Friday, August 31, 2012

Lady Diana Murdered 15 Years Ago Today: Important Video Exposing Major Aspects Of This Murder - "Lady Die"

With all the other issues going on in the world today, especially with the absolutely horrendous rush towards war with an innocent Iran,  other issues sometimes do fall by the wayside.  One issue in particular is the murder of Princess Lady Diana Spencer, who was senselessly put to death by the Queen of England's own hit squad, MI6, exactly 15 years ago today.

There have been many reports, and videos, released over the years that give us important information about how and why Diana was put to death on August 31st, 1997.   But the best video that really puts all the pieces together nicely is one called "Lady Die".    For this solemn occasion, I want to present that Youtube video right here in its entirety for everyone to watch for themselves.  It is quite long, but contains a lot of shocking revelations for everyone to see if they truly want to understand all the facts behind Diana's senseless death.  I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I recently discussed Lady Diana's senseless murder with Whitewraithe, who writes the very important blog, Pragmatic Witness, at   Some of the information that Whitewraithe passed on to me just made me sick.   She informed me of the reason that the ambulance was delayed for several hours after first picking up Diana out of the crushed vehicle and when it actually arrived at the hospital.  It seems that the time was spent to carry out a Satanic ritual where Diana's unborn child was ripped out of her dying body!    I could never fathom such a morbid and sick act, but knowing now how truly evil the entire British royal family truly is, I do not put it past them to carry out such a horrific act.

There are still some major questions some 15 years after this senseless murder, especially the exact reasons why the Queen of England would authorize a hit by her MI6 death squad on Lady Diana.   I am not one to speculate, but since I have become fully aware of only some of the many people in the last century alone have been put to death by these creatures, I absolutely do not doubt that they ordered the hit on Diana.

15 years, and no justice for Diana's senseless death.   How many more people must die before we finally put an end to the evil actions of these criminals?

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Passionate Pragmatist said...

LADY DIE by Christopher Everard is the only truthful documentary to demonstrate conclusively how and why Princess Diana was murdered. I watched it in full a few years ago. YouTube deleted it on several channels due to copyright infringement, so I am thankful to see it here, NTS. Thanks so much for posting.