Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Interesting Article By The Video Rebel: Adolf Hitler Would Never Have Done That!

After taking one day off to recharge my batteries, I am feeling better and now its back to business as usual.

A friend of mine, Buelahman, who writes the blog: "Buelahman's Revolt" at www.buelahman.wordpress.com, sent me an interesting email this morning, concerning a very telling new article from another real truthseeker, Horse237, who writes the blog: Video Rebel's Blog, at www.vidrebel.wordpress.com, entitled: "Adolf Hitler Would Never Have Done That".   After reading over the article, I agree with Buelahman that it is a great write up, and should be shared by everyone... Therefore, I have that Video Rebel article right here in its entirety for all of my own readers to view for themselves... I have of course my own comments and thoughts to follow:

Adolf Hitler Would Never Have Done That.

I once carried the Pax Christi banner at an anti-war rally. (No, I am not a Catholic.) At the time the religious people who opposed war asked the question:’What would Jesus do?’ We are a secular nation and should set our standards at a more human level. If what the banker occupied government does  is way beyond what Hitler would  have done to his people in the 1930s, then I think we have let our government go too far. I would ask you to compare the security Hitler made for the Berlin Olympics of 1936 to  the farce that just transpired in London.

Adolf Hitler never would have arrested 8 year-old girls for selling lemonade in front of their homes but America is doing that.

Adolf Hitler never would have arrested elderly couples for having a vegetable garden in their yard but America is doing that.

Adolf Hitler never would have arrested farmers for selling fresh produce on the side of the road but America is doing that.

Adolf Hitler never would have fined a woman who owned a farm for giving a birthday party for her friend’s ten year-old child but America has done that.

Adolf Hitler never would have allowed security men to grab Miss Germany at an airport, insert a finger in her vagina and lift her in the air. But America has already done that and never reprimanded the TSA men involved.

Adolf Hitler never would have allowed his security agents let a man with a small bomb on board an airplane in order to sell bogus bomb detecting equipment. But America already done that and never reprimanded the men involved.

Adolf Hitler never would have sentenced a man to 30 days in jail for collecting rain water on his own property to use on his gardens but America has done that.

Adolf Hitler never would have knowingly issued taxpayer ID numbers to illegal aliens so they could take jobs away from German citizens and file for billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds. But America’s government has done that.

Adolf Hitler never would have let a man steal 1.2 billion dollars from segregated customer accounts and let him go free. But America’s government has done that.

Adolf Hitler never would have let bankers front run stock purchases from mutual funds and pension plans some that the banks see an incoming order, jump in front of the line, buy the stock and sell it for a higher price to you. This allows the banks to clip a hundred million dollars a day from our savings. Again Hitler never did that. But the American government does allow that to be done every day of the week.

Adolf Hitler never would have allowed his security agents strip search elderly women in their 80s and 90s in some cases going home to die and in other cases ripping off colostomy bags. But America’s government has done that.

Adolf Hitler never would have let his Attorney General to sell guns by the container load to drug gangs in his own nation so they could shoot at the members of other gangs thus endangering the lives of German citizens. In the US court documents reveal that the federal government did not only ship guns to Mexico in exchange die cocaine. They also sold guns to violent street gangs in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Gary. These gangs kill Americans. On most weekends Chicago and Los Angeles will have more gun deaths than the twelve that movie theater in Aurora Colorado  had. The President went to see the survivors of Aurora bur does not meet people who died from the guns he illegally sold to gangs in either Mexico or the United States.

Adolf Hitler would never have done that but your government does do that.

Adolf Hitler never would have let bankers counterfeit billions of stock shares to manipulate stock prices and to force some companies into bankruptcy and force others to curtail expansion and hence hiring of new workers. The bankers. The bankers sell short stock shares that do not exist. They are supposed to cover that naked exposure in days but the Depository Trust allows these counterfeit shares to float around for 6 months or even a year. This drives down the price a small investor gets if he has to ell to pay taxes or to fund a child’s education. Hitler never did that. But the American government does allow that to be done every day of the week.

Adolf Hitler allowed the International Red Cross to have monthly unsupervised inspections of all of his concentration camps during war time. The US government would never allow ourside medical doctors free access to its secret prisons  in peace time. And is in fact saying some prisoners will never be released because they do not want the people of this world to see what they are doing to human beings.

Notes:This first article was inspired by Gilad Atzmon.

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NTS Notes:  Buelahman was concerned that when he put up this article in his own blog that he may have altered the meaning of this article by giving it a different title... But he never changed the original Video Rebel article itself, and gives full credit to the original author.. Not a violation of the fair use agreements as far as I am concerned.

Ok, there will be those who will attack me and others for showing factual evidence on Adolf Hitler, due to the intense brainwashing they have been subjected to through our failed education system into believing that Adolf Hitler was the ultimate evil in history.   The fact is again that Hitler was absolutely not a saint himself, but what he did to try to free the German nation from the evil clutches of the criminal Jewish bankers has to be revealed to everyone.  Therefore much of what we have been told about this man is nothing more than pure and utter lies based on false teachings...I will not shy away from my purpose of exposing some real facts and real history by somehow allowing such biased attitudes about this man to prevail.

The comparisons shown by Horse237 in this list can easily be proven as true by just a small bit of research.  We have always thought of ourselves as better than in the time of so called "Nazi" Germany, but the facts do show otherwise...

More to come



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately America does have the most chosen rectal orifices of all time, and "THEY" print their currency, own the media and operate a kosher brothel...

but, when the ADL/ATF attacked my neighbors with a zionazi military assault force with air support on a Sunday morning...

well that was a whole lotta chutzpah to deal with at one time, especially after the ADL/FBI had just shot Vickie Weaver in the face on her front porch while she was holding her baby, Randy her husband as you may know had also been a green beret and was shot in the back while returning to the cabin under seige from the talmudic terrorists who had surrounded his little slice of heaven on Ruby ridge...which is a long way from Jew York city or sodom on the Potomac...


While it may be true that Adolph Hitler was manuevered into playing the part in a Zionazi banker scheme to get Khazar proselyte
so-called "JEWS" to Palestine, he certainly inspired the Judahite/German people to lift themselves from the horrors of the Zionazi EDOMITE "Jewish" banker contrived WWI...

Remember T.E. Lawrence was also played by the Rothschilds...as have many others including Patton, MacArthur, Forrestal, Yockey, Kennedy...

Interestingly the Zionazi Satanic so-called "jewish" bankers have mass murdered over 300 million NONJEWS in the last century alone...but still the Kill Hitler channel rages...


the Holohoax scam is a global extortion racket and the Khazars claim to be all 12 Tribes...


go figure...maybe its the combination of flouride and talmudvision and the doubleminded braindeadgoy jew worshipping morons who won't read...

Adolph Hitler wasn't Jesus but the so-called "JEWS" sure hate him like they do Jesus.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Great commentary from Anonymous above.

Hitler and Jesus. Where would the Jews be today without either of them?

I suppose, their nature being what it is, they would have just found other patsies and continued on their dark path as they do today.

But were it not for the above mentioned chances are good we would be further along the path of global enslavement ... er globalization... than we are now.

Fascism/communism has indeed come to America wrapped up in the flag of patriotism.

Passionate Pragmatist said...

The link you have listed is actually incorrect, hon.

The correct URL is -


Thought you would want to know.