect you when the bankers intentionally collapse the dollar and starve ten million Americans to death. And they are serious about getting control of the Internet so your only source of information will be Jewish owned and edited media.

Last week in Aurora Colorado someone shot 70 people at a theater killing 12. I learned from the Internet (I have no TV) that witnesses said there was more than one shooter. Somehow automatic flags were ignored when James Holmes bought all those weapons and bullets in a short period of time. Everyone else receives a visit from the government. The Aurora police chief was a former aide to New York mayor Bloomberg. The police routinely had 4 to 8 cops at midnight premiers due to black gang violence. But on that night there were no police. When the calls came in reporting the shootings, the FBI responded faster than the local police who were a block and a half away. And Like Sirhan, the patsy in the RFK assassination, Holmes has no memory of the evening.  The public was not fooled. Gun sales soared and opposition to gun control rose in the polls. Obama and Hillary had to delay the signing of the treaty to ban private possession of weapons because they saw a groundswell of opposition that alarmed them. That successful deciphering within days of the shootout in Aurora meant to me that the Occupation Group will have to shut down the Internet before they can try another false flag. That is why I am not convinced there will be a false flag at the Olympics.

The final Gallup poll in 1980 showed Carter ahead of Reagan by 3 points but the election wasn’t even close. The election of 2012 will be a referendum on the economy which is tanking. The candidates of 2012 are Dumb and Dumber. The people have no choice. A hundred million dollars in attack ads actually resulted in a Romney uptick in the polls. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph has said Europe will not last past August without a miracle. Geithner and Bernanke would seem to be Europe’s last and best hope. As I said before, if Bernanke starts printing money in astounding volumes, he can delay the collapse until after the elections at the cost of unleashing a Hyperinflation that will destroy everything we all worked for.

My best guess is that Romney wins the election. Lame duck Obama will be bringing lots of Mexicans across the border to destroy America with a race war which is why I said he was selected to become President. The economy collapses after the elections. In fact I think the bankers want the economy to collapse before Romney takes office. That will start nationwide food riots which will degenerate into race riots.  Obama will impose martial law and shut down the Internet after the Jewish owned media show pictures of the riots on TV. Obama will say he is sending out the TSA, local police and the US military out to restore order. Do not believe that. I used to live with American Indians so I mean no offense when I say ‘Teleprompter Reader in Chief speaks with forked tongue.’

What will happen is that Obama will tell people that he can give them food and water and shelter them from the riots if they are willing to go to the FEMA camps. But they will have to give up their guns. The US Army took away guns from the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Then the New Orleans police went into the wealthy homes that had not been flooded and robbed the unarmed citizens. 

Afterwards ‘Unknown Men’ came by raping women. Obama has been hiring men with criminal records and histories as child molesters to work in the TSA. He is buying them bullet proof command centers for all those road blocks he wants on the highways. Former KGB General Yevgeny Primakov was paid million to work as a consultant to advise DHS under Bush on running those FEMA camps. He said you can only throw cans of spam over the fence to 30 million people for so long. Eventually, you will have to start shooting them. DHS has since bought lots of industrial incinerators. Each one is capable of incinerating tens of thousands of Americans every week.

In politics there is the stated reason and the real reason. The real reason for the National Security State, the TSA, the repeal of the Bill of Rights and the FEMA death camps is that the bankers want nationwide food riots, race riots and a civil war. Prolonged food riots will destroy every American city. An influx of millions more illegal aliens with no jobs and no food will lead to predictable race riots. Blacks and Hispanics have been shooting at each other in the streets of California. But a civil war and open rebellion would take the destruction of America from coast to coast. And to achieve that goal Obama will send out the local police, the TSA perverts and the US military to confiscate 300 million guns. As I keep repeating, Americans currently have 600,000 slide fire stocks for their AR-15s and Ak-47s which enable them to fire 700 plus bullets a minute in case of emergencies. I have heard rumors that several governors have decided to take the weapons from  their state National Guard and resist gun confiscation. If those governors asked for citizen volunteers, there is no army in  the world that could defeat them without nuclear weapons. Obama’s boys might cut off water to force people to evacuate a city. Rebels could cut off water and electricity to the Obama strongholds of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. They could run the IRS out of their states and refuse to pay taxes. The Obama regime would not last 72 hours after the lights went out.
I have said the US military will mutiny rather than commit suicide by launching WW III by attacking Iran.

I think that if they understood that bankers want to destroy America, the military would side with the people and arrest the bankers rather than commit suicide by confiscating our guns.. I have previously said how Debt Cancellation and monetary reform will restore America. The details are given on the notes below.

In any event the Zionist States of America will soon cease to exist. America might be reborn or the Zionists might destroy the world with a nuclear war. I do not know. But I can guarantee that the bankers will not be running anything in the near future.

PS. You will want to have local networks of aware people. You will need food and water because you do not want to be forced into FEMA death camps just to get something to eat. The camps might only last for a week or two but bad things could happen to you in less than 14 days.

Notes: This first article explains why war against Syria and Iran will be a disaster for America and Israel.

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The next article explains how Debt Cancellation works on a practical level. It is my most popular essay on the subject though some object to the race of the people involved.

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The last article explains how Debt Cancellation, pension reform and healthcare reform could work:

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NTS Notes: I have always said that for America to survive and possibly restore itself to its former glory, it has to cast off the parasites that have crushed the nation under their criminal Usury debt based monetary system, and forever disallow them from establishing such a horrific system in America again!

I do agree with Vidrebel's assessments of what will happen in America very soon.  I have already said that the criminals will possibly start making their moves to collapse the world economies and turn America into a police state as early as this Autumn.   Their push to impose gun control on America should have already been a wake up call for all US citizens that this scenario is definitely coming!

I can see that the criminals are now getting desperate to have a new war, primarily against Iran, off and running very soon.  They know that the longer they wait, the more the entire planet awakens to their evil, and may stop them in their tracks.... Time is not on their side, and out of desperation in their pursuit of world domination, they may still go for broke, and risk triggering World War III.   This is the time for everyone to do their part in getting the word out to everyone before it is too late...

More to come


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